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Monday, June 20, 2011


In 2002, during Coy vs. Texas, information was tightly controlled. Cameras were banned from the court room.
When justice is denied in the criminal courts, and again in the court of appeals, when hard evidence is non-existent and time has passed, then we move to the court of public opinion.
People all over the nation, but specifically in Harris County, need to be reminded that 'convicted' doesn't always mean 'guilty'. It's so easy to lay back and let the courts do our thinking for us...so comforting to say "The system works. He wouldn't be on trial if they didn't have a good reason." We need to put a stop to it.

We need to get people out of their comfort zone and off their asses, to show them that at certain times, the corrupt and evil hold all the cards and the innocent suffer because good men do nothing. Carlos Coy missed Father's day this year, as he has every year since 2002. Let's make sure he doesn't miss another one because of an unfair Criminal Justice System.

It's so easy to say 'Do something', but harder to do it.
We have to re-open the discussion, to demand a fair hearing now that Rosenthal is out of power and Pat Lykos professes an interest in righting the wrongs of the past. We have to engage others, challenge their assumptions of the court's infallibility, and win them over to our cause.

How do you get someone that doesn't care about Carlos Coy, or rap, or some trial that happened years ago and is over now, to take action? Personalize it for them. This could have been their brother, their husband, their son. It might be in the future. If we don't bring these ridiculous convictions to light, the system will continue to attack innocent people, incarcerating them with no evidence of a crime but the words of others with evil motives. Put the case in front of them, along with the information we have now. No one in 2002 could have foreseen the corruption, and the lies of Rosenthal's time in office, but it's 2011 now. All we have to do is look behind us, no matter how painful that might be.
I've made some mini posters. They're very simple.

It prints out like that, four to a page. All you have to do is fold, cut, and put them in your pocket; I keep some in my bag. Now, read this next part carefully.

Please, please, PLEASE do not put these on people's doors, do not leave them on the ground, do not put them ANYWHERE you do not have permission to do so. Don't tape them up, glue them up, or otherwise affix them to ANY surface for which you do not have the express consent of the property owner. Legally, these are 'handbills', and they will fine your ass for leaving them where you should not.

Please, do not get in any kind of legal trouble passing these around. The last thing we need is for the few people who are actually willing to DO SHIT to get ticketed or thrown in jail. Tape one up in the window of your car. If you want, tape one to the outside of your car so someone walking by can grab it and keep it. Pass them out to people who might be interested. Friends, family, the checker at the grocery store. Ask them to check out the blog, show them the video, know your facts so that when they say "Hey, isn't that the guy who-" you have an answer for them. These are a tool, and they will only work for you if you take the time to utilize them properly.

Now, I realize I'm telling everyone "The system fucked us over, now let's obey the system while we try to fix it." I realize how illogical that sounds. But these flyers are not going to get South Park Mexican out of jail. The information you possess, the awareness that you represent, that is what we want to spread. The flyers, used properly, are an effective means to that end.
Now print some out and let's get this information out there! We CAN change public opinion.

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Incandesio said...

If you happen across one of these flyers that someone else put up, send me a picture and I'll post it here. Let's spread the word!