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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Casey Anthony

Casey Anthony, aquitted of the murder of her daughter despite what appeared to be a mountain of evidence, walked free Sunday. An entirely understandable reaction to this, when compared with what happened to Carlos Coy is "That's not fair!"

It's not fair; but anyone looking to a system set up and run by fallible human beings for fairness is going to be disappointed. The guilty scream for 'fairness'. The innocent demand justice. If Carlos Coy was unjustly convicted, no punishment at all can be 'fair'. By arguing for a lighter sentence based on the sentences of others, we accept the premise that the conviction was right and valid. DO NOT fall into that trap.

If SPM had been rightfully convicted, if his accusers had proven beyond a reasonable doubt that he sexually assaulted a child, then we might be discussing the wisdom of sentencing a child molester to 45 years for a one-time offense. But that's not what happened, so that's not the issue. Coy was railroaded, convicted by a demonstrably corrupt regime with no physical evidence. THAT'S the issue that needs to be addressed.

There are people who would look at Coy's past and say "He may not be guilty of the crime he was convicted of, but it's fair for him to spend some time in jail after everything he's done."
Please, let's not settle for 'fair'. Let's demand justice.


Anonymous said...

Its sad to say, but it wasn't just only that girl, what so many people don't understand is the courts found SEVERAL under age girls that had some "sort" of sexual inter action.

However what really did him in, and what is kept out of the public and not disclosed is the fact that he has fathered children with the underage girls, that is why he was convicted.

Using the Casey case with any merit won't work here. They didn't prove beyond reasonable death that she KILLED the little, the courts proved with OUT a doubt that SPM screws under age girls.

Incandesio said...

Thanks for leaving a comment!
Since you took the time to provide a reasonable and well-thought out argument, I will devote Thursday's post to answering your statements.
I'm sorry to say you seem to be misinformed on several points, including your suggestion that the existence of Carlos Coy's son is some kind of a secret.
I really appreciate the feedback!

Anonymous said...

Not necessarily Los Jr, that is Mrs. Coy's child, its the other one, the one that was under age at time of conception that gave the jury the push for a guilty verdict.

I'm not sure what argument you could push towards that. Its like having your hand in the cookie jar. No matter what your argument might be, your hand is still in the cookie jar.

Incandesio said...

Yes, I'm talking about Jill Odom's son. Coy was not on trial for having sex with Miss Odom, and that shouldn't have had any bearing on the verdict. The DA indicted him for the Odom case, but couldn't take it to trial.

Anonymous said...

Dude we know about the underage girl he got pregnant that's no secret but he met her at a step club so yea that's girl had a fake I.d n d other girls had nothing to do with coy they didnt prove sh*t but yea it's Harris county there so freaking racist that's y they send d most people to jail n death row it's so corrupted n if u where from Houston u would know that