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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

SPM Responds (Part 8.e)

Continued from part 8.d
Criminal Trial

(Court Transcripts Volume 15 of 31 pgs. 62-63)

Judge: All right. Ms. (Doe), what we’re to do is we’re going to start the movie and what I’d like for you to do for me, is when it gets to the part where it stops – where you stopped watching, I want you to turn to me and say, now. Can you do that for me?

Jane Doe: Yes.

Judge: Okay. Can you hear it, okay, (Jane)?

Jane Doe: Yes.

     ([Jane Doe] in presence of attorneys and court watching movie, “Scary Movie.”)

Judge: That’s all you saw?

Jane Doe: This isn’t the one I seen at my house.

Judge: That’s not the one you saw at your house? Have you ever seen this?

Jane Doe: Yes.

Judge: Did you see the whole thing?

Jane Doe: Yes.

Judge: So, that’s a problem. Okay.

(Movie stopped)

Judge: Thank you, Ms. (Doe), you may step out in the hallway.

Chip: Judge, that raises another question which I’m pretty sure the movie that she’s seen part of is “Scary Movie 2” and while she’s here, I don’t know if it wouldn’t just be worth doing exactly what you’ve done –

Judge: Well, I guess we can ask her. I mean, I don’t know.


Never in the trial had I seen this judge more distraught. His words were coming out in a muddlement of spits and spurts, as if he’d just been told his nuts needed to be removed. Listen to his very next words (on the same page, 63): “I don’t – I mean, we can’t read her mind and, you know, a ten-year-old –“

            He was completely stunned. I just wish someone would have asked him, “Why the fuck are you so shaken up? You’re supposed to be neutral.” But don’t worry, as you’ll see in future letters, the judge made up for his slip-up as the trial went on.

            The most eye-opening thing he said, and I’m sure you noticed it, too, came after the child told him that she saw the whole movie. His response, “So, that’s a problem.”

            The question of all questions is, why would the truth be a problem? His statement defines what this trial was about; a task to keep the truth hidden. Those words slipped out of his mouth in the stupor of being caught off guard, but they are an admission to the fact that he was on the D.A.’s side. In fact, he was their secret weapon.

            I’m going to show you how they proceeded to handle this “problem”, but first let me say this.

            As I read these transcripts, I’m blown away at how sharp and persistent Chip was. He even knew that they probably had convinced the child that it was “Scary Movie 2” that she had seen all of, and Part One that she only saw five minutes of. And he was right. Not that I’m riding his jock, but I do feel bad because, before going through all these transcripts, I felt that he didn’t give it his all. I see, now, that he did. But no lawyer should have to defend an innocent man against such unfair forces that pyramided to the judge himself.

            Chip was a fairly new attorney at the time but came highly recommended. He’s, now, considered one of the best trial lawyers in the nation, and still hasn’t lost a case since losing mine. But the deck was stacked too high in my case, and I didn’t help. I wasn’t even paying attention to all this shit. My dumb ass was at the table revising the script for the film I was working on. Dope House was in preproduction on a movie called “SPM”, which was about my rise in the rap industry. I guess we can add a whole new ending to that one.

            I’ll start back on the same page, which is Chip requesting that the child come back to the stand.

Criminal Trial

(Court Transcripts Volume 15 of 31 pgs. 63-64)

Judge: I don’t - - I mean, we can’t read her mind, and you know, a ten-year-old - -

Chip: I’m frankly satisfied with the Court asking her the question. There’s more than an abundance of material to support the position that we’re taking. So, if we could - - if the Court could ask her if the other movie was “Scary Movie 2” and how much she’s seen.

Judge: Okay. Bring her in.

     Ms. (Doe), I need to ask you a question. All right. You said that you had already seen this movie, the whole thing; is that right?

Jane Doe: Yes.

Judge: Do you have any idea what movie - - the one you said you only watched part of it - - do you have any idea what movie that was?

Jane Doe: Yes.

Judge: Can you tell me what it was?

Jane Doe: It was part two.


If you remember, she said it was Part One that an “adult” said was “too nasty” to watch. Now she’s saying it was Part Two that was cut off, which makes less sense because if Part One had all these sex scenes, why would they cut Part Two short and let her see all of Part One? It’s just a traffic jam of programmed lies, and I doubt she saw five minutes of any movie. But so much went on behind closed doors that we’ll never know the truth behind this child’s testimony.

