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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Board Appointment

Here is some truly cool news via Grits for Breakfast: an exonerated former death-row inmate has been appointed to the board of the Houston Forensic Science Center. There’s a video here:

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Dear Family 23

Dear Fambo,
            Incandesio sent me the posted copy of my last letter “Dear Family 22” and she included the comments that followed that letter. I shall respond to those, now.

1.)    Julian Romero asked: Yo, do you like Michigan State basketball or football?
Reply: Of course, I like Michigan. It sounds like Mexican, don’t it?

2.)    Anon asked: Have you ever screwed and chopped a song yourself? And what’s the status on your book?
Reply: I don’t know how to chop songs but I’ve screwed (slowed down) a lot of songs. Here’s a piece of history that I’m not sure I should share, but I will:

            When I was putting together the Power Moves album, I called DJ Screw and asked him if he would do the screwed and chopped version. He was down so we set up a time to meet at the studio I was recording at. It took weeks to get him in the studio, and that was just to do the little intro we did. This was when Screw was on his downfall, and eventually died two years later. He was smoking fry (formaldehyde/embalming fluid) like cigarettes. This is the stuff that Master P called “Water Water”, what Tupac called “Sherm”, what Houston calls “Fry” or “Slaughter.” Whatever you call it, it’s bad shit. Screw stood me up five times before he finally made it to the studio. Of course, it wasn’t purposely, or to be disrespectful. We were good friends. But when you’re smoking that much formaldehyde, you can go to the restroom and forget why you went there.

            I told Shetoro, the engineer at Track Designs, that I would screw the album. I said, “Screw’s on the intro, fuck it, that’s good enough. So, I screwed Power Moves myself, and I hope people don’t start asking for their money back. (Hold up, I gave you the Screw version for free.) But you should’ve known something was wrong since there wasn’t any chops.

            A lot of people are asking about the book and THANK YOU for your interest. It got me investing the time to finalize that damn book, and you can expect it late 2015, early 2016. I’m spending most of my time writing a movie called, “Telephone Road”, that my director/producer, Jose Morales, wants to start filming ASAP. I’ll talk more about that, soon.

3.)    Adam Sanchez, thank you for your prayers, brother.

4.)    Rennie Hynes, thank you for your powerful words.

5.)    Dre K47, you had some nice multi-syllable rhymes and good subject matter. Write religiously, and you’ll find a lot of treasure.

6.)    Marisol Garay, damn, baby, everytime I see you on Incandesio’s site, you’re having trouble posting your comments. I agree with you, “weird.” Illuminati? J/K But I always look forward to hearing from you, and thank you for looking into the matter of those unauthorized verses being sold. Stay strong, mami.

7.)    Anon asked: Yo SP, have you reached “GOD” status in Hiphop?

Reply: Well, my G, after you asked this question, you inducted me into the Hall of Rapgods. I’ve been waiting for this since the Hillwood album. What the hell took your panel so long to vote me in? It’s cause I’m Mexican, right? Damn it, I knew it! Love you, brother.

8.)    Anon asked: What are your chances of getting early parole?
Reply: To get early parole I would have to get a sentence reduction. This is one of the things my legal team is working on. Thank you.

9.)    Gilbert Ramirez, not all melasas (prison guards) are haters. But when they start getting rank, they can become dicksuckers for sure. Stay strong, bro.

10.)            Trill Mexican, thank you for your uplifting words. Your love is your power.

11.)            Anon asked: Does SPM know about Low-G the Blackjack album?

Reply: No, I haven’t heard it, nor do I remember talking to Low-G about it. I’ve been on phone restriction for a while and it’s kept me out of touch with the DHF.

12.)            Miguel Gomez, thank you for your love, brother.

13.)            Martin Ramirez, your love keeps me strong. Gracias, hermano.

14.)            May 31st at 12:35 Anon, thank you for your words. They filled me with joy and strength.

