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Sunday, November 27, 2011

SPM Responds (Part 1)

This blog is all about providing context; context to the trial, the accusations, and the opinions of the press. All of what I write is my opinion, and most of that is formed by guessing about the motives and thoughts of a man I’ve never met. We have some contact through letters, but it just didn’t occur to me to talk to him before posting about the comment ‘I would have went to jail for fucking all those little young bitches’. I (wrongly) assumed that if after ten years there wasn’t an official explanation published, that there simply wasn’t one.
I’m going to get shit wrong sometimes, but I am not afraid to correct myself; here is Carlos Coy’s response to my post South Park Monster #1. I appreciate him sending it.

I want to talk about your letter, and how you took on some of the things written in the article called ‘South Park Monster’ by John Nova Lomax…

…There was a woman, I forgot her name. I even forgot how I met her. All I know is that I was about 21 years old, and she was about 38, and I wanted to have sex with her. Then again that was usually the case when I either knew, worked with or walked by a woman.

This woman was a red-haired white lady who ran an organization called No More Victims. It was mostly to protect battered women but she had her hands in anti-drug programs and helping the incarcerated. Somehow we met, somehow she was impressed with me and somehow I would talk to groups of people with her, as a representative of No More Victims. There was no paychecks but if I could only find out if the carpet matched the drapes I’d have been alright. (It’s an old red-head joke. Never mind.)

            One day she took me to a state jail in downtown Houston. I was going to talk to about 35 men who were soon to go home. We walked in, walked through security doors, walked through more security doors and were then escorted to a room full of men. The red head introduced me and I began talking to the men about life. I told them to find good people to befriend, to let go old friends who were prone to trouble, to care about themselves. I told them about my life.

           I said “Fellas, I was no Einstein myself. In fact I failed 9th grade twice till I decided to drop out before I failed thrice. I was seventeen and one more year would have would have put me in prison for fucking a classmate.”

            There was a roar of laughter and what I said had just popped in my head. My whole speech was unrehearsed. But I said the joke in a way that the inmates understood the funniness of it. The joke was that I’d be a fucking grown man in the ninth grade. It had nothing to do with fucking fourteen year old girls. In fact when I was seventeen years old, I couldn’t buy a piece of pussy…

So ya see, Incandesio, it was a joke that went really well when I first said it. I had it set up right, and I said it right. Years later, still remembering the success of this joke, I tried to use it again during this interview with the Houston Press. But, instead of saying “classmates” to show the comedy of an adult in ninth grade, I said “all these little young bitches” which doesn’t sound cool.

            Plus, I’m 28 years old during this interview which is less forgivable than if a 21 year old (that looks 17) says it. It was a failure the 2nd time I said it and John Lomax, and the D.A.s had a gem of a statement in their quest to destroy me. 

If all goes as planned, there will be more from SPM starting around mid-December. We're working on a question & answer feature for the blog so y'all can ask questions about his case and have them answered. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

The life of a real g is all that matters man keep God first and all shall work its self out. You gave me what it took to be balling on earth GOd gave me the first. Much love the Son aka Earp Dogg bark bark FREE SPM how come u with aftermath now someone listens thats coo i guess as long as they treat you right homie two now holmes two one

Incandesio said...

Are you talking about Aftermath Entertainment? The blog is not associated with that record company; SPM is still with Dope House/Fontana...

Anonymous said...

SPM i feel for you. The establishment, Especially the America establishment Isn't going to sit idly by while a Mexican from Houston Raps about selling dope,while they are still fighting "the war on drugs". SPM became a prominent figure on Texas's rap scene his chosen subject matter made him a target. Texas has a huge cocaine importation problem (among other drugs too) due to is proximity to the source. So he made himself a target and obviously he got in some kind of compromising situation that the D.A. took full advantage of. Now real recognizes real and SPM didn't just rap about dope he moved it. Moral of the story is if you make yourself a target protect yourself from harm. Harm comes in many forms in SPM's case it came in the form of a 15 year old puppet. Words from Real Canadian dboy.


Nilza Martinez said...

im actually in the program no more victims, ms gambrell is who hes talkin about, sweet loving lady, you know shes waiting for you to get out los, so we can all meet you & catch up, im a big fan of yours, fuck da crooked ass laws, youll be home sooon, much love ♥ #FREELOS