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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Weekend Reading 26

A report on bias against men in family court...and written by someone at the Houston Press; very interesting.

Take special notice of the way the 'experts', 'counselors', and commissioners twist facts in their official reports, and imagine yourself trying to go up against that shit.

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"Day" said...

As I read this, I've come to realize, "It's not what you know, It's WHO you know."
I am a mother of a gorgeous 3 yr-old little boy.
I, too, have a "T.R.O." (Temporary Restraining Order), keeping me from having my child without supervision. What really throws me off is the fact that my ex's attorney is his CURRENT father in law. They have gone to the judge personally and had her sign off on the most RANDOM requests. My whole life flipped over in a matter of maybe 2 weeks. I no longer have my child in my possession and I can't even see him without someone constantly hovered over us.
It all started with CPS! The allegations filed against me were that I abused my child, abused drugs and had no utilities. When CPS came to investigate without any notice, they drug tested me and it came back negative, they checked all my utilities and everything was working, but since my son had a bruise on the side of his long about a 1/2 inch thick and maybe 2 inches long, they said it was abuse. I freaked out because my son is my world... I've never in my life laid a hand on him.

Then my son came to visit me one weekend and as I changed his diaper, i found bruising in the groin area. I called CPS to tell me what they thought so that way I wouldn't be accused for those bruises. She looked at them and said, "Looks like child-play." How on EARTH could a bruise on his leg be abuse, but yet bruising in the groin area is child-play?!
Right then I knew, I'm never going to win this battle... No one gets the justice they deserve... especially when someone has ties and wants to see you fail... they will do all that they can to ruin you:((

Hope you find your justice, LOS! N anyone else who deserves it.