15.)            Ivan Meza, you spoke about the Illuminati. Don’t worry about them, I started the Chalupanati, and we’re growing more powerful, one chalupa at a time.

16.)            Mike from ATX asked:  how do you feel about us folks who despite all the love i just mentioned, choose not to wear the free SPM banner daily, like that time and place type thing-- cypress hill concert with pre rolls, yes; daycare to pick up daughter, no?
Reply: You went on to say, “As a parent I say to myself, about other parents or people in general, ‘I cannot change their mind about you. I as a parent can’t hate them for feeling a way towards you on a circumstance they BELIEVE is true.’ Now mind you it’s a hypothetical, I've never ran across someone in PERSON who was hating like that on you.

            Neither have I and that’s pretty remarkable, considering I’m in prison, where cases like mine put you at the bottom of the food chain. But the word has gotten out that SPM was railroaded, and knowledgeable inmates know how to get information about anyone’s case.

            When I went to High Security in 2010, (which is where they house the most notorious prison gangs), it took a few weeks before I was accepted. They have a code, and associating with sex offenders violates that code. After they got sufficient information on my case, which includes what the courts did and what the streets say, my name was good. I began signing autographs for people’s family, guys would send me food they had cooked, gave me gifts like homemade speakers, (bad-ass speakers), homemade extension cords, sewing needles, and other things that lifted my spirits if you know what I mean.

            But, obviously, there are people who are not on my side and believe the worst about me. The facts tell a different story, though. The girl’s story was an impossibility. The video equipment malfunctioning during her first interview was a bullshit story. The investigating officer’s failure to collect any evidence shows that she knew there would be none. I can go on and on about a trial that should have never been lost. People who believe I assaulted this girl are not looking at the facts. Impossible is impossible.

            You’ve never run into anyone who was hating on me like that, but if you did, I wouldn’t want you to argue with them. Me, I would just send them to spmaftermath. If they don’t want to read on it, they’re just looking for some drama. People will always hate, especially when it comes to me because F.A.N.S. are so passionate about SPM. There’s nothing that feels better to a hater, than to shit on something that people love. They do it because they see an opportunity to piss people off. Haters are people who are hurting, whether they want to admit it or not. And hurt people, often times, try to hurt people. It’s nothing personal but a lot of you guys take it personal. While you’re calling that dicksucker a dicksucker, he’s coming in his pants because he was successful in sharing his anguish with you. I don’t hate a hater, and I definitely don’t judge them. They’re people that we should utilize to grow stronger. They spend their heartbeats giving us an opportunity to practice patience, forgiveness, humbleness, understanding, which are all fruits of love, and the most powerful characteristics a person can have. Once you understand how to utilize a hater, and act on that understanding, you’ll be ready to rule nations, to build great riches in life. But loving is hard, and hating is simple, and that’s why we know that Satan  is the god of this world, just like the Bible says he is. But those who love have the power of the true God, and nothing is stronger than that.

            As far as your question, do I mind you not wearing the free spm banner daily? I’ve never asked anyone to wear anything. All I want is for you to give yourself the best in life, educate yourself so you’ll know how the world works, stay away from drugs and abusing alcohol, use love as your go-to weapon, treat your lady like a queen so you’ll know what it is to be a king, stay away from gangs unless you’re trying to help gang members escape the sad future that awaits them, help others because it will automatically help you, work hard on your life because you’re worth the hard work, and fear nothing that can kill your life, only the One who can kill your soul. Those who wear that “banner”, do it because they’re happy to help, and I won’t stop them. I know you’re happy to help, too, my brother, but even if you never wore that banner, just jamming to SPM is like shouting, “Free the wetback.” Do what you can, when you can, according to what you want, when you want. All I want is for you to grow stronger and that’s been my goal from the jump.
            Thank you for your love, and for an excellent question.

Well, Fam, that was the last comment on this letter. That doesn’t mean if I had a hundred comments I would be able to answer them all. But Incandesio sends my letters back with three or four pages of comments. Therefore, try to be one of the first ones to comment and I’ll probably be able to get to your post. CTS.