            I can tell you one thing that I know: Jane Doe said that her cousin, (G), was in the same room as her father, (John Doe), about to watch a movie. How they convinced her of that is mind-boggling, because there’s no [possibility] (G)’s mother (who is Mary Doe’s older sister) would ever let her daughter be in the same house as John Doe, much less in the same room. Mary Doe’s family despised John Doe because of the domestic terrorist that he was. There’s a reason why Jane Doe was diagnosed with tension headaches since the age of two, since she was able to relate that her head hurt. There’s a reason she developed insomnia, photophobia, phonophobia and was on anti-depressants at nine-years-old, (eight months before she allegedly made these claims of an assault.) In my criminal trial, the judge broke his back keeping those reasons hidden, among other things. He helped make this family look like a group of God-fearing Christians, who played Monopoly on Saturday nights and prayed before each meal. But in civil court, the civil judge was more fair, and so more of the truth was exposed.

            All I’m saying is that there’s no way her five-minute-story about her cousin and dad and family all watching a movie could be true, yet she believed it was. The D.A. walked her through a step-by-step account of a non-existant event, and the child didn’t miss a beat. But if you look a little closer, you can see evidence of foul play. Because when you program information,all that’s there is what was programmed. With that said, let’s revisit her five-minute-story.

1.)    She doesn’t remember when she watched the movie.

“Jane, you saw this movie awhile back.”

2.)    She does remember every person in the room.

Information entered.

3.)    She doesn’t remember exactly who said the movie was “too nasty.”

“Jane, if you’ll remember we said the movie was too nasty.”

4.)    She does remember how long the movie played.

Information entered.

She only knew the information given to her, but it’s common sense how easy it would be to remember the person who got up and said “No, you can’t watch this.” That was the main act of what this scene was about. But that’s just my view, man. There’s no way I can tell you “I know” what happened. All I can do is show you what happened in court and allow common sense to speak for itself.

            The main reason I showed you this ordeal, this plot, this scheme was to give examples of how, first of all, they could completely control this child’s testimony when given enough time, how the judge and D.A.’s worked as a team in my trial, how the puppet master could make the child believe a story that wasn’t true, (which was the point Incandesio’s letter brought up.)

            Now, we’ll go back to this “problem” that the judge brought up while thinking out loud; this pesky problem of the truth popping up on them. First, I’ll need to rewind the trial to where Jane Doe and her mother were called back to court to find out how much of the movie the little girl saw. That’s when she said she saw about five minutes of “Scary Movie.”

            Well, after she got off the stand, the D.A. called her mother, (Mary Doe), to the stand. I didn’t show you that testimony in its chronological order because I began comparing the eerie similarities of the “about-five-minutes” story to the “about-one-minute” story. So, let’s go back to where Oncken puts Mary Doe on the stand and asks about “Scary Movie.” Remember, this was done without the jury present.

Criminal Trial

(Court Transcripts Volume 15 of 31 pg. 44)

D.A. Oncken: Okay. And do you recall whether or not - - and do you recall when that might have been that you watched the movie?

Mary Doe: I can’t recall.

D.A. Oncken: No idea?

Mary Doe: No idea.

D.A. Oncken: Okay. And do you recall if you watched the entire feature or not?

Mary Doe: No, we did not.

D.A. Oncken: Okay. And why did you not watch the entire feature?

Mary Doe: I didn’t really care for it. I thought it was supposed to be a funny movie. It turned out it was some funny movie but not all of it, so I turned it off.


            On the next page we see Chip getting a turn at questioning Mary Doe about “Scary Movie.”

Criminal Trial

(Court Transcripts Volume 15 of 31 pgs. 45-46)

Chip: Ms. (Doe), you testified that you don’t really recall seeing this movie?

Mary Doe: I do recall.

Chip: Okay. Who rented the movie?

Mary Doe: I did.

Chip: Where did you rent it.

Mary Doe: Blockbuster.

Chip: Which one?

Mary Doe: Telephone.

Chip: Telephone and what?

Mary Doe: Bellfort.

Chip: Telephone and Bellfort?

Mary Doe: Correct.

Chip: So, you have a regular account there?

Mary Doe: Yes, I do.

Chip: Now, you don’t recall exactly when you watched this movie. Was it - -

Mary Doe: No, because I watch a lot of movies.

Chip: Was it more than a year ago?

Mary Doe: I can’t – I cannot say that.

Chip: All right. Was it within the last three years?

Mary Doe: I cannot say that. I don’t know.


It makes sense to say that Mary Doe must have been told, “If something comes up that’s not in the story we rehearsed, or you forgot what we rehearsed, just say you don’t know or can’t remember.” And Mary Doe, even to a fault, stuck to that formula.

Chip exposes that by showing how she remembers seeing the movie, remembers that she didn’t care for it and turned it off, remembers that she’s the one who rented it and where she rented it, but, oddly enough, can’t remember if she saw it within the last three years.

