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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Get your own 'Free Spm' T-shirt

Looking for an SPM shirt? These are great; good quality, dirt cheap, and with a nicely designed logo.
I didn't want to reccommend them until I had a chance to order one myself; it arrived within four days, that's super fast shipping. Go to http://www.canttrustthesystem.com/ to order.
A statement from the sellers:

"This is a movement that many around TEXAS have already contributed to but we just feel it is not enough and would like to help spread the word in a even bigger way. So we are continuing the FREE SPM movement and will keep on untill this innocent man is set FREE.

The profits from all shirts will be used to print up more T-Shirts. We are trying to spread the word and hopefully it will plant a seed that will eventually set SPM FREE. So if you are a true fan and you want to help support this movement show your love for SPM by buying a shirt. Every shirt bought and worn is a step closer to justifying a corrupt system."

SPM needs a physical presence on the streets, and you need a way to show your support and get people talking.  You can view the Facebook page here , check out their photo gallery, and order here.

I don't make a dime off these shirts, but I hope you'll get one and help us spread information about SPM's case.


SouthParkmex713 said...

Where can i get the shirt??

SouthParkmex713 said...
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Incandesio said...

You can get it here : http://www.freespmshirts.cjb.net/

There's another link under 'Order Here', but maybe it's not showing up?