            Earlier, I was listening to the radio, and a bad-ass beat came on. Just hearing it, I automatically felt what kind of lyrics it was calling for. It should have been a dope-ass hood story. Instead, it was some jack-ass yelling the same bullshit over and over. I’m like, “This nigga just fucked up a tight-ass beat.” And that’s been the norm lately. The beats are killing rappers instead of it being vice versa. Nigga like me murda a beat but you already know this, man! Anyway, I was so disappointed that I had to write a verse about it. I shall leave you with that “Quick Sixteen” and you shall enjoy it. That’s an order.

Quick Sixteen
“Heed My Spit”

Damn shame how these niggas wasting cold beats like this
can’t hold my peace I jus, gotta fucking speak I wish
reverends would preach a bit, more about a piece of shit
puttin out a single with, lyrics so meaningless
we exist in a world where music got the people pissed
parents fuckin beat they kids, cities hire evil pigs
Lord let’em heed my spit, everybody seek my gift
even haters in they room, jammin to the Peezy which
I ain’t tryna tease the bitch, let’im hear the deepest it’s
made for every man on earth, anyone who needs a lift
fine hoes in steamy pics, fat girls with greasy lips
everything I have is yours, even if I’m eatin shrimps
plus I’ll give you each a fish, I ain’t fuckin greedy, bitch
once I gave a homeless dude, thirty bucks to feed his click
they just ate tortilla chips, cause it came free with dip
ordered one tea and split and didn’t even leave a tip…..lol!

Con Todo Mi Amor,


A note from Incandesio about the comments:
Comments are moderated, which means they won't show up until I've had a chance to look at them; however, they always post in the order they are entered.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Letter to Devon Anderson (11)

Time for another letter to the DA! As always, please feel free to write your own, copy this one, or just send out one of the printable flyers to your right.

The Honorable Devon Anderson
Harris County Criminal Justice Center
1201 Franklin, 14th Floor
Houston, Texas 77002


I’m writing today about the case of Carlos Coy, #908426. I was happy to see that you were instrumental in freeing Alfred Dewayne Brown recently. His must have been a difficult case, as he was convicted a terrible crime against one of Harris County’s own.

Ma’am, I appreciate the careful thought and that went into your decision to drop the charges. Whatever your personal views on his guilt or innocence, you took the time to review his case and took appropriate action.

Much like Mr. Brown’s case, there have been questions for many years about the validity of Coy’s conviction. The possibility of an inadequate investigation, of hidden evidence or improperly excluded testimony remain. We ask that you have a team review his case, to examine his trial and determine whether or not it was fair.

Thank you for your time,

Me, my address, etc.


Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Alfred Dewayne Brown

We talked about this case previously, here: Grand Standing

Brown's alibi, his girlfriend, was threatened into testifying against him by the Grand Jury that was (ostensibly) tasked with deciding whether or not the State had enough evidence to to indict him with murder; phone records that would have proven this alibi were mysteriously found years later in an investigator's garage.

Brown walked free on Monday, after Devon Anderson dismissed the charges against him. It can happen, people. Let's keep pushing.


Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Morton's Law

Just a brief post today; Grits for Breakfast has a great post on a one-year review of the Michael Morton Act, which was aimed at decreasing Brady Violations. Brady Materials are evidence which tends the exonerate the accused, and withholding them violates due process.

Read Grits' synopsis if you don't have time to read the whole review, it's fascinating and may be of help in our fight.


Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Dear Family 22

Jung Fanmilia,

            I’m not sure if “Fanmilia” will stick, let me know what you think. Damn, it’s been too long since I’ve written and I’m sorry about that. Let me start by reminding you that I love you, and I need you, and I thank God for you. Your love and support is like nothing I can explain, like nothing the music industry has ever seen. It’s unfailing, and long suffering, and it gives me the power to stay strong. I will continue to murder all competition, and drop them off at your front door step, like a thoughtful cat brings his owner a dead bird. Or, I can just leave them where they lay, whatever you want.

