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Friday, May 4, 2012

Weekend Reading 33

Lansing artist James Dehuelves is putting together a mixtape to raise awareness of SPM's case, and he's looking for contributing artists. This is the kind of project that has the potential to reach all over the world so if you think you can add something, contact him and let him know. Here's a little about him:

What's your experience? How long have you been involved in music?

 I started 8 years ago by buying a mixer. It was a dream that me and my brother had for the longest time, so I built a computer and started with a sound recording progam. the sound was not all that great but we still put a mixtape out; but as the years went on and I started networking, I found out of real progams and diffent kinds of mics and sound proofed a room. From there I dropped Countdown to Iceage.

 About a year after that, I dropped Iceman Presents Iceage, then I just pushed back and worked with some of my artists, known as AK47, to put something of theirs out.  So it's been some years working on the music; still working on getting it right, you know. My most recent mixtape, Ice City, is a mixtape with many artists from around the country. It was more like a promo mixtape, to get my name back out there.

As far as engineering, I'm finishing up my degree up at Lansing Community College; I have one more year but I have gained a lot of smarts up there. My brother has been like my back bone; when no one else has been, he produced many of my mixtapes and also the album art. He also makes his music and helps with the company.

What's the inspiration for this new project, Can't Stop the Hustle?

Since the first time I ever heard an SPM cd, that's when I started looking up to him. He made me feel like no matter what you go through, you can still make it. He made a big difference in my life and made me feel as if  one day, if I put my all into it, I can make it too.
I been following SPM through out my life with his music, and no matter what I can still put on a cd and listen to it, and remember old times when my mom was still alive.

I'm looking forward to seeing this mixtape completed. This is the kind of awareness-raising project that I know a lot of you can get behind, and I hope you'll consider lending your skills.
You can contact him through Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/THAONEICE


Anonymous said...

make it an album...no mixtapes...all original music

Anonymous said...

^^ agree

Incandesio said...

I would also like to see some original music, but beats don't just drop out of thin air...If you've got that talent, why not donate a little of your time?

Anonymous said...

i would love to hear some of SPM old lyrics with different beats dat be new for SPM

martin (OCM) said...

it could be an album or a mixtape not much of a difference. I mean look at the last mixtape that Ludacris made (1.21 gigawatts) it was all new beats and basically was a free album. So they can do the same thing with this mixtape.

Anonymous said...

Try to blend different beats with SPM lyrics its a dj in dallas name dj rara u can see on u tube dont know how hes does it but if u blend the right music with SPM old lyrics ill buy dat shit fasts

Essay J said...

What's good SPM fans, this your boy essay j. That's right mix tape tape 'Cant Stop The Hustle'. Ice Man hit me up And we both came with the idea for this movement , I came with the name of the tape. We are currently looking for artists who want to be apart of this movement. We taking this to another new level. Support the movement , you can get in touch with me @ Facebook.com/essayj FREE SPM!

Anonymous said...

whats good this is iceman him self im just looking for help to put this project togather no matter what its called a album or mixtape thats not the point the point is that we spreed the word of spm and what went wrong in his case and show our support to him thanks

Anonymous said...

I wanna rap!
But I'm in Mexico
Deported...fuck it I'm doing the same thing sp is doing recording g through my phone in the studio..!!
Spm movement all the way in Jalisco fuck Mexico but I still gotta rep where I'm at

Essay J said...

if you're somewhere else outside the U.S and you want to support SPM you can still be part of this movement , we want more people to be involve. please contact me @facebook.com/essayj or hit up ice man @facebook.com/thaoneice

Anonymous said...

Okay I'll hit you up tommorow! See what's Gucci!!!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Incandesio said...

Daniel: I'm removing your post because I don't want your address out there for everyone to see; if you want to be involved with the mixtape, go ahead and contact them through the Facebook pages listed above.
I appreciate your interest!