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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

SPM Responds (Part 8.a)

Yo Fam,

            There were two questions that won this month’s poll:

1.)    What would it take to get your appeal into the Supreme Court?

2.)    What kind of new evidence would be most helpful?

Answer to first question: Well, my appeals lawyer was supposed to bring up mistakes that were made in my trial that violated my rights. These mistakes would have had to be significant enough, (in the eyes of the appeals court), to make a difference in whether the jury believed I was innocent or guilty. In other words, if my lawyer found a mistake but the appeals court said, “Well, this mistake would not have made a difference; the jury would have still found Carlos Coy guilty,” then they dismiss that error. My appeals lawyer told me that he was just going to use the biggest errors he found because the court of appeals don’t like reading something that looks like a book. But that’s the problem, they did so much bullshit, day after day, that it surmounted into a mountain of wrong doing. In the end, that mountain was enough to block the truth out of sight.

      Another thing was how the judge made it more than clear that he wanted the jury to find me guilty. A jury will follow a judge’s lead, assuming that he knows more about the case than they do. That’s why it’s so important that judges keep their oaths to conduct fair trials. Even when my lawyer, Chip, would make an objection, the judge would overrule it with such disdain that Chip felt it was better to object as least as possible. Imagine objections hurting someone’s case when they’re meant to uphold the law. The fact about the judge’s overrulings being so unfavorable that they discouraged Chip from objecting, came out during a hearing that my appeals lawyers did. I’ll get that hearing mailed to me so you can see what I mean.

      The judge and D.A.’s in my case made crooked and underhanded look like the norm, and I’ll expose a little of that in this letter. But, obviously, nothing was significant enough, out of the eight, or so, mistakes that my appeals lawyer brought up, to win my appeal. It’s like I was killed by thousands of ant bites.

      But you guys remember the letter my appeals lawyer wrote. He said something about the Supreme Court not reviewing my appeal because of the lower courts decision not to write an opinion. I’m not sure what that means, but now it’s all about finding new evidence. Why? Because my appeals lawyers weren’t able to get what they needed the first time around. Once we can get new evidence, then we can start the appeals process over. It will work it’s way through three or four lower courts before it gets to the Supreme Court.

      Answer to second question: Probably several things. If any of the witnesses come forward and say “I wasn’t truthful about this or that,” then that would help. Still, the appeals court has to ask the question: If this person had told the truth, would it have made a difference in the outcome of the trial?

      In my case, that method really isn’t fair because one mistake may not have made a difference, and it seems that the appeals court only weighs one error at a time. A jury can be persuaded by several unruly tactics, that all come together to paint a convincing picture.

      In my eyes, the judge did more to persuade the jury’s decision than even the D.A.’s. But you’ll see that they were a team in the Get-SPM-Convicted game.

      For example, Incandesio wrote (on the same letter that had the two questions) that a New Jersey Court had rules that if the defendant could provide ‘some proof’ that a child witness’s testimony had been screwed with by the adults in charge, then they were entitled to a taint hearing to review the interviews.

      Incandesio spoke about a “Michaels Case” where the kids in that case “were not intentionally lying; a story was cultivated in their minds, fleshed-out by ‘helpful’ adults, and by the time they got to court they truly believed they had experienced it.”

      An example of that very thing happened in my trial. But it was all done outside the presence of the jury, so the jury never saw how easily this child’s testimony could be controlled. That’s likely why the judge didn’t allow any TV cameras in the courtroom. He knew he’d be doing and allowing all he could to help the D.A.’s convict me, and that don’t look good on camera.

      Before I get to this example, this plot, I want to explain something as quickly as I can: I had a child with an underaged girl, as most of you know. I met this girl back in 1993. I was twenty-two. She lied about her age, she spent a few nights at my house like it wasn’t shit, and no one in her household seemed to lift an eyebrow. Then she got pregnant.

