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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Dear Family (Part 3)


I wrote the following letter to a girl named Cari. She just did two years in prison, and is now living in Kansas. I believe her vice was drugs, because she mentions that she’s staying clean. I wanted to give her a few words of insight and I thought I’d share my letter with you.


I just wanted to thank you for your letter and drop you a few lines. You asked for an autographed pic and Im completely out at this time. If you’d like, you can write me in a week or two and I should have some by then.

            I hope you’re staying out of trouble and building your life stronger as each day passes. A lot of times people have this addiction to a more exciting life, but in the negative sense of the word exciting. In other words, a clean, normal life is just too fucking boring. They’re like hogs, they can’t stay clean for too long, they’ve got to roll around in the mud.

Although mud is cool for hogs, it’s not cool for people’s lives. Trust me, boring is better. Try to find excitement in boring. For people raised in storms, a normal life is bland but learn to love bland. Some people love greasy cheese burgers and fries, but it’s much healthier to eat dry tuna, carrot sticks and drink water. It might not taste as exciting as the meat lovers pizza with an ice cold Coke, but you’ll feel better at the end of the day. Sure, the exciting food gives you the flavors you’re addicted to, but the end result is destruction.

Of course, I’m using food to explain life. Many people just can’t settle down and make good decisions. All the dumb shit is what makes them feel alive, so they choose the “exciting”, unhealthy and short-lived lives of fools. But if you keep eating the dry tuna and carrot sticks of life, your tastebuds will begin to change and you’ll start finding the excitement in being healthy.

It’s not an easy fight, but fuck it, man, just fight with all you got because you’re worth it. Get your “ life tastebuds” on healthy mode, even if it’s a bit boring. The days might taste a little bland for 3 or 5 or 10 years, but one day you’ll look around and see that you’ve built a beautiful world for yourself.

Con Amor,



I hope you enjoyed this short letter, and maybe even benefitted from it. I’ll write you more, in a bit.



P.S. If you guys have any questions about the letter, please ask.


Anonymous said...

What's his address I wana autograph! Lol

Mike rotch said...

What's his prison address

Mike rotch said...

What's his prison address

ALEX said...

I juss got locked up a week ago i got s burglary habitation case wat made me do it wuz them fuken pills "barrz" they get me feelin like nothing like i dnt care bout shit dat made me relize dat i need to stay away from da drugs even tho it makes me feel good i rather be home n boring dem to be n prison but now im clean n im stayin dat way

Anonymous said...

Good sense of humar

Anonymous said...

d town 214 Chiefin On Good

martin (OCM) said...

being from a hood up here in Dallas (Oakcliff reping that 214, 469) that is considered like South Park in Houston and also doing the same thing that Carlos did. since being young selling different drugs and shit and turning to music. Not as much or as good as Carlos but still turning to music, i know he is right the better life is taking the boring approach to it.Fortunantly i got out that game quick because im 18 and still have my life to live.