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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Kenneth Wayne Boyd

Via Grits for Breakfast:

In 1999 Kenneth Wayne Boyd was convicted, along with three others, of a triple murder in Shelby County. One of the victims was a 13 year-old girl.

Boyd recently filed a Writ of Habeas Corpus, saying that his trial was tainted by evidence that had been hidden, witnesses that had lied, and jailhouse ‘snitches’ that were, apparently, high on crack. Shockingly enough, a District Judge agreed that this may have been slightly against normal TDCJ policy, and recommended he be freed and given a new trial.

The prosecutor in his case claims that this is being brought up to stop her from winning the position of District Attorney. Assuming that’s true, how tragic is it that a possibly innocent man had to wait for justice until it might help someone out politically?

Kenneth Florence, Shelby County's current assistant district attorney reviewed the order.

"Our job is to see that justice is done and not to secure convictions," Florence said.

But I doubt Boyd cares why his writ was accepted, as long as it is. He’s served 13 years for a murder that took place at a time he says he wasn’t even in the city.

The order cites a pattern of prosecutorial misconduct including suppressed items of evidence and false testimony. These are some of the same issues that led to the appeals court throwing out Boyd's co-defendant, Rodney Moore's life conviction.

I find this case interesting not just because it’s recent, but because Boyd seems to have been ‘killed by thousands of ant bites’. No one instance of prosecutorial evil was singled out, just a myriad of small misbehaviors that added up to a wrongful conviction. As we learn more about SPM’s case, remember that it’s not hopeless; men are walking free all over Texas as the wheels of justice grind slowly along.

As Kenneth Florence said, "Our job is to see that justice is done and not to secure convictions,"
Justice was not done in Coy vs. Texas. A man was convicted of a crime that was not proven, but we see similar cases, that took place around the same time, being fixed. Now is not the time to get frustrated, or give up; don't look at the time he's served and say "If something were going to happen, it would have happened by now."

I could tell you that getting a new trial for Carlos Coy will be easy, but that would be a lie. I could tell you it's going to be quick, but that would be a lie, too. The Innocence Project exonarees served an average of thirteen years before their release. I see several years of this struggle stretching away into the future, with an uncertain outcome. If you can't deal with that, then I'm sorry. Go find an internet petition and sign it 'til your fingers bleed. But if you want to help, write a letter to the D.A., and then get comfortable. This is going to take awhile.





Anonymous said...

Incandesio Will we see a response from filero to spm?
Thank You For Wht You Do Incandesio.

Incandesio said...

Not here, I'm afraid. That's a little outside the focus of the blog.

I appreciate you reading!

Anonymous said...

Humm, Ok I Understand Im Sorry For Asking You To Put The Dear Family All Ready And That i Was Disappointed is just tht i wanna hear about the golden tongue -spm how he is not how the system fucked him up . Thank you thoe ill be patient and wait for his cold 40s his great cold 40s im here for the same reason as everybody .

Anonymous said...

The system is curupted they are quick to convict people when they know they don't have a case and are quick to let all those who r proven guilty walk wtf happend to innocent untill proven guilty SPM is the voice of the mexicans can't nobody stop him free Carlos coy aka SPM

salvadorboy13 said...

I know someone who would be a good person to interview for your blog. His name is shadow ramirez and is grimms brother and produced the 3rd wish with SPM. He was a witness for Carlos vs. Texas and was there everyday at court. heres his email if your interested shadowdfo@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

ATTENTION LADIEs & GENTS. i know the real truth nothing but the truth about mr.coy case. beware that what iam about to tell you is completely true and had been known from real ppl from the streets that know this. if you arent capable of admitting thr truth please stop reading now...mr.coy did not commit that crime i repeat did not. wayyyyyyyyyyy before carlos coy was the famous spm ..coy used to move major weight aka keys across the state. during that time fat pat also moved weight.he was killed for it..but back on the topic mrs.coy was big in the game.i mean big keys of white would move through him.mrs coy isnt behind bars for a rape charge? cmon. 45 yrs for a rape charge without evedidence? no my ppl hes in there bc he moved big weight and when it came time to pay dues he failed to do so. mr.coy knows the truth why do you think many rapoers dont speak on him? bc the man was well respected in htown.real niggaz know wat im talking about. s.u.c & dj screw knew this thats why they showed him love. i have given u the truth.im tired of ppl wasting there precious time on carlos ...sure hes a good artist but like he says the way a man lives is the way a man dies.hes paying for wat he did..htown hasnt forgot about u los'.you know y ur in dere man. much love ...& to incandesio..keep doing ur thing but i hate to say it..carlos might nvr be out hes in dere for diff reasons but i respect u much love. we live in a crooked system.peace

Anonymous said...

hmm idk. all i have to say is FREE SPM!!! the realist nigga in the game.

beanieman said...

@anonymous 9:20 If we all got punished for shit we did in the past most of us would be locked up homie. Los getting this false charge and straight fucked during the trial doesn't justify anything. He needs support from his people more than ever now and to "quit wasting time with carlos" would be like turning your back on a good friend. That's something i never do. Keep showing your support people!! FREE SPM!!!