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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Tony Hall

Tony Hall served every day of his 15 year sentence for sexual assault of a child. When he was first charged in 1993-ish, he turned down a plea deal because he refused to admit to a crime he had not committed. After his incarceration he had opportunities to be paroled but because he refused to say ‘I did it”, each time his parole was denied.

He did his time and was released in 2008.

After he was released the supposed victim, who would have been 5 or 6 at the time of the trial, did what he could to right a terrible wrong.

Two years after Hall’s release from prison his victim, now 23 years of age, provided attorney Bates with an affidavit which stated: “My memories of that time are vague, however, I do not have any memory of Tony Hall molesting me or touching me inappropriately. I do remember my mother telling me to say Mr. Hall touched me. I was very scared and told my mother what she wanted to hear so that I would not get a beating. I remember arguing with my mother about this and I remember my mother threatening me.”

According to an affidavit from the mother’s own sister, the little boy was beaten until he told his mother what she wanted to her; that he had been abused.

Mr. Hall was officially exonerated this year and Texas is now on the hook for over a million dollars in compensation for his false imprisonment. If only that money would buy back the 15 years of his life that were stolen by the judicial system.


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Oh my maribel did that.

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To read more about wrongful convictions check out http://www.johntfloyd.com/index.htm and then http://www.johntfloyd.com/comments-wrongfully-convicted.htm

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