            So, I’m still on all these restrictions and I’ll give you an update on the disciplinary cases I’ve been getting.

            On September 31st, 2014, the exact day the S.O.N. was released, I was given a case for operating an unauthorized business. They said I was promoting the album in return for financial gain, but I don’t own DHR, or any of the music. It was a fraud case, there was no evidence to justify the case, they were just mad because an album came out.

`           I’m allowed to help my family as long as I’m not profiting from my conviction. And how could someone profit from that bullshit? Thousands of inmates give advice, write songs, books, screenplays, do all kinds of stuff to help their family. I did not break any rules, but I was found guilty and made a Level Two, which means I have to be handcuffed everywhere I go, I can’t have contact visits, can only have two visits per month, can’t use the phone, can’t buy no food from the commissary, can’t watch TV, and all these restrictions last for ninety days. But if I catch another case, the ninety days starts all over.

            On December 11th, 2014, after seventy-three days of being on Level Two, I was given a case for “causing a disturbance.” That’s when a lot of people called UTMB about my medical care. I was not being cared for, so I wrote Incandesio a letter, and wrote my sister a letter. They got mad because, basically, they want you to die without complaining. It was a fraud case because I have proof that I went to the hospital three times, and all three times my appointment was cancelled. But they were looking for  reason to give me a case since I was about to get my Level One and get off restrictions. I was found guilty and my ninety days on Level Two was renewed.

            On March 26th, 2015, I had already been on Level Two for way over ninety days, but they didn’t give me my Level One. They broke their own policy and waited till we had our three-month shakedown. They waited because they planned on giving me another case during that shakedown, to keep me on Level Two. On March 26th, I was given a case for a homemade stinger (it’s a thing that warms up water.) People make homemade stingers when they don’t have money for a hotpot. I have a hotpot. They found the stinger in my neighbor’s cell and planted the case on me. When the Sergeant came to my cell to read me the case, I told him, “That was not found in my cell.” My neighbor heard us talking and was man enough to tell the Sergeant that the stinger belonged to him. The Sergeant got mad and said, “Why you all in this man’s business!” My neighbor said, “Because that wasn’t his stinger.” But it didn’t matter, in the kangaroo court they run in prison, the charging officer said he found it in my cell. Whatever an officer says outweighs what an inmate says, whether the officer is lying or not. So, I was found guilty due to the officer’s testimony, even though the Sergeant admitted that my neighbor told him that the stinger belonged to him (my neighbor.) Now, I’ll be on restriction till the end of June. That’s if they don’t give me another case.

            All of this started at the end of September, in 2014, when the S.O.N. was released, and it will be nine months without being able to call my kids, to hug my family, to see them every weekend. I don’t care about TV or commissary, it’s the inability to stay close to my family, that's what hurts the most. And these people can hurt men in this way any time they feel like it. I didn’t run no unauthorized business, I didn’t cause no disturbance, I didn’t have no damn stinger in my cell. Like I said, I have a hotpot. My neighbor doesn’t have anything to warm water up for his coffee, so he made one out of an electric cord. I don’t even know how to use a homemade stinger. Everybody back here knows they planted that case on me, and it’s enough to drive a man insane, which I think that’s their goal. But I ask God to not let that happen, and all the love I get from you makes it impossible not to feel blessed.

            These people are doing this, for the same reason they’ve been doing it for years, because SPM albums are being released. The whole purpose in getting SPM locked up was to destroy my name and end my career. Now, these people are pissed because the movement is only getting stronger. And as far as the music, that’ll never die.

            I explained to the Warden, when I first got to this unit, that an album was coming out in September. I said, “Sir, I always get retaliated on when an album comes out, and these albums are going to be released whether I die today or not. And the company, that my brother owns, still has five or six more albums.

