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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

SPM Responds (Part 7)

This is SPM's response for March, which was bumped in order to put up his response about the Houston Press interview.

Dear Friends,

            Incandesio sent me a set of questions, most pertained to the case, but it turns out that the two most voted on questions were not necessarily about the case. I think once you’ve read my first answer, then you’ll have follow-up questions. Don’t get me wrong, all questions are appreciated and very welcome. I just don’t want us to forget that Incandesio’s focus is on justice, and the legal situation I’m in. We’ve been corresponding for months and all her letters have never veered from the subject at hand. She’s never asked about songs or lyrics or freestyles or rap in general. Still, these question that were most voted on, really touched my heart.

            Here they are:

1)      Can you be filmed during a visit, maybe drop a freestyle?

2)      What can we do to help?

These questions really touched me because they basically say to me “Look, the hell with this bullshit case. We want to know about you, and seeing you, and hearing you.”

Then you ask about what you can do to help. That just makes me feel very blessed, because I know your question is sincere. I’ll get to some of the legal questions Incandesio sent but, as promised, your most voted on questions are top priority so I’ll answer those first.

1)      Can you be filmed during a visit, maybe drop a freestyle?

          Right now I’m in High Security Segregation (HSS), locked up with, who Texas considers to be, the most dangerous inmates in prison. Guys get sent here for getting confirmed as members of Security Threat Groups (STG’s, which is basically prison gangs), or because they are, in one way or another, threats to the security, staff, and/or other inmates within TDC (Texas Department of Corrections.)

High Security Segregation is considered punishment. There’s very few privileges other than the bare minimum. We get one phone call every 90 days, and it can’t be longer than 5 minutes. I actually lost that privilege because I got in trouble awhile back. See, I got sent here because a digital device was found in my cell when I was at the Powledge Unit. But while I was over here they gave me a random drug test and supposedly marijuana was in my system. So, now, I don’t even get my damn 90 day phone call. I sure wanted the chance to say “Hey mom, it’s Carlos. I’m just calling to say I love ‘click!’.”

            “Hey, that wasn’t even five minutes!”

            “Sorry, Mr. Coy, you can finish the rest of your sentence in three months.”

Anywayzuh, I’m telling you all this because I can’t get filmed interviews here. Like I said, this is punishment, and interviews are privileges. But I should be out of here soon, knock on wood. Regular prison has pay phones so I’ll be wreckin everyday. It’s gonna be lovely. Plus, I’ll be able to get interviews in visitation where people can film me, such as news channels or people doing documentaries. Plus my Cold 40s- man, they’re much more powerful if you could hear how they’re delivered. Texas prisons got pay phones about three years ago and that just makes doing time a little easier. Being able to call my kids on a daily basis is the big thing for me. I just feel bad for all the guys that stay stuck without Nathan; no T.V., no church, no outside recreation, no contact visits. I’m one of those guys but I hope to be out of here in 2 to 6 months.

            2.) What can we do to help?

The first thing that comes to mind is this: Build your life powerful. If you’re not in school, live an honest life, stay away from trouble, give your household the vital gift of peace. The Bible is so true when it says it’s better to eat beans in peace, than to have all the finest things with no peace. An honest living gives you and your loved ones that gift. If you’re in school, study hard, concentrate, focus and make yourself sit down and get it done; especially homework. Stay away from all drugs. In fact alcohol is more destructive, kills more people, destroys more families than all drugs combined. Of course, weed will destroy your lives, too. I don’t give a fuck how much I rap about it, it’s going to make like life harder, darker, sadder if there is such a word.

Music is entertainment, it’s not advice. When I talk to you, it’s not going to be entertainment, it’s going to be truth. Because I love you, and want you to have the best lives. I’m not going to tell you “Man, ain’t nothin wrong with weed. I’ve never hurt nobody on weed.” No, weed never directly made me want to kill someone, but it made life weak. I was a shitty husband, absent father, lost son, dumbass friend. All I did was smoke weed everyday and no matter how much money I made, there’s no way I could’ve ever had a rich life. I would’ve been much more rich living a clean life and working at McDonald’s.

So don’t get it twisted, and don’t listen to lies. For all the smokers, this is not a scolding exhibition, but I won’t lie to any of you. You can’t achieve a truly fulfilling life being a fucking pothead. Take it from a man who’s been smoking since 11.But I’m trying to give myself better. It’s not easy but pray for me and I’ll pray for you. Man, hold up! That’s a good start to a flow!

Pray for me and I’ll pray for you

might as well hand me a bagel, too

nigga make money like Pay Per View

I’m smart’n’rich like an Asian Jew

Alright, that took an awkward turn. So, to answer your question, I’ll say it like this: We’re a movement, my friends. Therefore the more powerful you become, the more powerful our movement becomes. Education makes you powerful. Become lawyers, engineers, nurses, doctors, accountants, business people. There’s many good choices. It’s not only about justice in my case, but also the betterment of your lives, because everything I do is for you. I can’t save your souls from hell, only Jesus Christ can do that, but I just want to see you guys happy, making great decisions for yourself, working hard in life because you’re worth the hard work. If you want to help me, be good to yourselves.

