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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Letter to Pat Lykos 5

Here are my letters to the DA’s office, one for DA Lykos and one for ADA Baldwin Chin. I appreciate other letters in support. Let’s see if we can get the Post Conviction Review Section to take a real look at Coy vs. Texas!

Attn: Baldwin Chin
Assistant District Attorney
1201 Franklin Suite 600
Houston, Tx 77002

I was really pleased to receive your letter from the 21st of September. I have great respect for your work on behalf of those exonerated by the DA’s office and was glad that this case has been brought to your attention.
There may not be any DNA evidence reported in the case of Mr. Coy (cause number 908426), but as in the case of Mr. Ricardo Rachell, just because it was not reported does not mean it doesn’t exist. Granted, the few papers on this case do not suggest that there is any, but looking at the facts of Mr. Coy’s case, I don’t understand why there wouldn’t be.
The supposed crime was reported only hours after occurring, and a document available from the Texas Attorney General’s website called ‘Texas Evidence Collection Protocols’ recommends that evidence be collected as soon as possible. Why would Houston Police Department and the Children’s Assistance Center not collect physical evidence? Is there physical evidence which can not be tested because of the limits of technology?
In 2007, Mr. Gilbert Amezquita was cleared of his wrongful conviction, despite not having any exonerating DNA proof or the assistance of the PCR Section (I don’t believe it existed at that time). The objectively verifiable evidence that freed him was ignored by HPD. I would like to search for evidence that might clear Carlos Coy but unfortunately, the Family Code does not allow me access to what would normally be public documents.
Please, consider looking into this case again, for those of us who can not.
Thank you again for your time and your diligence on behalf of the wrongfully convicted.
Me, My Address, blah blah blah.

The Honorable Pat Lykos
1201 Franklin Suite 600
Houston, Tx 77002


I received a letter from your Post Conviction Review Section. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you passing on my letters about Carlos Coy, TDCJ #01110642. As someone who has not been involved with the judicial system for very long, it is very encouraging to see an official in your position making an effort to address my concerns.

Unfortunately, as the PCR Section pointed out, I have no ‘objectively verifiable’ evidence of Coy’s innocence. All I have are a few public documents and a strong belief that his trial was terribly mishandled.

I found a document at the Texas attorney general’s website called ‘Texas Evidence Collection Protocol’. While I understand that protocols are not rules, I was surprised that there seems to have been no effort made to collect any physical evidence in Coy’s case, despite it having been reported to law enforcement within hours of the supposed incident.

Days passed between the initial report and the eventual police interview, and even more between that and the examination at a medical facility. I just don’t understand why HPD did not make every effort to collect any evidence except for testimony.

Please, consider looking further into this. We rely on you for justice.
Me, my address, blah blah blah

It can be extremely frustrating to watch the wheels of justice grind so slowly. Remember that persistence is needed; persistence, and letters. Those in power are not smarter than us. They're not better. Please, join me in showing your support for Carlos Coy to the Harris County District Attorney's Office.

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