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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Letter to Pat Lykos 15

So the question remains; What now? Here are the basic needs, as I understand them:

A greater knowledge of what happened in the court room.

 Increased public awareness
Pressure applied to the Justice System

Consistent, long-term effort

1)      Greater knowledge

We have to know more than our opponents. We have to uncover any information that might be important. It sounds like it should be as easy as reading the transcripts, but it won’t be. We’re not lawyers, and we don’t instinctively know what tiny little fact will be helpful to our cause.

We need questions; we need people to engage with SPM, to consider his answers carefully and help him find the information that we need. If you believe something he’s written needs further explanation, don’t keep it to yourself! Send it in to the blog.
This will give him direction and allow him to clarify and expand. I can come up with a lot of questions, but there’s no way I can think of all of them. Please, participate in the Q&A!

2)      Increased Public Awareness

After receiving new information, don’t just nod your head and say “I knew it!” Share it with someone. If you’re not sure of your ability to say it, use the YouTube videos provided by SouthParkMex713. These were made for you to spread around.

Start the conversation by wearing a ‘Free Spm’ t-shirt, or carry some of the printable flyers with you; if you hear someone bumping Dope House music, take a minute to ask if they’ve heard about the new case updates.

3)      Pressure on the Justice System

How do you apply pressure? Give them work to do. Write a letter asking for action, or information. This could be to the DA, the Houston Police Department, your Congressman, or the AG. They will hesitantly dismiss a couple of letters; four or five will require them to do something to address the concerns presented, which means more work for them. I focus on writing twice every month to DA Pa Lykos, and I encourage you to help me with this. She can make a difference in this case, if we can convince her that a) we’re right, and b) we won’t go away.

4)      Consistent, Long-term Efforts

This has the potential to be the most difficult, but in our case it’s already taken care of. SPM has had support from the community since his incarceration; that support has been muzzled as his appeals wound their way through the system. Now is the time to become more vocal, to demand that the courts explain their evidence-free conviction.

There may be a recall of the Dope House Army at some time in the future; if that occurs, there will be more specific guidance for those of you that want to act. If you like the idea, why not send SPM a letter and let him know?

Here’s something you can do today; join me in writing a letter to Pat Lykos. By itself, my letter means nothing. You can copy this one, write your own, or just print off one of the downloadable flyers to your right and send that. Please, get involved.

The Honorable Patricia Lykos
1201 Franklin St
Houston, Tx


I’m writing today about the case of Carlos Coy, #908426.

I saw an interview with former DA Johnny Holmes published on a Houston Chronicle news blog. In it, he expressed his support for your opponent, Mike Anderson, based mostly on the fact that you yourself have never been a prosecutor. He also dropped this gem when speaking of his term as DA: “He said it felt good to be on the right side of the law every day.”

He may believe that, but the convictions of Michael Anthony Green, Allen Wayne Porter, George Rodriguez, and even Timothy Cole, innocent men who were convicted under DA Holmes and later exonerated, suggest otherwise.

You have been instrumental in freeing innocent men who were convicted by an office blinded by its own power. I believe you understand that being on the side of the state doesn’t always mean you’re on the right side of the law. Mistakes will be made, and the solution is not to hide them or fight those who try to correct them.

I am asking you to give us justice. Examine Mr. Coy’s case; take a look at the behavior of those involved and see if you can understand why we fight for a new trial. Despite what some of your detractors seem to think, we know that you do not have to be a prosecutor to understand justice.

Thank you for your time.

Me, My Address, Blah Blah Blah.


SouthParkmex713 said...

Thanks Ill Send a Letter.

martin (OCM) said...

with that public awareness part about it i have a great idea. even though it may be hard we should get #freespm trending worldwide on twitter. first i thought it would be awesome to do it on Los bithday but thats still far away ( october 5 for those that dont know.)

salvadorboy13 said...

Is there any video or passage out there that I can show to people that may not know the first thing about the Coy vs Texas case? something short and sweet that doesnt offer the owners opinion on the matter but just cold hard facts and evidence, i want to spread this around but people will not listen if i just show them a 30 minute video or 2 page article of the owner just rambling about how unfair it is, i want something convincing that will get people to open an eye and research this even more, thanks.

Incandesio said...

Martin: That's a great idea!

Salvadorboy13: There are three Youtube videos to your right, under 'links'. If they aren't what you need, feel free to make your own using the facts provided on the blog; if you do, send me a link and I'll post it up. Let's get this information out there!

salvadorboy13 said...

Yea enough of Kony 2012 lets make a Harris County 2012!