            When someone takes care of their car, they keep it shining, drive it safely, put the best fuel in it, keep it tuned up, invest in it. It takes effort but the results are worth it. Take care of your lives, feed you mind with the great power of education, honesty, patience and especially kindness. Any dumb bitch can be mean, but the most powerful people are the uplifters, the ones who find the good in people and help them bring it out. That’s what the greatest people do.

            This is not Carlos Coy’s truth, but the simple truth and I only share it because I want the best for you. But it’s not my love for you that will build you, it’s your love for you. Love yourself, fight for yourself. When bad shit comes your way, move to the side, duck from it, or step over it. It doesn’t make you look weak, and if someone calls you weak for avoiding trouble, that’s a beautiful thing because it’s an indicator. That person is basically saying “Hey, I’m not a good friend and it’s best to stay away from me.”

            Don’t let people’s words hurt you. Instead let their words reveal who they are so that you can know who the fuck to stay away from. The people you hang out with is a matter of success or failure because wherever they’re going is the direction you’re headed.

            Other than that, just keep loving us. Keep loving the company that loves you; the very family friendly Dope House Mothafuckin Records. What? That doesn’t sound family friendly? Bullshit, I think it’s the perfect name for a cereal!

                        I shall leave you with a

Quick Sixteen

“The Furry Vest”

I blows on kill cause the kill blows me

It’s Los and I’m still hollin “M-O-E!”

mo cain dan Bo Peep in my hood they don’t sleep

nigga run the game even if I ran with no feet

all I need is two fingers so that I can chunk deuce

here’s a pinky but I can’t get my fuckin thumb loose,

feel me when I talk in tongues, love it when she wobble buns

I’mma change my name – Waka Flaka Taco Nacho Crumbs

I’mma change it right now before you tryda change my mind

No, mom! It’s my name! I’m the one that made it rhyme!

I’m very spontaneous, drunk like John Daily is

why you think hataz swing on my genitalias

yes, that’s a plural word! All I write is perfectness

even Dr. Phil said, “Yep, they deserve an ‘S’.”

hotta dan a furry vest over seven turtle necks

alright, gotta go, bud, you have just heard the best.


Vor Lady said...

Amazing clarity and good advice. Thanks Incandesio for all your hard work.

Anonymous said...

All this time I thought incandesio was a guy lol.

And maannn that verse at the end is on another level. His rhyming scheme is untouchable

Anonymous said...

Coming to the h town tomorrow my dad passed away this morning he is in houston I wish I could make a quick stop at the dope house to say hi when im there

Anonymous said...

Does encandesio even like spm's music. I think she just loves justice and uses Carlos case as a hobby.

Incandesio said...

Yeah, that sounds like somethin' I would do.

luisjj007 said...

lol ^ nahhh i think shes into the music. really fucking awsome!!!!

Mr. topnotch said...

Really diggn wut los is talking about, great message.... Keep it up incandesio
Fuck the hatahzz

Anonymous said...

Life is like ballet got to stay on your toes keep it up incandesio

Anonymous said...

I didn't mean it in a bad way. I just thought she had a different taste in music and was moved by Carlos case because it is a great injustice what happened to him. I really appreciate all the work you do.

BJoe said...

So does this mean that SPM I not recording from the phone in prison since he only gets 1 phone call every 90 days?? Also do you think he will start again once he moves to a lower security prison??

Incandesio said...

Anon 3:19: I didn't take it wrong; it's not the only thing I listen to, but I do like his music.

BJoe: That seems to be what he's saying. He lost that one phone call because they said he popped on a drug test, so right now he doesn't even get that. Hopefully if he gets moved back to general population he'll record some new stuff for the fans.

Anonymous said...

SPM .... im trying hard to focuse in skool .... but it is hard .... im trying 2 live a honest live ..... anyways im representing on the internet i got my own clan call (SPM)... any1 want to join on ps3 add me SOUTHPARKMEX713

Anonymous said...

Awwh that made me feel better(: #free carlos!! -giggles

beanieman said...

Thats some real shit Los. Dont agree with what you say about weed cuz i smoke and still maintain a great job and stay real with my friends and fam. You just gotta keep whats important above weed. Fuck drugs though! Much love Los! FREE SPM!!!

jim3na68 said...

♥ da way how he talkz & speakz bout real shit..itz realitz.....free spm ♥

A said...

Thanks for this awesome blog Incandesio :)

ese creeper said...

THATS CRAZY LOS MY DAD WAS ALWAYZ TELLING ME MIJO ES MEJOR COMER FRIJOLES Agusto k camarones con susto!l.o.l I hope you get to read this!