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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The CAC Saga

So,yeah...this happened. The Houston DA’s office partnered with the local Children’s Assessment Center to launch a public awareness campaign aimed at child abuse. It’s a noble goal, no one could deny that.

However, I would love to see a similar effort made to raise awareness of the CAC’s own bad behavior in the past, with an effort to repair the lives that it has torn apart. Recall, if you will, the clusterfuck caused by nurse Colleen Taft, resulting in hundreds of cases being brought under review. Problems with her work were brought to light in 2004:

Last week, District Attorney Chuck Rosenthal expressed concern that some people may have been wrongfully convicted based on Taft's work. The prosecutor in charge of the review confirmed Wednesday that the probe now extends to about 30 children's cases Taft worked on at Memorial Hermann.
"Yes, we are having those cases pulled," Oncken said. "We've gotten a list of those cases and are in the process of determining which ones resulted in criminal charges."
Oncken was the lead prosecutor in Coy’s case; her team benefitted from evidence gathered by the CAC, and then she was asked to look into the source of that evidence and determine whether or not it was ‘good’ evidence. Not surprisingly, there is almost no word on how this investigation turned out.

I applaud the DA’s willingness to fight for innocent children. Let’s see if we can’t also fight for innocent men and women.


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Letter to Devon Anderson 7

Time for another letter to the DA; as always please feel free to copy this one, write your own, or send one of the blog flyers.

The Honorable Devon Anderson
1201 Franklin Street, Suite 600
Houston, Texas


I’m writing to you today about the case of Carlos Coy, #908426.

There was an excellent article in The Houston Chronicle about quality control; a gathering of Justice System officials, lawyers, and doctors and aviation officials met in Pennsylvania met to discuss the merits of a formalized post-exoneration review process.

            The idea of a non-punitive review of each wrongful conviction to determine what went wrong, and how to avoid similar errors in the future, is a great one; an oversight committee dedicated to improving the justice system, and not parcelling out blame, could save future innocents from suffering in prison.

            I believe, if such a committee ever reviews Carlos Cy’s case, that they will likely find examples of Brady violations, of court officers that were peculiarly supportive of the prosecution’s attempts to change testimony mid-tial, and of experts that utilized their position to make claims that cannot be supported by science.

Please, consider reviewing Coy’s case. We have no new evidence, but a brief glance at the old will show that the case against him was weak, and seems almost manufactured. The complainant’s own testimony undermines the charges against him, and if we have learned anything from the numerous non-DNA exonerations in the last few years it’s that anyone, anywhere, could conceivably be convicted of any crime, even if they were out of state or in prison at the time it was committed. 

Me, my address, etc, etc.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Dear Family 19

Dear F.A.N.S. 

     Hey, I love you. I wrote you a quick Cold Forty, with a brief mention of the S.O.N.'s change in release date. Got more mail coming your way.

Con Amor,


(Another Cold 40)

Call me Billy Grams as I put you in a trance
not a witch doctor but I am what I am
no Ma’am, no pay for da gas, or da ass
it’s all Taco Bell, run for da border fast
whip lash, whips dash, but I slow for the fans
Autographs, plenty laughs, brothers, uncles, aunts
all cash, no tax, Screw chopped, wid da ax
now watch, how he acts, nonfiction, all facts
let me dip into my story, Dope House for da glory
Big Shot Bob Horry, Asian man, “So sorri”,
Neva say “poor me”, all I say is “pour me”
a four please, mornings, approaching the floor G
that rhymes with orgy, but I stay porn-free
even when I’m corny- neva rock the mike poorly,
Losy flow, shocka fool, wreck me? imposterbull
rooster like “Cockadool!”, even make ya momma drool
pop a few of these pills, I’mma bring da medicine
music for ya felon friends, music for da eloquent
hataz got me hellabent, I don’t ride a renta-Vette
nigga in the pen ‘n’ gettin lit, wait a second pimp
let me catch my breath again, new name, guess it, mayne
Super Power Mexicain, but I changed it yestaday
Sand Piper Musicman, Him and All Da Screwston Band
neva will I lose a fan, if he leave he stupid man
watch how I shoot the can, even when it’s far away
Crane Style, Tiger Blow, so my good Karma stay
new date, is Ju-ly, sorry for the June lie
if I gotta lie again, sorry Pain but you die
nigga still blowin minds, kids good, growin fine
Momma gettin old with time, Gina on the sofa cryin
pourin my, fo in sty, -ro as I’m, blowin pine
lost in the ocean tryin hard to reach an open line
Love is what I hope ya find, mesh it with ya own design
bless’em with this flow of mine, play it on a slowa grind
walkin under solar lights, sippin drank and holdin mikes
askin if I’m throwed is, like, askin if a cobra bites
life is still an open book, only hurts when no one looks
first chapter, Coke and Crooks, let the bakin soda cook
product that the hopeless push, in tha city, or da woods
ghettos gettin overtook, sing it if ya know the hook.......


Friday, April 4, 2014

Contest Winner

Alright, the voting is closed; the winner of our contest is commenter Eddie, who said "I think it means he writes with a blue pen but its red cus hr killed rob with it.. Its bloody"

Here's the answer SPM provided:

At the end of my forty, I say a man was killed by a pen. The pen is red from blood, from being used to kill the man. But it writes in Blue. 

Thanks so much for reading and participating, everyone.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Waco Lake Murders

For today’s post, I’m going to point you to an excellent article over at the Texas Monthly, which I stumbled across via Grits For Breakfast.

This is a long, long, (longlonglong) piece written from various perspectives about the Waco lake murders. Four men were imprisoned for the rape & murder of three teens. One, David Spence, was executed by the state in 1997, one died in prison, one was exonerated in 1993 and one, Anthony Melendez, remains incarcerated.

It’s sobering, because it shows how much time and effort it takes to get a wrongful conviction overturned. The level of bullshit displayed is a little disheartening; that’s what we’re up against. Still, the dedication displayed by numerous unconnected people is awe-inspiring. People can’t give a shit, unless they’re aware of shit; but you get information into the hands of the right people and mountains can be moved.

We need to know about these cases and be able to talk about them because I don’t believe that what happened to Carlos Coy was something unique, or out of the ordinary. Texas has railroaded its citizens, locking them away for years for crimes they did not commit. It’s documented, it’s publicized, and yet it’s not going to stop without the informed outrage of its citizens.

Monday, March 31, 2014


Alright, ladies and gents, at the behest of Carlos Coy the blog will be running its first ever contest; the prize is a short personal letter from Coy, and an autographed picture, along with up to ten autographed picture to be sent to friends.

“Whuuuuuut,” you say, “Incandesio, how can you offer such a fabulous prize? How is this going to work?”

Well, this is all going through SPM; needless to say, if you’re not over 18, you can’t play.  If you’ve been banned, you can’t play. Answers will be accepted for four days, or until someone guesses correctly, whichever comes first. The first one to post the correct answer under this post will be notified via the blog email, and I’ll get your mailing address. DON’T POST YOUR ADDRESS IN THE COMMENTS. You’re going to need a Google account for this, if you comment as Anonymous, or don’t have an email address in your blog account, I can’t contact you and I’ll have to go on to the next correct answer.

The riddle is simple; it’s the title of SPM’s last Cold 40: “The Red Pen That Wrote In Blue”. The question is, “what does it mean?”

One entry per person, so make it count. Comments are moderated so it won't appear right away, give it an hour or two.

Happy Guessing!

Friday, March 28, 2014