            He said, “Alright, we’re going to leave you alone, just let me know the exact day the album is coming out.”

            When I found out, I told him. I kept my side of the bargain, I didn’t break any rules or regulations. But I don’t think it’s the Warden who’s doing this, I think it’s someone in a higher position, someone in Huntsville is telling this unit to keep me Level Two. I’m the most compliant, most respectful inmate back here, yet I’m the only one catching cases. Dudes aren’t even getting minor cases back here. It’s clear I’m being targeted because they hate the fact that my music isn’t dead.

            I used to just accept all this unfair treatment but my neighbor is showing me how to file complaints called “grievances”, which lead to court hearings, in a real court. I used to think that, eventually, these people would leave me alone, but they don’t get tired of fucking with me. I have no choice but to fight, even though the laws are set up to protect the system. As soon as I learn more about the law, I’ll let you know how you can help. Something needs to be done, I’m just not sure what it is.

            Well, I hope you’ve been doing good. If God has blessed you with health, I want you to take a deep breath and exhale a big “Thank you.” Be grateful that you’re healthy because nobody realizes how great of a blessing it is to just feel okay, to not be in any serious physical pain. Not until something happens do people understand how blessed they were before. My wife’s cousin’s little girl has cancer, and they had to cut away some of the inside of her nose. One day she’s perfectly fine, then she gets these bruises that won’t go away. Then, the doctor is giving her parents the most heartbreaking news in the world. The day before you’re pissed off because the house is a mess, the dog needs a bath, the kids are making too much noise, and then you realize how blessed you were when you were pissed off about those small things. You would give anything for life to go back to those small problems, those wonderful problems. I just pray for that little girl, and even though I don’t know her, I love her and it breaks my heart to know that she’s going through all this stuff.

            By-the-way, I said my “wife’s cousin’s little girl” because I’m still married to Gina. I told her, several times, to send me the divorce papers but I guess I’ll have to do that myself. I’m not sure why Sancho doesn’t push the issue, but I sure would like my last name back, especially since it’s riding bareback on another man’s pony.

            Anyway, that’s the life of SPM. If you guys have any questions for me, just post them and the magnificent Incandesio will get them to me. And let me say that she is magnificent and an incredible blessing.

            As far as my health, I’ve been getting a lot of letters and questions about that. I still haven’t been given a diagnosis. They said my MRI was fine, that they couldn’t see anything wrong with my brain. But my jaw still has a slight tremble, and it’s been that way for the last nine months. You can’t see it with the naked eye, but I can feel it. I’m supposed to be seeing another doctor but everything takes forever in this place. I’ll keep you updated as things progress.

            So, on my next letter, I’ll talk about upcoming projects, and plans, and perhaps provide pictures profiling pregnant pigs partying. I shall leave you with a Cold Forty. As you know, I am King of Cold Forty, or Quick Sixteen, of Throwed Thirty, and any other rap related verse on this planet. All those in agreement say “yay”! All those in denial say “nay!” Because of new technology I’m immediately able to see that 92 percent of you said, “yay”, 2 percent said “nay”, and the other six percent were not paying attention and missed their chance to vote. Therefore, we got 2 percent dickheads, 6 percent estupidos, and 92 percent rational human beings. I’d say that makes me king, wouldn’t you? If not, let this make it clear:

Another Cold Forty
“The Cream Durango”

