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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Letter to Pat Lykos 18

First of the month, time for another letter to Lykos!
We’ve almost arrived at the tenth anniversary of Coy’s conviction; ten years away from his family. Ten years between him and his wife, his children, his sister, brother, mother and father. Ten years away from his business, from his friends, from life.
Please, take a moment to send a letter to DA Lykos, and ask her to take another look at this case.

District Attorney Pat Lykos
1201 Franklin St
Houston, Tx


I’m writing to you today about the case of Carlos Coy, #908426.

I saw, via Scott Henson’s blog Grits for Breakfast, that the work of a lab technician at the Houston Regional Laboratory has been called into question. I believe the lab manager contacted you about it, and your office is now in the process of examining this tech’s past work, all the way back to 2006.
I am glad to see that your office continues to take a proactive stance in cases where those entrusted with our rights and freedom fail to protect these precious things. Please, allow me to urge you again to take a look at the case of Carlos Coy.

I believe it is very clear that sometime in the recent past a culture of careless or even malicious prosecution was put into place, and only with the rise of those interested in true justice is it slowly coming to an end. In Dallas, over 200 cases are under review; CBS news has done a fascinating piece on the 40+ men who have banded together for support in the wake of their exonerations.

Ma’am, I am not a lawyer, or someone who has any legal background, but I strongly believe that Coy’s case will eventually be overturned. I hope and pray that you will be the driving force behind it. Your insistence on holding the state accountable for its actions is inspiring, and I have great faith in your unflagging desire for justice.

Please, consider this case; look into it, and give us justice.

Me, my address, blah blah blah.

As always, feel free to copy this letter and send it, write your own, or just print out one of the flyers to your right and send that. We can get this overturned. I believe the judicial culture is changing; please, take a moment and help us bring one more bad trial to light.



Meskinkid said...

Do you think lykos even opens these letters?
What are the chances of her reviewing carlos case?

Incandesio said...

Well, we know that either she or someone in her office is reading the letters. Last year I heard back from Baldwin Chin, head of the post-conviction review team, and Jim Leitner, the 1st asst DA. Of course the first thing they're going to say is "We can't do that", it's a beaurocracy. We have to be persistent.

As far as how good his chances for a review are...I don't know. That's in God's hands. I look at what's happening in Dallas and take encouragement from that.