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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New Logo

An artist that contacted the blog has designed an amazing new logo for us.
It's clean, and straightforward, and very recognizable! Please feel to spread it around. I wanted something different because 'SPM Aftermath' is a little different from 'Free SPM'. We're trying to take a look at the circumstances of the system responsible for incarcerating Carlos Coy, not necessarily at the facts of his case. Because of this, I think the new logo will help us get our point across. A key can bring imprisonment or freedom, conveying the situation in a single glance.
 I'll be re-tooling the flyers to display it, and I'm going to try making a stencil template. If you have any ideas for it's use, let me know!

Thanks to M. Martinez for the amazing graphic, you did an outstanding job!

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