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Thursday, July 21, 2011


There was an interesting comment left on the blog Monday. I assume most people that come across this site already know the basics of Coy vs. Texas, but I see that there are still some misunderstandings about what actually happened back in 2002.

If you read only the newspaper articles of the time, you get a very clear picture that suggests the trial was almost unnecessary. Coy's guilt may seem so evident that there's no need for further investigation.
However, looking into the court documents reveals many worrying details; these public documents are available for viewing at the Harris County District Clerk's website. You have to provide an email address to open an account, but then you can access all of the information online. If you are interested in learning the facts, I strongly suggest you do this.
I thought I would go through Anonymous's comment and answer each of their objections individually.

Its sad to say, but it wasn't just only that girl, what so many people don't understand is the courts found SEVERAL under age girls that had some "sort" of sexual inter action.

Eight women were called in to testify that they had been attacked by Carlos Coy. A police officer (presumably Heidi Ruiz, who previously testified that she had proof that Coy intended to rape his daughter that turned out to be her 'feelings') testified that she had "proof that accuses Coy of sexually assaulting eight other girls". Proof that accuses, not proof that confirms...Meaning there was no proof of these women's claims, only their accusations. One of them told police she was 14 at the time, then decided to change that age to 12 while testifying. Coy was indicted on seven of these accusations, but NONE of these ever made it to trial.

However what really did him in, and what is kept out of the public and not disclosed is the fact that he has fathered children with the underage girls, that is why he was convicted.

If my understanding of the HCDC documents are correct, one paternity suit filed against Coy in 2004 resulted in a blood test, and then it was dismissed. There were no others. Your use of the plural 'children' is incorrect.
The fact that a young Carlos Coy fathered a child on Jill Odom is not, in fact, undisclosed. It was mentioned in several news stories. But that is not what he was on trial for. Coy vs. Texas dealt with one girl, the nine year-old daughter of his good friend. If the DA's office could not prove that one case, they should have chosen another out of the eight indictments he received. They simply chose the most sensational accusation and ran with it, probably because they knew it would get headlines and rile people up.

Using the Casey case with any merit won't work here. They didn't prove beyond reasonable death that she KILLED the little, the courts proved with OUT a doubt that SPM screws under age girls

 If the District Attorney's office wanted a cut and dried case, easily provable, they should have prosecuted Coy for sleeping with Odom, the one case that offered immutable proof of wrongdoing. They chose not to.
Casey Anthony's prosecutors produced voluminous evidence of a crime, but had no way to legitimately point the finger at her. Carlos Coy's case was the opposite; Many fingers pointed at him, but there was no compelling evidence of a crime. Coy was convicted by the words of others, no more.

Some thoughts on the 1994 episode:

Coy has one son with Jill Odom. Jill was 14 in 1994, when her son was born.  The fact that she conceived indicates that at this time she had reached sexual maturity. Her physical development would have been that of a young woman, not a child. While this IN NO WAY excuses an adult man having sex with a thirteen year old, it suggests that Carlos Coy was attracted to what he percieved to be a grown, if young, woman. A pedophile would not have been. Here's Wikipedia's definition of a pedophile:

As a medical diagnosis, pedophilia (or paedophilia) is defined as a psychiatric disorder in adults or late adolescents (persons age 16 or older) typically characterized by a primary or exclusive sexual interest in prepubescent children (generally age 13 years or younger, though onset of puberty may vary).

Prepubescent children display no primary sexual characteristics; no breasts, hips, body hair, etc. American girls are beginning puberty at younger and younger ages, some as young as 7. According to at least one of Coy's friends, Coy met Odom while she was working in a strip club, posing as an eighteen year old; if this is true, she would not have looked like an undeveloped child. In my mind, this suggests that when it came to Jill Odom, Coy was not playing out a perverted sexual fantasy. He was looking for some ass and like most men on the prowl, didn't bother to verify age before getting involved. If he needs to be punished for this, he should have been brought to trial for it, not indicted for a seperate crime and convicted with no evidence because 'he deserved it'.







FREE SPM said...

"I would've went to jail for fucking those young bitches."-SPM in '99
This is probaly gonna have me catching some hate, but I've shyed away from hurting anyones feelings and speaking my mind....

