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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Letter to Pat Lykos 3 (Plus the AG)

In the Bible, Luke 18 tells the story of The Importunate Widow.
An unjust judge, who does not care about God or the opinion of the people he rules over, is approached daily by a widow saying "Give me justice against my enemy". The judge ignores her as long as he can, but finally says to himself "Even though I don't care about God or Men, I'd better give her justice before she wears me out."

While it seems that we are at war with a giant, faceless wall of laws, behind those laws are people. I don't believe that they are unjust or uncompassionate, but I do believe they are ignorant of the facts. We must persistently bring our case before them and demand justice as often as we can. Below are two letters, one to the Harris County DA's office, and one to the Texas Attorney General. You can write your own, use the ones I've written, or print off a copy of the flyers to your right and send that. They can ignore us for awhile, but they can't make us stop. Please, make your support for Carlos Coy known to those in power.

District Attorney Pat Lykos
1201 Franklin
Houston, TX 77002

Madam District Attorney,

I am writing today about the case of Carlos coy, TDCJ # 01110642.
I have been reviewing the public files on Mr. Coy's case, and I believe there may have been exculpatory evidence that was not revealed to his defense team. The DA's office under Chuck Rosenthal was notorious for concealing video taped interviews from the Children's Assessment Center. Was this evidence made available to Coy's attorney?  Was there DNA evidence taken that was not used at the trial? There is no way for the public to know because every aspect of the case is being hidden behind the Family Code. Nothing that the DA's office (known for unacceptable behavior during that time) or the police department used to convict him is available for review. The appeals courts have dismissed or denied writs of habeus corpus that might, at least, help Coy show that his lawyer was ineffective and excluded evidence that could have cleared him..

That defense lawyer worked at the DA's office with one of Coy's prosecutors, and now appears to be in business with her as a defense lawyer. Is that normal? What was their relationship during the trial? Although those responsible never seemed to be held accountable, Rosenthal's office had been embarassed by the sudden revelation, often years after the conviction, that DNA evidence was available to exonerate previously convicted men. Recently HPD revealed an additional 3,000 (three THOUSAND) rape kits were found stored in an air-conditioned room instead of a freezer. This is in addition to the 4,000 discovered in 2006, some dating back to the 1990s. Was there a kit done for Coy vs Texas? Was it tested? Was the possibility of it's existence ever revealed to Coy's defense lawyers?

These questions must be answered. I have faith in your desire to see justice done, and I hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to give Coy a fair trial.

Me, my address, blah blah blah


Office of the Attorney General
PO Box 12548
Austin, TX 78711-2548

The Honorable Greg Abbott

Sir, I'm writing today about the case of Carlos Coy, TDCJ #01110642. I have been trying to obtain the police report from his trial, but I was recently informed by your office that all records were unobtainable due to the restrictions of the Family Code. Many people, myself included, believe that Coy was unfairly convicted. The Harris County District Attorney's office at that time (2002-2008) was known for Brady violations, Batson violations, concealing exculpatory evidence and misrepresenting DNA evidence.

As Governor Perry gears up to run for national office, I hope that the AG's office will be willing to take a second look at a local matter. Carlos Coy's fans and supporters would like to know the true circumstances behind his conviction; since Texas law prohibits us from seeing the evidence, we ask you to examine it for us.
Please, give us justice.

Me, my address, blah blah blah


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