This was a completely made-up story, and if it wasn’t obvious enough, I’m about to prove it.

As you know, Jane Doe came back and said she saw all of “Scary Movie”, thus causing the “problem.” So what they did was regrouped, came up with a new plan, and once the jury was present, they executed a fresh story, which, I believe, this testimony took place the next day.

Criminal Trial

(Court Transcripts Volume 16 of 31 pgs. 37-40)

D.A. Oncken: And specifically, have you seen the movie entitled Scary Movie. And that would be the first one that came out?

Mary Doe: Yes I have.

D.A. Oncken: Okay. And do you recall if you saw that one at the movie theater or home rental?

Mary Doe: I recall, now, that it was at the movies.

D.A. Oncken: Okay. So, by and large, the four that I’ve asked you about, Scream 1, Scream 2, I Know What You Did Last Summer and Scary Movie the first one, you believe you watched those at the movie theater?

Mary Doe: I believe so.

D.A. Oncken: Okay. Now, I know this is difficult; but do you have any idea at what point in time you might’ve watched these, what year you might’ve watched these?

Mary Doe: I can’t recall.

D.A. Oncken: Okay. Now, let me ask you some questions about when you would go to the movie theater and watch these particular four movies that we’ve just described. Would your children always accompany you?

Mary Doe: Yes.

D.A. Oncken: Okay. Is going to the movies like something ya’ll usually do for entertainment?

Mary Doe: Yes. And we go skating. We go swimming. We go to the baseball games, basketball games.

D.A. Oncken: So, it’s just one of many things you do for entertainment?

Mary Doe: Yes.

D.A. Oncken: And when you take the children to the movie, could you describe to the members of the jury what your kids do during the movie. I mean, do they sit there the whole time and intently watch the film; or what do your kids do during the movie?

Mary Doe: They’ll watch it, and they’ll go buy popcorn. They’ll go to the rest room.

D.A. Oncken: And let me ask you specifically, when your daughter (Jane Doe) would go buy food or popcorn or go to the restroom, would you always go with her each time or would she go by herself or with other family negligence; or how would that work?

Mary Doe: Most of the time, with me or with family members. Sometimes she would go by herself to the rest room.

D.A. Oncken: And would ya’ll do this during the course of the film, the feature film?

Mary Doe: Yes.

D.A. Oncken: So, you wouldn’t do all the rest room, all the popcorn and drink and food-getting prior to the movie?

Mary Doe: No. Not at all the same time.

Chip: Objection, your Honor. This is leading.

Judge: Sustained.

D.A. Oncken: So, Miss (Doe), in regard to those four movies that I asked you about, do you recall whether or not there was any explicit language, any type of cuss words or foul language in those movies?

Mary Doe: Somewhat.

D.A. Oncken: And what do you do about your children listening to foul language that’s in movies?

Mary Doe: I just tell them, try not to hear it or see it: and my kids don’t know bad words. They don’t say bad words.

D.A. Oncken: They don’t use them?

Mary Doe: They never use them.

D.A. Oncken: What about your daughter, (Jane Doe)?

Mary Doe: Never.

D.A. Oncken: Certainly not to you?

Mary Doe: Exactly.

D.A. Oncken: Miss (Wrong last name) - - I’m sorry. Miss (Doe), in regard to those movies I have named, Scream 1, Scream 2, I Know What You Did Last Summer, Scary Movie the first one, what about anything that is explicit, sexually, in there?

Mary Doe: They always cover their face. I tell them, and they do it on their own, also.


It’s weird because this same D.A., same judge, court reporter, bailiff all know what Mary Doe said a day earlier, when the jury was out. But that was just a chance to get their shit straight. Then, once the jury’s in, they say whatever’s best to say.

            The theater story, which offered longer restroom breaks, longer food fetches and closer supervision as it applies to making sure the kids covered their eyes and ears, was the better option. It’s all made up as they go along; it has nothing to do with the truth, and the judge just sits there, knowing it’s all bullshit.

            So, that was the best they could do about the “problem”, that’s what the jury heard. They had no idea of everything that happened before this story became what was presented to them.

            And yes, they were allowed to watch “Scary Movie”, which, obviously, didn’t make much of a difference, but they were only allowed to see parts of the real movie that played in that courtroom.

            I’ll finish by reminding you that this was only a taste of how these people operated. For an innocent man to find himself in a prison cell, a lot of things have to go wrong, and a lot of wrong things have to go on. I’ll continue to show you the truth, using the official court transcripts, because it’s important to me that you know who I am, and who I’m not.


Anonymous said...

