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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Allen Cowling

I found the website of Allen Cowling, a man who’s spent the last 20-some years helping those that have been falsely accused or convicted of Sexual Assault of a Child prepare their case or appeal.

There is a ton of information available at his site, and I highly recommend it. He’s not a lawyer or a psychologist, only someone with a great deal of experience in this narrow field. Here are a few things I found interesting:

False allegations do grow and they grow many times because a child believes that they must keep refreshing, or adding to their story to be believed and to keep the attention they are getting. The unfortunate thing is that the "professionals" who deal with these children are not looking for the truth, just information to validate the allegation.

Coy said he was first accused, in the mysteriously un-recorded first interview, of touching the Jane Doe’s privates. But the equipment wasn’t functioning that day, and the first written statement from an outcry witness, which could have nailed down exactly what the girl said happened, was tossed out.

After this failed interview, the family was sent home. There was no tape, no documentation of her claims at the first interview, no medical records or physical evidence. Everything was still up in the air. They could change what had been said, what had happened; once they had a story they liked, they could rehearse it with her, but first she would have had to produce something bad enough for the DA to file charges.

Mr. Cowling writes in detail how charges like this are built from nothing:

In some cases, after the child has said "yes," the mother may push for details or may take the child to a counselor, human services or a local police department, but whoever she takes the child to, depend on the fact that the mother will do the initial talking. If she does take the child to the police, the mother will tell the detective what she was told and normally, at that point, in everyone's mind, including the detective, the child was molested and indeed, is a victim. Once the detective completes his interview with the mother, he/she may interview the child. At this point, carefully consider the psychology of what is taking, or about to take place. Most children are told the "police" are good, are there to protect them, but never lie to a policeman. Here is the child, talking to a detective, well meaning or not, who already has a preconceived opinion and the child has been brought up not to lie to the police. At that point, the child may reason, "Well, I have to tell him what I told mama," so they repeat the allegation. The problem is, usually the detective will want more details than the child's mother did, so the child begins to provide them. Why? Because the detective is all but in tears, something the child may easily see as positive support and something that gives a clear message to the child that they can say just about whatever they want.


 What went on in the child’s home between interviews? Was she being asked constantly if she wanted to talk about it? Asked if she was hiding anything? Was anything suggested to her? Was she encouraged to embellish the story to keep her parents and the police interested?

Of course there’s no way to know, but if her parents believed that she had been assaulted I’m sure that it would have been hard to talk about anything else. In what ways did this discussion change her story?

The key to breaking down a false allegation, as is discussed in other areas of this website, is to carefully analyze every statement a child has made, and compare each individual allegation against the other. For the most part, a description of real abuse remains constant where a false allegation tends to change like the wind.

Coy talked about how the girl’s version of events changed from the criminal trial to the civil trial…From a five minute assault to ‘just a second’. How the credibility the prosecution enjoyed during the first trial was blown away in Civil Court, when his lawyer was allowed to talk about her background and her home life, to bring some much needed context into the discussion of her medical problems.

Finding this website was a big deal for me, not just because he outlines his strategy in detail for those that cannot afford his services, but because it shows that someone else out there sees what we do; that a false conviction in this type of case is not only possible, but likely. It happens, because of lawyerly incompetence, inherent jury bias, and police and prosecutors who are more than willing to help shore up a weak story in order to ‘get the bad guy’.

If you have a few hours to spare, read a few of the pages below. He doesn’t sugar-coat anything…the situation is dire, the task time-consuming. But in the end it gives me hope that we can prevail against the corruption.


Anonymous said...

How Carlos coy doing today?

Incandesio said...

I haven't had a letter since they started moving him around for his court case, but last I heard he was doing fine.

Anonymous said...

Thats good to hear . Is there any way I can write to him myself?

Incandesio said...

Absolutely! Here's his address:
Carlos Coy
James V. Allred Unit
2101 FM 369 N.
Iowa Park, TX

maricio said...

hey incandesio,
well im mauricio from dope space.

my main concern is that there was a source saying that the girl had turned 18 yrs old a while ago and they were saying she had confessed that she had lied about the assault because her mom told her to say that. i think thats a great question to ask spm and to confirm if its true of not.

Anonymous said...

Are you talking with allen bout SPM case?

Incandesio said...

Mauricio, that's a good question! Where did you hear that?

Anon: Unfortunately not. This guy is a professional, and I'm not going to waste his time when I know there's no way I could afford his services. He has put 20+ years of his personal exerience on the web, and I'll use as much of it as I can.

Mauricio said...

Off of dopespace. i believe i read from an actual personal that works with dope house.

SouthParkmex713 said...

The thing about the Girl Being 18 and confessing , was something '' Juan Gotti'' put on his Facebook Page , Months Ago.. But i dont know if its true.

Incandesio said...

Interesting. It wouldn't be the first time a recantation was ignored; I believe the police usually threaten them with perjury to shut them up.

mauricio said...

thanks southparkmex713 for backing up my statement.

well i just wanted to let u know. im also not sure if its true or not but thats one thing thats been stuck on my head. Time to ask the one and only SPM.

Anonymous said...

Were is the dopehouse exactly. In Houston?
Want to go see it when im Houston

817South said...

2122 Center Street Houston, TX 77007
i wanted to stop by dere also but i wanted to know if i could go inside to take a look ..does anyone know??

jacknee6969 said...

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brad kopp said...

I noticed all the Al Cowling websites have been shutdown.....do you know what has happened?

Anonymous said...

I can't access Cowlings websites either. Does anone have copies of his web pages?

Anonymous said...

Allen N Cowling passed away December 2011.