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Friday, April 20, 2012

Weekend Reading 32

I talk a lot about spreading the word; as you know we have flyers for you to download and print, you can write letters to the DA, and talk about the case with your friends and family.  I know many of you have been doing this stuff since day one, but I wanted to point out some examples that came to my attention this week.

This is a clip of Lazy Menace performing at a El Bad Boy car show in Florida, giving a shout-out to SPM.


Here’s Celocita, an underground rapper using an upcoming track to promote awareness of SPM’s case.


And this is a page on Facebook, started up pretty recently, based in Dallas. They organized March 27 as a day to show support by wearing black for SPM.


If you have the motivation and the opportunity to do something like this, go for it! If you want to start a blog like this one to write about the case, then write! If you can rap, or design eye-catching stencils, get on it! Use your gifts to enlighten people.

I don’t share stuff on Facebook or Twitter very often because I’m trying not to clutter up the feed; I don’t want people to feel like I’m spamming them. Plus, the people on our FB and Twitter pages are already aware of what we’re doing here.

What you need to do is get the word out to people that have not heard the new information. This is an area that I can’t get into; I can’t talk to your friends and neighbors, and connect with them like you can. I’m just a random person on the internet, so if they don’t like SPM there’s no reason for them to even give my blog a chance.

But you can talk to them as a friend, or a favorite rapper, or an inspiring artist, and they’ll give you a chance. If you want to point them to the blog, that’s great. If you’d rather pass the information on yourself, that’s fine too. I’m not in this to get ‘likes’, or follows, or subscriptions. That’s not how I measure my success.

The flip side of that is, I can’t use my websites to get you those things, either. That’s just not my mission; but if you start up an active regional page, or make a Youtube video, let me know and I’ll do what I can to make people aware of it. Take the example of the people I mentioned, and countless others doing the same things every day, and get involved!


Anonymous said...

Has Carlos sent a letter for the fans this month?

Incandesio said...

He did, it'll be up either next Thursday or the Monday after.

Celocita said...

Thankyou for showing support to artists who haven't forgotten about our king of rap SPM ill he sure to spread the word about your blog to get people more involved in the movement** yours truly Celocita

Mr.Narro said...

Celocita when is ur album gonna drop I like the first song that played YouTube the one that was posted is it finished or still in process


Mr.Narro said...

Celocita when is ur album gonna drop I like the first song that played YouTube the one that was posted is it finished or still in process


Celocita said...

Is still in the works haven't released none of my new stuff yet but I will have the Free SPM track done soon and will post it to incandesio* I'm hoping by June I should have an album put together. Thankyou for the support u can add me on WWW.Facebook.com/ celocitamusic or WWW.Twitter.com/celocita_real

Ramon Rincon said...


Anonymous said...

i've also started my own "Free SPM" page on fb. Just look me up in there as "Geovanni Mancera"

jim3na68 said...

Can u give me spm address again. Plz & thank u