This spic aka wetback is never getting out. hes guilty and he knows hell die in there.carlos just give up your nvr getting out

Anonymous said...

He spoke about his demeanor in court incandesio.wat did i tell you i recall him being an idiot in court wat a fool..he should of acted right. such a shame this guy was the next big pun.i recall him sagging his pants amd acting likr a gangster in court.incandesio wat r u gonna do if u find out hes lying to u and hes really guilty? think about that. i saw this guy on tour for his time is money album..he fucked alot of hoes. some maybr underage..

Anonymous said...

your both ignorant and how do you "see" him fuck them, sounds like bullshit to me

Incandesio said...

Anon 11:30:
I appreciate the encouragement!

Anon 11:35:

Probably slap my forehead and say "D'OH!" really loudly.

Even if he was guilty, he should have had a fair trial; a trial where the primary purpose was to seek the truth. He didn't get that.

Anonymous said...

Wow harsh accusations.but i think spm is innocent therez too many holes in his accusations and trial. i mean he really eas set up badly. wast the judge up for reelection that day? & ive heard the lady who accused him is a jealous woman.incandesio did you ask carlos about lil bing? & how is he currently doing?

Anonymous said...

if i didnt read it i wouldve been the first to comment...oh well

never compare SPM to another rapper...big pun? are you serious...RIP but come on bro, SPM IS THE BEST RAPPER THAT EVER WILL LIVE cause...check the likes on Facebook, SPM gots like 100,000 more likes than Pun and is more relevant than almost all old school main stream rappers...and for being in the Pen 10 years and still making more likes than other Texas legends, AND never being on the radio...SPM done been who he is on his own..."sags his pants"?, and what? Mexicans invented sagging, Cantinflas did...Cantinflas died in 1993 and pasted the torch to SPM the same year he dropped Hillwood...now every body who sags is biting off us.


hiphop is for minorities, Mexicans are the biggest minority... Mexicans, not Cubans, not Salvadorians, not puerto ricans...straight Mexicans

we are the biggest population of hiphop, 50 million deep (including the "illegals" im estimating), SPM is the Mexican face of hiphop, so not only is he the best "latino" rapper, not only is he the best Mexican rapper.... he is the best rapper that ever lived..because hiphop is dead, "hiphop is pop now" like Ice T said in the "art of rap" documentary...

so SPM did achieve being the best rapper ever...

oh yeah, i thought they didnt let kids see rated R movies in the theaters...what the fuck!!...i remember they would only let us see pokemon movies when i was a kid...ms doe is a fucking lier!!!

this is 1992 generation speaking, we fucks with SPM for life, since i was 9 years old i already knew all SPM songs

Incandesio said...

Anon 12:19:

The lil Bing questions will be mailed with the post they were on, in the next couple of weeks.

Last I heard he was doing okay, and there's another 'Dear Family' letter coming up soon.

Chikanita713 said...

Spic aka wetback? Funny because he was born in Houston. Dumbass.

Anyways, Incandesio is exactly right even if he did do it he didn't have a fair trial which is still wrong. You hating ass hoes need a day job or something. You don't like SPM and you think he's guilty, but you spend your time reading his court transcripts. Putos, you all love this shit.

Anonymous said...

the first 2 comments are the words of idiots (or its prob the same person). SP never got a fair trial. All you have to do is read the court transcripts from this and the previous weeks to figure that out. SPM just gave us a sample of what went on, there is still a lot of shady crap that happened. Spm was himself even in court he prob smoked 2 joints before getting there,ha.Free SPM!!

Anonymous said...

oh and yeah i believe he's innocent, always did.

Anonymous said...

12:26 your a fucking idiot..like seriously erase your comment .you ignorant piece of shit pun was the best of all latins. hands down and im mexican.

Mr.Narro said...

Ok these two ppl on the very first comments dont be stuck up and act all holy and God and Christian cuz you ain't ...reading his transcript make sense, unlike you ppl just sit there and judge and criticize this fact!
What ever he done in his past it stays there why bring it up if it already happen way back then u tell me that? Cuz basically all yall do is judge! All I am saying Carlos just got screwed and the judge didn't know wtf he got him self into so it made it sound like the judge had something to do with all this since he was nervous and shaking.. although they should of known that (Jane Doe) had a "short term memory" and couldn't or know what happen in the movie ...basically they were brain washing her mind that why the whole trial was just plain dumb... That just my opinion if u don't like it oh well it is what it is.

Anonymous said...

Hey incandensio just write spm to tell the truth if he really did it or he didn't do it. If he didn't do it then I will believe him. I know its a dumb question but I need to read his own words about the truth.

Incandesio said...