      First of all, I’m attracted to a grown woman’s body and a grown woman’s mind, just like any other sane man. I don’t fuck with people’s kids. If I had known this girl was underage, I would not have had sex with her. Plus, I would have had to be fucking nuts to be planting my seed in a girl who I knew was a minor. But not knowing is no excuse in the state of Texas and I always knew this would catch up to me one day.

      So, we had a beautiful little boy and I’ll never regret the gift of my son. I brought up this ordeal because nine years after getting this girl pregnant, my wife’s so-called friend called my family’s home. This woman said that I touched her daughter and was threatening to call the police. She said something to the tune of, “I’m calling the cops, and I’m also going to tell them about the boy that Carlos had with that underaged girl.”

      My family called me. I was at a club at the time. I said, “If she calls again, tell that snake to call the police. If her daughter said I touched her, then something is going on in that child’s life that needs to be checked out. And don’t worry, just tell her what I said. Nobody’s going to blackmail me over my son.”

      It was done, and the cops were called, and she told them about the underaged girl. I faced two charges: My baby’s mom, and the little girl’s accusation. In the following months, the D.A.’s found more girls to say they were under eighteen when they had sex with me. You’ll see how those cases came about and what methods were used to accomplish those charges. They were fraud and paper thin and all they really had was my baby’s mom. There was no denying that my boy was mine. But the D.A.’s decided to gamble and try the little girl’s case first. Anyway, if they lost, they could always fall back on the real case. But when the D.A.’s try a case, it costs the state a lot of money, so they do all they can to win. Me being this anti-system gangster, ex-dope dealer gone rapper, drug user and, most concerning to them, blowing up nation-wide, only made their chance at destroying me more appealing.

So, with all that said, I’ll begin explaining the incident that Incandesio’s letter, about the Michaels case, encouraged.
Continued in Part 8.b


Anonymous said...

Damn with reading this letter it made me believe carlos more, like 150 percent more. I know carlos didn't commit this crime. Carlos should be out by now, not in 5 more years, NOW!!!!!! Incandensio you are the best keep up the good work.. PEACE... FREE SPM

Anonymous said...

Imma start carrying a sign that says "FREE SPM" and go out in the street or tell a hobo to carry it around and take a picture of him...i bet he would get alot of honks...

beanieman said...

This happens way too often in our world. Blame the media and the powers that be for letting so called "role models" like miley cyrus and lindsey lohan run around like sluts dressed in skimpy shit on TV and on stage. Then they market the shit and sell it to our children. Thats the real enemy and all these blind ass people who dont pay attention to what their children are doing should realize it. Then they point the finger when their daughter gets pregnant at a young age. It's sad and it's not the childrens fault. FREE SPM!!!

Anonymous said...

There's no hope.

Anonymous said...

I always knew he was innocent free spm look at lil boosie he got out only because he ain't mexican shame FREeSPM

Anonymous said...

Yes there is ;) u tripping no negative shit please;)

Incandesio said...

11:44 Even if I thought that were true I'd still do what I'm doing, because it's right.

You're going to see some extremely fucked-up shit revealed over the next few weeks, and each instance of misbehavior brings more hope, and a better chance that someone will be embarassed enough by this trial that it will be overturned.

Anonymous said...

His biggest fan I just miss himm.
I hope his mark ass attorney will remember when he comes out...
The lack of compassion
When he comes out..
The lack of remorse! When he comes! Out!!
The lack of justice!
His attorney was a joke & do was the mediA
I seem the fucking camera on the attorney he is either the worst fucking deffensice lawyer or he was a public defender Or he worked against spm
Fuck that
I hues I have no hope. But my faith is my talent.

Anonymous said...

Free los

freespmex said...

Thank you Incandesio, for all of this. Please keep doin what your doin.

Ramon Rincon said...


Anonymous said...

Free SPM !!!!! Follow me on twitter AngelbyDay_

zombiietara said...

Can we write him??

Incandesio said...

Here's his address:
Carlos Coy
James V. Allred Unit
2101 FM 369 N.
Iowa Park, TX

Adrian Beltran said...

I hope SPM gets out soon, we need you back man