Welcome to a world where the queen’s on yayo
where rain, when it rains, neva leaves a rainbow
a place where they step on the leaf that makes snow
let’s take a lil trip in the cream Durango
where you meet the angel, under sheets she’s faithful
then her palm opens up to receive the peso
where cheese ain’t queso, the deceased are grateful
and the plans unravel, so the dreams get tangled
if it’s sweet it’s hateful if it’s peach it’s mango
if her voice is too low better leave the table
cause when jeans hit ankle, only three things dangle
and a two-headed woman only needs one Kangol
can we please just pray though, but in Jesus name so
we can understand the reason he was beat and slain fo
let my ink pen drain slow as it bleeds it’s painful
but I do it to release, just to sleep my eight yo
I eat my tray mo fuckin Beans Alfredo
And how you gon serve some cold steamed potatoes?
I’s cheese and bagels, fried green tomatoes
five seasoned brain pros, I scream for great blows
dime pieces, date those, Chinese and Anglos
nice cheeks like J-Lo’s, why read the labels
my freeworld day goes, fine freaks with nay clothes
slide grease on a-holes, dry skeet on they nose
lime green that stay rolled, now my suite’s on K-row
“Excuse me, guard, does this TV have cable?”
they just teased and made jokes, one weak-ass fake ho
yelled, “Sure, would you also like a weekly facial!”
but at least I’m stable, and my weed is pedro
and I guess it’s kinda funny how my penis stay swole
I don’t mean to play don’t mean to heat no halos
I don’t want ya momma hotta than a teed volcano
but my peace was strangled since I peed in cradles
cause the curse upon my family precedes prenatal
it’s an evil gameshow where I seize and slay foes
in tights yellin, “Mom, where my cleats and cape go!”
cause a demon’s able to make freeness fatal
to rob teacher’s payroll to buy seats for NATO
greed feeds betrayal, while they preach “Just say ‘No’”
and to think the same ol, lets it reach Laredo…

            For my rap aficionados, notice that I use the same four-syllable rhyme structure throughout the entire Cold Forty. The 1st syllable has the strong “e” rhyme; the 2nd syllable is a “connector”, which connectors don’t necessarily rhyme, but they keep the structure connected; the 3rd syllable has the strong “a” rhyme; and the 4th syllable has the strong “o” rhyme. I’m going to give you the first   
 Four syllable rhyme structures on this verse. (Note; I’m going to spell the syllables as they should be pronounced.)

There was one section where I added a rhyming syllable to the front of the structure, (the strong “i” rhyme), making the structure a five-syllable rhyme structure. I delivered thirteen of those structures which I’ll display now:

If you want to be a successful lyricist, you have to love to write. The more you write, the more treasure you’ll find. It’s like digging for artifacts, the more you dig, the more you’ll find. If you don’t dig, you don’t find. But you have to know what is treasure and what is trash.

            Rewriting is the difference between decent lyrics and dope lyrics. You have to search for weaknesses, for lines that can be better. I usually rewrite a verse six or seven times before I feel it’s good to go. The Cream Durango was an exception. I originally wrote it for a magazine ad, so I wanted it to be super duper dope. I ended up rewriting it seventeen times. In some instances, I would change one line half-a-dozen times. In other instances, I had to make tough sacrifices. For example, on lines 26, 27 and 28, I originally had:

            “Excuse me, guard, what about my weekly facial?”
            but they teased and made jokes, one screamed out, “hey bro,
            would you also like a burger with some secret mayo!”

            That’s fucking hilarious. This guard is joking about busting a nut in my hamburger. But during my rewrite, I noticed that I already used the word “scream” on one of my strong “e” rhymes, on line 20: “…I scream for great blows.”

            I don’t like to use the same words if I can help it. It takes a little dopeness out of the verse. I didn’t want to change line 20 because I couldn’t think of any way to change it. So, I decided to replace “scream” with “geek”:

            “Excuse me, guard, what about my weekly facial?”
but they teased and made jokes, one geek said “Hey bro,
would you also like a burger with some secret mayo!”

            But “geek” didn’t sit well with me. It felt like a reach. So, after some thought, I made a drastic change to this:

            “Excuse me, guard, but my burger needs some mayo.”
they just teased and made jokes, one weak-ass fake hoe
yelled, “Sure, would you also like a weekly facial!

But on another rewrite, I noticed that I used the word “needs” on line 12: “…and a two-headed woman only needs one Kangol”  There was no way I was going to touch line 12, it was too good. So, I kept trying to figure out lines 26, 27 and 28. Finally, I came up with what I have now:

“Excuse me, guard, does this TV have cable?”
they just teased and made jokes, one weak-ass fake ho
yelled, “Sure, would you also like a weekly facial!”