Anon 1:59:

Then go back and read the letter; "...I didn't do this thing for one second or one thousandth of a second..."

Anonymous said...

What goes around comes around and the da judge soon they have to pay in something similar to what they done not beening fair guilty or incoccent you can't sentence 45 years with no evidence and all this b.s not gettin there.shit.straight weather or not they saw first 5 min or s.m.part 1 or s.m 2 come while the jury was not there to b.s Retrail Retrail free spm and for the record keep hating keep posting ur.comments u only making us stronger so thank u for making us so strong

beanieman said...

Lol! To all my fellow SPM fans, don't let these diarhea mouth close minded puppets who believe anything that the media and other people tell them without using their own mind and facts to form their own opinion, get you pissed off and force you into a keyboard war. Just read their comments and laugh at the stupid shit that comes out their mouths. One thing i learned from SPM is to not let haters suck you in. FUCK ALL HATERS!! FREE SPM!!!

Anonymous said...

1:11 you aint mexican cause a real mexican would never say that BS...how is Pun the best when there are only 4 million Puerto Ricans? there is 50 million Mexicans, so SPM the best regarless if they dont put us on mtv n bet, like SPM said "they try to make you feel that you dont belong, dont see your own kind on the shows thats on"...thats all it is bro, a stereotype, and people like you buy into it. I dont need BET to tell me who the best is. i hear it everyday in my hood, and thats SPM

Anonymous said...

12:06 continued...

50 million deep, we belong, and our opinion counts...i hear it everyday, young kids too say SPM is the best

Anonymous said...

Free the Mexican! Best rapper alive!ignore the haters they're just attention whores. Praying for your release,stay strong. Much love and respect.

martin (OCM) said...

alright first of all the first two comments really now, god people can be such idiots. To the second comment, weither he be guilty or not guilty any man or woman deserves a "fair" trial in this case SPM he got no where near a fair trial and that is easily shown by all the holes and all the stumbles that the DA and the judge had. Explain to me how a man can be convicted for 40 years and on the same charge in an attempt to take his money, he lost and got the 40s years, but got 0 dollars taken away because he won in the second court. ( incadesio and everyone else ik how its a retorical question targeted towards that idiot.) Now to the people argueing about who the best rapper or best latin rapper. I agree with the dude that says SPM is the greatest latin rapper, Pun couldnt step to him. Im mexican and not 1 sided towards this because SPM is mexican. I like Pun i like his music, but SPM is a lot better than him, the only reason people would disagree would be because SPM never went mainstream like Pun did with fat joe. That is the only reason people will really remember Pun because of the exposure he got with fat joe, not to take anything away from Pun he was great, but really a dude that goes mainstream with his rap compared to a guy that stayed true to himself, there is no competetion there SPM no doubt. I wont call SPM the greatest rapper because i believe if Tupac wouldnt have died he would have been to great to reach lyrically. I cannot call him the greatest TX rapper either i have him slightly below Pimp C R.I.P. but as a live rapper yes SPM is the greatest rapper ALIVE.

martin (OCM) said...

If anyone disagrees with my statment about SPM go and listen to REVENGE AND TELL ME THAT PUN IS LYRICALLY BETTER THAN SPM I DARE U.

ps. REVENGE is the song where SPM was writing and as soon as he finished it he stood up and SAID " NO ONE CAN FUCK WITH THIS" and no one can.

Anonymous said...

In court was the little girl call jane doe? or by her real name in court?

Anonymous said...

1:06 bro, im the same person that said that SPM is the best rapper...

you said Pac is the best but like i said hiphop is for minorities and Mexicans are the biggest minority, blacks are the second, thats a fact..so automatically SPM is the best rapper ever...plus SPM, with his new Albums, took hiphop to a whole nother level while Pac is just a "middle of the road rapper"...Pac might be the best black rapper ever, but SPM is the best rapper ever...

and to prove Pimp C isn't the best Texas rapper all i got to do is ask one question...who runs Texas? Mexicans...there you go, SPM is the best Texas rapper

Anonymous said...

^^^^^my bad i ment to say 1:03

DVD520 said...

Hey Incandensio can you ask spm if he is holding back a movie. Because I've seen this dudes video on youtube. He's called massamohawk just type that in and it will come up Its called SPM DVD trailer 2012. It says something in the bottom of the video that he is consulting with spm in jail thats why its the hold up. If you have time to read this can you write to spm about this.

Anonymous said...

Damn they had it out for SPM. What they did was fucked up. I just hope that justice is made and they free the mexican! LOS IS INNOCENT!

