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Friday, November 11, 2011

Weekend Reading 19

I've mentioned before that I couldn't figure out why defense lawyer Mike Ramsey dropped the case before the trial even began...Take a look at this letter about another case, from 2003:

...another theory making the rounds among regulars in the courtroom is that Ramsey has been told to stay out of the spotlight by one of his other clients.

That client would be Enron's own Ken Lay, who apparently doesn't want to be associated with cross-dressing murderers. He also reportedly wasn't happy when Ramsey was initially out in front defending rapper South Park Mexican on child-molestation charges.

Scroll down to 'We're all in this together' for the full letter.

This is what Ramsey had to say about Coy in 2001:

Coy's attorney Michael Ramsey said the rapper is "absolutely not guilty" of the charges.

"The mere allegation is bad," Ramsey said, "but he has got a positive attitude. He believes the system will work, and he believes he will continue to deliver the message he has delivered. I think you'll find he has deep religious faith that things will turn out all right. He's an upbeat fellow, and I'm proud to represent the guy."


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