But real talk, how does anyone still think SPM is innocent?
I'm opening this up for serious discussion, i mean i could wrong so if so...
Someone explain this to me.
How does anyone think he is innocent or scream free SPM.

I can understand being a fan. I said free 2pac, Free Pimp C, Free Z-ro, Free Mike D, Free Grace....and so on....

Z-ro is one of my favorite artist, but for example if his girl was found dead...and he was found feet away from here with a knife in hand and her blood all over her.

I'd be a dumb ass not to admit he was guilty lol

So i mean what the fucc?
Thats an exact qoute...

"One more year in high school and I would've went to jail for fucking all those little young bitches."
He saidIn 1999, while talking about his dropping out of school at the age of 17, Coy tells Houston Press contributor Craig D. Lindsey.

I fucks with SPM's music, dont get me wrong. That Mary Go Round is one of my favorite joints.

So i mean, you'd be doing me a favor if you convinced me he was innocent.

But i havent seen, heard or read ONE piece of evidence saying he was innocent.

Yet all the facts are a no brainer....

A total of eight girls and young women, the youngest nine years old, have said to have had sexual contact with him while they were underage.
One or two accusers possibly trying to get some money, but that many?

In July 2001, 20-year-old Jill Odom files a lawsuit against Carlos Coy asking that he be declared the legal father of her son, Jordan Dominique Odom. Odom was only 13 when she began the relationship with Coy and only 14 when she gave birth. During their relationship, Coy, in his early twenties, knew Odom was in seventh grade. Paternity tests later prove that Coy is the boy's father.

On September 1, 2001, a nine-year-old playmate of Coy's six-year-old daughter Carley spends the night at the Coy home. Sometime during the night, the girl, later called Jane Doe, says she doesn't feel well and asks to be taken home. Coy drives her home, sitting down to have menudo with her grandparents when they arrive. The girl's parents are close friends of the Coy family.

On September 25, 2001, Carlos Coy is arrested and charged with aggravated sexual assault of Jane Doe, who claims Coy entered the bedroom where she was sleeping with Carley Coy and molested her, licking her vaginal area.

On March 6, 2002, the Harris County District Attorney's office files additional sexual assault charges against Coy, alleging that on February 3, Coy, who was awaiting the Jane Doe trial, and some friends picked up two 14-year-old female fans and took them to a motel in North Houston. Coy says nothing sexual took place during the visit, claiming that he napped in the hotel room alone while the rest of the group went to a local cafŽ, but one girl claims she had had sex with the rapper. Coy turns himself in on March 7 and his bond is revoked.

Music is one thing, but the thought of this fool runnin free on Houston streets is something entirely different. I've still got friends and family in the houston area.....Cousins who are under age.

What if that was your lil sister or cousin?
I was around during this controversy and listened to SPM back in the day. I remember everything, and after hearing about all the facts then, I still feel as I felt back in the day. His sentence was too damn light. Now, especially now, having grown and become father.

I think anyone still trying to support him and scream free SPM has got to either be young minded themselves, or doesnt exactly know the whole story and the facts

FREE SPM said...


Incandesio said...

Interesting piece you posted; Most of the questions he raises have already been addressed here, but you asked about Jill Odom. Here's an article that mentions it:

"In an interview last week, Coy admitted that he had sex with the teen-age girl and had fathered her child.

"She lied about her age," he said, "but in the state of Texas that's no excuse. These days you really need to check IDs.

"I offered to marry the girl. I've taken good care of her since. She's well-off. I'm very proud of the boy. He's doing well in school. He's very smart. I don't regret my son."


I have an answer here from Coy that deals with the specifics of that situation, but I'm not sure when it'll be posted. He would have been 22-23 in 1993, when this happened. Does that answer your question?

Anonymous said...

Free Carlos Coy!

Elizabeth Cullen said...

If you can honestly sit there and think there is no possibility these accusations were lies, then maybe you have never had a rumor spread about you, resulting in a reputation for something that you have never done. I'm also sure that when the teenager was with spm she wasn't complaining and probably even felt special. Women throw themselves at him, so to think he was forcing anyone is beyond me.