We all have our own opinions no one is right or wrong! Lets not compare one rapper to the other they all have their own history. SPM without a doubt is up there with the best. Personally I think SPM is the best. No other rapper alive drops hit after hit like he does. When he drops an album all the tracks become instant classics. The thing i respect the most is that he stays true to himself, never changed, always keeps it real fuck tv or the radio. They can't stop him, he's still wrecking from the pen, that shit is fucking crazy!!Who else is able to do that?!! Now days a lot of these rappers change their style up and its disappointing. SPM always talks about real life things, the struggles,stuff that really matters and in todays world not many rappers do that. Now days its all about money, cars, and clothes. its ok if u have a couple of songs that talk about money and all that but when u have an entire album talking about the same shit but in different words it becomes unbearable. Behind every SPM song there's a message, his music makes you think. So I'm just thankful that despite being behind bars he still provides us with good music. Mainstream rap is garbage and sadly underground music is changing. Theres only a few rappers that keep it real.

Anonymous said...

Mexicans invented the moon walk and sagging, we contributed alot to pop and hiphop...NYC invented rhyming over beats and we Mexicans invented sagging, half and half. so Mexicans with sagging and being the biggest population of hiphop, (hiphop is for minorities)we own a bigger part of hiphop than NYC...So that makes SPM undisputedly THE BEST RAPPER EVER, fuck what yall heard!!!

Anonymous said...

^^^these are rap facts....

martin (OCM) said...

3:59 bro your going on a statistic while it may be true, has completely nothing to do with rap other than mexicans and blacks rap. White people can to ( Eminem Yelowolf) While mexicans are the biggest minorities that doesnt prove that SPM is the greatest rapper. To state someone is better than someone else in hiphop you have to listen to their message and what they say within their raps, Tupac definetly had SPM beat in this not by much but yes he had SPM beat. Now to the TX thing again it comes down to lyrics and while SPM is lyrically better than Pimp C i like Pimp C's songs better. When any Pimp C song comes on i can bounce to that and go hard, while some of SPMs songs u cant ( the same can be told by Pimp C's songs but the newest songs from SPM are about him and his life and really darker and truer than his first songs.

Anonymous said...

im 3:59

well it could be more than 50 million because it is estimated that there are 12 million illegals but than again there could be 15 million some even estimate 20 million, so there could be 60 million Mexicans, who knows...and there really is no way to say who is the best rapper, but by going by these facts, SPM should atleast be a candidate and these facts narrow it down to few, Pac is the only one that comes to mind and hes a "middle of the road rapper".

and no whites cant be rappers. hiphop was created by minorities for minorities. rappers expose the corrupt system and stereotypes by showing the light on them (rapping about them)...and by rapping about them, that makes stereotypes weaker and us stronger, like SPM says...what the fuck do white people got to expose? nothing, they got it good. the only thing they can do is distract the minorities...

so there SPM is the best...

stop trying me, i eat, sleep, and breath hiphop and im telling you SPM is the best

Anonymous said...

Your a fucken idiot anybody who says spm is better than pun.big pun is hardcore and commercial.ask spm himself hell tell ya you fuckeb idiots.learn your shit im mexican abd i know. hip hop started in the bronx with puerto ricansand black. SPM will never i reapt nvr be close to big puun. nas,black thought,kool g rap & snoop dog & many more said that big pun is one of the best of all time. tupac biggie nas jay z big pun are the best of sll time.to the iduots that say spk is the best...please his lyrical content is weak...big pun lived and was hip hop he was praised by everybody nobody can touch pun.to the guy who said theres alot of mexicans here abd thats y hes thebest? son are u stupid wat kind of argument is that. big pun would murder spm.....

Anonymous said...

Southpark molester better than big pun? r u serious man you fucken mexicans are stupid foreal.big pun is hands down bttr. stupid spicks go make our country worse with ur stupitidy.the idiot talking about cantinflas sagging..? dude ur a pendejo. wtf is that foreal a shame to mexicans...boricuas aka big pun put all latins down u should sgow sum respect.

Chikanita713 said...

Are ya'll seriously comparing two rappers with two different styles. Big pun is mainstream, SPM is underground. That's like comparing fucking Wiz Khalifa to Z-ro, it doesn't make sense. This is about SPM, his innocence, and his case. Not about any other fucking rappers.

Anonymous said...

Chill niggas!!! Everyone is entitled to have their own opinion. You're not going to change what another person thinks.Not everyone is going to think SPM is the best or like his music but if u don't respect his grind somethings wrong with your ass. and for the ones hating get out of here maricones. Why do y'all love to hate on others??? Get on your grind if u invested the time u spent hating on others maybe you'll be someone in life. lets not forget the purpose of this website. FREE SPM!

