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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Lazy Menace

I don't make a habit of posting music on this blog, but if you're a fan of SPM you should check out Lazy Menace, aka Mario Martinez, as well as the mind behind the new logo.
His music goes hard, and presents a clear message. I strongly reccomend you check it out. His new mixtape, Mind At War, is available for free download here.


A few words from the man himself:

I wanted to create an album/mixtape that felt organic; something that we all can relate to. Mind At War revolves around the struggles and pain that one goes through in life. I am not the type of artist that creates fictional songs, all of my music has deep meaning behind it (Nights of Evil). The message behind this particular album/mixtape is a positive one.

I want to encourage all the youngsters out there to do better in life because it can change very quickly, and you're never ready for it. The street life is very tempting because it's so easy to do wrong, but tell me how many people are willing to make change? I have been stereotyped because of my skin color, and I shock people when they find out that I am very talented.

Check him out, you won't be disappointed.

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