That’s funny, too. It wasn’t as funny as the “secret mayo” line but I had to sacrifice that punch line in the name of skill. I was, also, happy with the move because the shock value of the “secret mayo” line would have weakened the shock value of the line that was only two lines away:

“and I guess it’s kinda funny how my penis stay swole”

That had a lot of shock value because nothing (closely before it) was comically dark. If I had kept the “secret mayo” line, the “penis punch” wouldn’t have packed the power it possesses. (What’s up with my “p” word obsession?)

That was just one example of dozens and dozens of changes I made, and the brain twisting it took to make everything work. It’s like a game where you have to find the best way to get to the Land of Crack. Deep in your heart you know where that land is, and you have to pave your way to it, one syllable at a time. (That was a corny analogy.)

Anyway, rewriting should never be an option, it’s what you have to do. Turning one of your weaker lines into one of your stronger lines is what turns Firebirds into Ferraris. Don’t compare your shit to all the weak shit that’s out there just because a lot of weak shit is making money. Maybe they were at the right place at the right time. Don’t depend on luck for success, rather work on being undeniable. Making money isn’t easy, it takes hard work, it takes a daily grind. But if you have the drive, maybe, just maybe, one day, you’ll build yourself up to the second best. What? You didn’t think you could wreck me, did you? Alright, now you’re just being ridiculous. I’m gone.
Naw, the hell with that! Just for thinking you can wreck me, I’mma smoke your ass with a Quick Sixteen. No rewrites!

Quick Sixteen
“Boos and applause”

I don’t drink and then drive, but I drive while I drink
plus I smoke but don’t worry when I’m high I can think
then I argue with my girl, while reclining my seat
Now da bitch is throwing punches as I fly down the street
why y’all quiet it’s me, the fuckin king of the mike
I be freestylin when I can’t read what I write
S.P. to “M”, to do “E” to da “X”
I ain’t tryna steal ya girl, we just meet up for sex
you can be with her next, let’s jus keep the respect
either stop with all the hickies or I’ll pee on her neck
Let’s agree I’m the best, I don’t care who’s in second
Y’all can argue that out, till ya barefoot and naked
there’s a werewolf in Texas, and I dare dude’s to step it’s
a damn shame that I gotta say my spare hoof’s a weapon
cause a wolf would have paws, and chunk duece with his claws
so no wonder I can hear a mix of boos and applause…

This one needed a few rewrites. I’ll get you next time, damn it!

Con Amor,

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Letter to Judge Ellis

I was not sure I would ever write the judge who presided over SPM's case, but I think that time has come. Please feel free to copy this letter or write your own, but please join me in calling for justice.


The Honorable Judge Mark Kent Ellis   
Harris County Criminal Justice Center   
1201 Franklin, 14th Floor   
Houston, Texas 77002  


I’m writing today about the case of Carlos Coy, #908426. Although his case took place some 13 years ago, you may recall it. He is a local rapper convicted of Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child.

News reports at the time portrayed the case as cut and dried, nearly a sure thing. Over the years, however, more information about the evidence against him has come to light and raises questions, in my opinion, about his trial and his guilt.

It appears that the testimony against him was shaky, at best. The complainant stated multiple times in court that she wasn’t sure if the assault had occurred, and her mother seemed confused about multiple details. This may not have been such a problem if the original outcry statement had been preserved, but it was not. Neither the child’s taped statement nor her mother’s written one survived that first meeting. The statements were re-done days later.
I understand how many letters wend their way through your courtroom, and how unbelievable some of them are; still, I ask that you take a second look at Coy’s case. Your recent action on the Alfred Dewayne Brown case gives me hope that you may be willing to reconsider whether or not Coy received a fair trial.

Thank you for your time,

Me, my address, etc.