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Friday, June 24, 2011

Weekend Reading

If you're interested in the workings of the Harris County Criminal Justice System, check out this blog:

Defending People

It's written by a defense attorney and details a lot of the crap they have to go through, even today, when dealing with the DA's office. There is a ton of good information there.


Anonymous said...

I am currently a student pursuing a degree in criminal justice, and am somewhat of a SPM fan. It is very easy to get swayed and fooled by hearing what the accusations against him are but as soon as you do a little research of your own you'll discover that there is so much more to this case. I now feel that there were so many aspects in the case that were overlooked by the current D.A. and in general overlooked by the masses. From the judge who convicted him, to the lack of evidence, the lack of investigative work of the motivation of behind the testimonies, the jury (race), Coy's poor defense ( both during trial and definetly regarding his argument during the appeal), this case has so many flaws; this man really deserves to have his case reviewed. I am not one to write letters, or participate in blogs, but for some reason his case really called my attention. I will do my part and at least try to get Coy's name back on the D.A.'s mind, by writing to the best of my abilities, to the current district attorney. I encourage all to take a second look at the facts and participate in this fight for justice. Whether he his actually innocent or not (which I believe he might actually be innocent) he deserves to have a new trial. This trial has a lot of loose ends and it can't simply be ignored. Many are wrongfully convicted and we can't afford to have one more person lose years of their lives, over our criminal justice systems errors. Please participate in this fight! This could happen to anyone, look at it that way! Why not attempt to help?! what's the worst that can happen!? You loose 30 minutes of your day writing a letter? that man could lose 45yrs of his life! His daughter will lose the chance of having a father in her life! I will keep you guys posted on how my letter turns out and most likely post it as an example, like the previous poster did!

Incandesio said...

Thanks for leaving a comment. I'd love to put your letter up on the blog, please share it with us!