Anonymous said...

And the only idiots are the ones that believe that their opinion is the right one. Peace!

Anonymous said...

Lil bing is better than spm.bing is the htown legend

Anonymous said...

Damn Yall sound like a bunch of females he's better no he's better. SPM and Bing are both legends but Bing got locked up at the time when he was going to go big. So it's a would've could've should've type of thing with him.what's up with all those negative comments? Its probably the same person trying to stir shit up. Its prob el baby boy de 40.. What's that niggas name? ha. This website is all SPM get out of here with all that other irrelevant talk. Se la laban se toman la agua. Asta luego raza. Liberen a Carlos!

Anonymous said...

Oh and Spm el mejor culeros. Go to another website that is about your favorite rapper. This is for the true SPM fans.

Anonymous said...

I tried to keep my cool but damn. U dont see me going to a big pun or any other rapper's website saying SPM is the best. That would make me a hoe? So who's the hoe? U da hoe. Asta luego mi gente Im gonna pop a pill and go to sleep.dont let a hater get to u... Well I should follow my own advice,haha. Its all good.

Anonymous said...

Did u guys check out the video on you tube spm 11 news is it new or old?

Anonymous said...

I think Carlos Coy is inocent for one really Im a mother if I'm going to take my children to a movie it's going to be apropreat especially if it's family time who takes their children to a movie where they have to clothes there eyes n ears and don't sit there n tell me they never cursed kids absorb everything they repeat everything they hear shit I curse a lot I'm strict they have repeated me I'm sorry you can't say ur an x thug n never cursed I call bs on that card every where you go these days ur kids are going to hear someone curse that bitch was lying through her teeth it's sad that she would use her daughter to black mail someone what kind of mother is she a mother is a protecter not a manipulated

Anonymous said...

Pun is a "middle of the road rapper"...nuff said

and they say hiphop was invented in NYC, which includes rhyming over beats and style (which is basically sagging)...but what im saying is Mexicans invented sagging, so we contributed to hiphop. if it wasnt for us they wouldve been some nerds. hiphop wouldnt have been no different than regular music. so the style helped hiphop differentiate, and made people look there way. if it wasnt for style hiphop, i think, wouldve never made it. so thank us Mexicans for taking hiphop this far...

and how is sagging a shame if the whole world does it now...you dont like the fact that Mexicans invented sagging, dont sag. thank us Mexicans

Anonymous said...

all the rappers that you mentioned, Pun, Pac, Nas, all sag, trying to be like Mexicans...if they didnt sag they wouldve been some nerds and no one would even listen to them...SPM is the only one that can sag, because hes Mexican and is being true to himself...you see now why SPM is the best??

and Mexicans are the biggest population of hiphop. we decide who the best rapper is, not BET.

Anonymous said...

Okay everybody that's talking about who is the best rapper is really ignorant!
People! The purpose of this blog is to see how wrong SPMs trial was!

Anonymous said...

SPM is still living and Pun is dead....SPM wins!!!!


Fuck that faggot Z-Ro fake ass nigga!!

Anonymous said...

Free SPM!! A true Living Legend!! Realist nigga in the game!Keep your head up Los. We're still jaming out to ur music.

Mr. topnotch said...

Yall foo's switchin lanes fuck who the best is... THts some bullshit.. how is the jury going to believe tht the family wuz all christian when they taking those poor kids to see those types of movies????

Incandesio said...

Mr. Topnotch:

That's a good point; if Mary Doe was telling the truth about seeing it in the theater and lying about seeing it at home, it would have to have been in 2000 when the film was first released. That means she dragged her six or seven year old daughter along to watch an R rated movie...

Anonymous said...

Incandesio , in your opinion . When do you think SPM will be out in the free ?
Free that boy LOS ! Much love from the Mesa city , staight from AZ . ( im tryna spread this website from left to right )
- SEP , TKA -

Anonymous said...

Incandesio are you typing a Dear family letter tomorrow night?

Anonymous said...

Is spm close to getting a retrial? Are his chances of being released greater than a couple of years ago? Free SPM!

Anonymous said...

Real talk ^

Anonymous said...

WTF dis blog about SPM case not whos the best Mexican rapper.

igtx said...

In addition to the 2 previous questions I asked. Did SPM or dopehouse records get any lawsuits for the 2 albums he released while being locked up?

Incandesio said...


I can't find your previous questions; did you post them under igtx, or as anonymous?

I do not believe SPM or Dopehouse can be sued for the albums released while he was in prison; as long as he's not making money off of the specific crime he was imprisoned for, the Son of Sam laws would not affect him.

Incandesio said...

