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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Weekend Reading 36

Lazy Menace steps up once more in our fight to spread information about this case. This is a great way to spread the blog and it's purpose in short form. Please, post it up on any social media sites you use; it will allow people to see what we're doing here at a glance, and direct them to the blog.

The next piece of SPM's letter will be up next Thursday, and I want to make sure that his words about the case get the publicity they need.

You can copy and paste the one above, or download the full-size image HERE. You can find it on Tumblr, and on Facebook. If you post SPM's music on Youtube, consider flashing this for a few seconds at the beginning or end of your video. Please, help us reach out by spreading this image.

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Anonymous said...

Free sp, always been a fan & always will. This is a great great way to show the real truth!