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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Letter to Pat Lykos 20

Pat Lykos lost the primary election, and will not be running in November unless she decides to run as an independent.

If she chooses not to, these will be her last few months in office. She doesn’t have to worry about reelection; she doesn’t have to worry about how she will be judged for her decisions. If Mike Anderson becomes the next DA, I will start writing him but for now, let’s not let up on letters to DA Lykos. She may finally be free to act on this case.

District Attorney Patricia Lykos
1201 Franklin St
Houston, Tx


I’m writing today about the case of Carlos Coy, #908426

I was sorry to see that you did not win the Republican nomination last week. I don’t know much about your opponent except that he was a prosecutor, and endorsed by Chuck Rosenthal.

You have worked long and hard to remove the stain Rosenthal left on the Harris County District Attorney’s office. I believe you can continue this work, and benefit many of the wrongfully convicted that continue on inside the walls of Texas prisons. Please, don’t stop fighting for justice.

Coy’s case is a stunning example of the way the DA’s office operated before you decided to clean it up. I hope you will take some time to look at his case, examine the transcripts and the evidence against him and consider recommending him for a new trial. No matter what you believe about his guilt or innocence, the antics that were tolerated in order to secure his conviction would make any reasonable person cringe. Many of us are working to expose that misbehavior, and I hope you will consider joining us in our efforts.

Me, My address, blah blah blah.

So what happens now? I will continue writing to DA Lykos until she leaves office, and then whoever her successor turns out to be.

The plan for June is as follows: One piece of SPM’s answer every week. He delves into the transcripts to bring up some new facts, and I would really like to see these get publicized. A lot. So every Thursday, please help out by tweeting about SPM’s post, share it on Facebook, put it on your blog, email it to a friend, mention it in a forum, whatever.

If you don’t want to link back to the blog, just copy the whole thing and post it somewhere. Let’s get this shit out there. When someone searches Carlos Coy’s name let’s make sure they can find his words.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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martin (OCM) said...

i am really hopeing that shince she didnt win, that will give her a reason to review Los case. One last big thing before she has to leave office.