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Friday, May 27, 2011

Interview with Sylvia Coy, February 2011

For those of you still looking for news about Dope House and wondering how the family's doing, check out this interview with Sylvia Coy, Carlos coy's big sister, by Jr Smooth Live Radio. Leave a comment, let them know you appreciate the information. Share the link and help keep others informed. We need to bring the corruption of the entire Harris County Criminal Justice System to the forefront of the push to free or re-try SPM. Let everyone know that we have not forgotten!

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The only tool we have to use against the entire Harris County Criminal Justice System is information, and as far as Coy vs. Texas is concerned, once you get past the 12 or so 'official' newspaper articles, there's very little out there. These little bits of information are hard to find so if you have one, please drop me a line so I can display it!