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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Letter from Jim Leitner

I'm going to take a break from 'South Park Monster' to let you know about a few things that are happening right now; I'll continue it probably next week. I got another letter from the DA’s office. This one is from the 1st Assistant District Attorney, Jim Leitner. His letter is very short; he says:

Dear Incandesio,

We are in receipt of your letter but need more information such as Carlos Coy’s date of birth or case number in order to process your request.

Sincerely, etc

I’m a little baffled by this. On the one hand, the easiest way to stall someone is to ask them for information. You give them something to keep them busy (go get me numbers!) while you buy yourself time. Obviously if Mr. Leitner really wanted to, he could find Coy’s case number and birthdate.
On the other hand, at least one of my letters found it’s way to the 1st Assistant District Attorney. That’s gotta be a positive development. Also, in his letter, he requests the information so that they can ‘comply with my request’, which is probably my request for a review of Coy’s case.

My suspicious nature suggests that they're just trying to keep me busy so I'll leave them alone, but who knows; maybe getting a review really is that easy. I've written a letter thanking him for his time and providing him with the information he requested. I guess we'll see what happens.

1st Assistant District Attorney Jim Leitner

1201 Franklin, suite 600
Houston, Tx 77002-1923

I was very pleased to receive your letter, and I appreciate you taking a look at Carlos Coy’s case. I have included his date of birth and the cause number; you also requested the case number but if you mean the number used by the investigative agency (HPD, in this case), I believe it is unavailable to me as a member of the general public. However, I also included the O/R number, from a public document available online.

 I know that your job is a demanding one, and I thank you for taking the time to look into this matter which I believe has been neglected for too long. As you probably know, the Dallas County DA’s office has recently exonerated two men convicted of similar crimes based on faulty or incomplete evidence. It is very encouraging to me that Harris County is willing to dig into the past and consider cases which some would prefer to see abandoned. Thank you again.

Coy vs. Texas cause number #908426
Carlos Coy’s date of birth: Oct 5, 1970
O/R Number #120362501

Me, my address, blah blah blah
As always, now is a great time for you to write, and I appreciate letters in support. If they are just toying with the idea of reviewing this case, receiving a request from you may be enough to get them to do it.
Let's get this shit done!


Anonymous said...

I give you a million thanks for your percervience towards the Carlos Coy case he's been my all time favorite arist throughout the years

Incandesio said...

I really appreciate that; thanks for reading!

Anonymous said...

Love what your doin bro keep it up

Incandesio said...

Thanks, man! I'll keep going until I get shut down...

Anonymous said...

ill be home soon i promise tht

Anonymous said...

Im amazed at this how long will it take if I write them from Mexico city?? Well I'm writing the letter tonight. Your great!!