Anon 12:28:

The next post will be letter to Pt Lykos, and the one after that will be SPM's 'Dear Family' letter.

Incandesio said...

Anon 1:33 & 12:35

That's a tough question to answer. I don't want to impose a time limit on myself by thinking "I only have to fight for x amount of years and then SPM will be free."

It could be ten more years, it could be two more days. I just don't know.

I do believe that the more the truth spreads, the more people think of Carlos Coy as "that guy that got fucked over", rather than "that guy that got convicted", the closer he gets to a new trial.

igtx said...

Thanks for the response. My bad should've made myself clear. Had also asked both question at 12:35

Incandesio said...


I know which video you're talking about and I asked SPM about it awhile ago, but he never mentioned it; you might have to contact someone at Dope House about that.

Anonymous said...

wtf does saggin have to do with anything? that shit is stupid and pathetic. I live in Mexico and when some fools from the u.s came down here saggin and tryin to act hard they got they ass whooped quick.

Free Spm! He should rap more in spanish

Julio said...

Free spm.. i do believe dat hes inocent.. And i also believe that hes the king of rap.. and always will cus hes da realest in the game.. Dope house for life..

Julio said...

Free spm.. and remember the moro you hate the stronger we get.. Keep ur head up los...

Anonymous said...

i seen people sag in Mexico, wear baggy cloths, and big shirts...what are you talking about bro? how is it "stupid and pathetic"? you think your better than people that dont dress "proper". your stupid and pathetic and shouldn't be recommending nothing to no one...

Anonymous said...

Do you belive that Fikero had to do anything about the set up becaude in the Filero video where he disses dipe house , he mentions " you forgave me , bu I payed for the hitlist " maybe he got everything going . Suggesting the Doe family that they can get major money ? Or is it just me that thinks this ?

Anonymous said...

^i think ure looking too much into it.

Incandesio said...

Anon 6:11:

I don't see any evidence of that, and I wouldn't want to even hint at it unless I believed there was some basis for it.

Anonymous said...

How can we help Carlos Coy get out of prison ? Can ee hold up signs saying " free spm , spmaftermath.com " ? Cuss yo , im ready for war with da media . Sp dont deserve this !! Fox news here we come hoes !!

Anonymous said...

^ Damn real talk!!!!! I'm with you all the way. SPM does not deserve this crap. Lets show our love and support to the realist nigga in the game. SPM always shows love to his fans and still giving us great music so the least we can do is try. We have to show SP that he's not alone.FREE South Park Mexican!!!!!

Anonymous said...

to 9:25, yea i think sagging is stupid and pathetic and if you sag could you explain to me what the purpose of it is, does it make you feel cool? do u feel like a gangsta?
and i dont think im better than anyone, just my opinion FREE SPM!

Anonymous said...

to 7:10

i guess everyone should dress one way than..in suits and ties right...why must everyone dress the same way or an ideal fashion?

your probably scared thats why you stereotype people who sag and this makes you feel superior than them. just like Mexicans get stereotyped thats why everyone is scared of Mexicans like SPM says...but the Mexican got nothing but love

Anonymous said...

to 10:13 im not saying dress in fukin suits and ties, im saying sagging is one of those fukin little things that add up and have a negative impact on someones life, one example is SPM, who the fuck would go to a court saggin, would you? I know SPM sagged when he was free but im sure he wouldnt sag anymore just like hes against weed now

edward sanchez said...

Dey jst hating on spm it all sounded lyk sum bullshit lies he ain't in it for tha money or fam he spoke bout it in he's songs all they want is tha money free Carlos Coy aka South Park Mexican . N fuck tha law .

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

He will get out soon , so shut the fuck up

NuevoMexico505 said...

From one spik, mojo, wetback, latino, beaner, to another keep your head up los the truth will come out.

Anonymous said...

Seriously sagging is gay. That crap was invented in the pen. When they sagged their pants that meant they were up for getting butt fucked. So stop saying mexicans invented that shit cause really it only puts us mexicans down! Also the point here is free SPM. It is obvious that the Judge and the District Attorneys orchestrated the whole thing to convict him of something he is not guilty for. Fuck this corrupt ass system all they want is money. They don't care if they ruin someone's life they just care about getting paid.

Anonymous said...

Sagging is stupid and pathetic it's really kind of gross. It looks like they took a shit in their pants! So go on and try to defend that airhead.

Anonymous said...

Your country? Nigga this is no mans land. This ain't yo country bitch. Stop fighting for what doesn't belong to you. Now you show some respect for a change dissing mexicans shows how ignorant and low class of an ass you are. We all came from dirt and to that nature we shall all return.