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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Letter to Pat Lykos 8

It’s the middle of the month, time for another letter to the DA’s office. We’ve seen a little bit of action these past few weeks, but it’s important not to let up; just because someone says they’re going to look into the case doesn’t mean they haven’t consigned it to a drawer somewhere. It’s important to let them know that our interest continues, and that we want to hear the results of the review. This letter is very short, but that’s okay. It serves the purpose of keeping Coy’s case in their minds.

The Honorable Patricia R. Lykos
1201 Franklin, Suite 600
Houston, Texas 77002-1923


I’m writing today about the case of Carlos Coy, cause #908426.
I received a letter from Mr. Jim Leitner asking for more information in order to comply with my request. I really appreciate your office taking an interest in this case, and I will be glad to see what his investigation turns up.

This case is old, but very important to many of us.

Me, my address, blah blah blah.

Second point of interest:

Houston is hosting the Los Magnificos Car Show November 20th. That’s this Sunday. If you go, please consider wearing a ‘Free SPM’ shirt, and/or printing out a few flyers to take along. I’ve made some small flyers, about the size of business cards. Don't do anything that’ll get you kicked out, but if you can get information out to the people that care, it will help.


Ulisses G said...

Would you go to pats office personally to try to get information if i helped fund your trip?

Incandesio said...

Hey man, I really appreciate your support and your willingness to back it up with cash.
The truth is, I don't really see a solid benefit to going to the DA's office in person at this time. I'll write a little more about it tomorrow, and explain my reasoning. Thank you again, though!

Anonymous said...

Is it case #908426 or cause #908426? Because I would like to send a letter but does it matter how old u are??

Incandesio said...

Technically it's 'cause' but if you put 'case', they will still know what you mean. It makes no difference what age you are; political action can be taken by anyone. Thank you so much for writing!