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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

First Things First

The biggest problem with disseminating the information I gather is, where to start?
First and foremost, I'm not associated with Dope House Records. I'm not sure WHO is associated with DHR, because they don't seem to have updated their page since 2009. I don't know Coy or his family. I'm not in the targeted demographics of any underground rap labels.
I don't argue Coy's innocence because as I said, I don't know him. It's something I believe, but not something I can prove. I don't expect Allred to just give him his shoes and show him the door. What I want for him is a new trial. I've gathered information about possible misconduct or corruption of some key figures in his trial; if you read this information and find it even a little bit suspicious, please tell someone. Tell your brother, your friend, or the clerk at the gas station. If you're willing to donate ten minutes of your life, call up the newspaper or local television station and tell them it's been almost ten years since coy was incarcerated, and you'd like them to do a piece on the case.
Let's raise the question and demand an answer; was Carlos Coy tried unfairly?

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