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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Speaking of the TCCA...

You may remember last year, near the beginning of the blog, I recommended you start reading Defending People, written by a lawyer named Mark Bennett. At the time, I just appreciated his writing, and his intolerance of judicial shenanigans. What I later found out is that he had actually represented Carlos Coy in a few cases before the big one.

If you read his blog you will see that he is harshly, unapologetically pro-liberty. He sees the depredations of the state and fights against them.

Well, he just announced that he will be running for a seat on the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals. Now, he’s running as a libertarian, which means he’s got about a snowball’s chance in Hell of getting elected. In fact, Grits For Breakfast seems to believe that he’s only running to make some kind of political statement.

My opinion? It’s a small chance, but a chance. I believe that having Mr. Bennett on the TCCA would be an amazing thing for everyone that comes before the court; not because he’s soft, but because he’s fair; because he sees the tricks that Texas plays to uphold their bullshit convictions and he doesn’t like it.

When Coy wrote about his appeal, he mentioned that they are looking for new evidence; when it’s found, the case will eventually end up in front of the TCCA. How many of you vote? How many of you would be willing to show up at the polls specifically to cast a ballot for Mark Bennett, with the understanding that his interest in true justice and individual liberty may have a positive effect on a case that you have a personal interest in?

Take a look at Bennett’s blog, Defending People, and consider asking those around you to give him a vote this November. Many of you have contacted me, asking what can be done to help. Well, this. We absolutely have to toss out those that worship the finality of conviction, ANY conviction, no matter how it was obtained. If we want a level playing field, that's going to mean plowing most of the existing structure into the ground.

Want something to do? Find out how you, personally, can support Bennett's bid. Let's get him into that seat, whether he truly wants it or not. Whether it benefits Carlos Coy immediately or never, it'll do Texas a world of good.



martin (OCM) said...

well i turn 18 in two weeks and now this pops up. WOW. more than likely its just luck. but the way i see it this is just like step 1 for me to help out.

Incandesio said...

I appreciate that, Martin. You know, the more I do this shit, the less I believe in luck. I believe in strategy, in the pieces being moved into position...We just have to do what we can to help it along.