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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Letter to Pat Lykos 22

If you’re here because you got a card at Urbanfest, welcome! Thanks for your interest in Carlos Coy’s case.

Here’s my first letter of the month to D.A. Pat Lykos. As you can see, I’m trying to bring what we’ve learned from Coy’s June letter to her attention. Please feel free to print this out, write your own, or just download the flyers on the sidebar to your right and send it to the address below.

District Attorney Patricia Lykos
1201 Franklin St
Houston, Tx


I'm writing today about the case of Carlos Coy, #908426.

As you may be aware, a district judge in Shelby County recommended overturning the trial of Mr. Kenneth Boyd based on “a pattern of prosecutorial misconduct.” We recently learned about a similar instance in the case of Carlos Coy, centering on whether or not the young accuser in his case had seen a particularly graphic horror movie.

Although she made it apparent early on that she had seen the whole movie, Judge Ellis seems to have allowed the prosecution several opportunities to adjust the girl's testimony. When the judge could no longer ignore her insistence that she had seen the whole thing, he allowed the child's mother to testify twice, once out of the presence of the jury and once in front of them, and she swore to two different versions of how and where the movies were seen.

Ma'am, I do not believe this was a good example of the Harris County D.A.’s office seeking justice. You can see for yourself in volumes 14-16 of the trial transcripts. Every time an innocent man walks free, the public becomes more aware of the way these trials are conducted. I urge you again to take a look at Coy vs. Texas, and imagine how it looks to those of us who have no legal background, who have until recently simply trusted that the Justice System desires justice.

Was this the only time prosecutors were allowed time to ‘tweak’ the child’s testimony? Was it the only time the judge allowed testimony that was almost the polar opposite of what had been offered when the jury was not present? Unfortunately, I do not have access to the full court transcript, and everything that was used for the investigation and to build the case against Coy is hidden behind the Family Code. You have access to this. Please, take a look; was justice done?

Me, My address, blah blah blah.


Anonymous said...

Hey incandesio does Lykos even write back to any of your letters?

Incandesio said...

Nope: I've gotten responses from the first assistant DA and the head of the Post-Conviction Review Unit, though.

Anonymous said...

And what do they tell you?

Incandesio said...



In all honesty, I don't need a written reply from Pat Lykos. My purpose is to let her know that there are still people out here that care about Coy's case, and want to see him get a new trial.

That's accomplished simply by sending the letters. Once we get to a point where enough of this case has been exposed, when it becomes common knowledge that his first trial was a miscarriage of justice, that's when I expect to see action in the D.A.'s office. When the public outcry becomes too loud to ignore, they'll fix it. Until then, I'll keep writing.

Anonymous said...

Then all the real SPM fans should choose a day to go out protest or do something to catch the public's attention. If I lived in Texas I would but I'm in Florida. Maybe spread the word on here, Facebook n twitter n arrange a day to go infront of the court house n catch there attention but it has to be calmly no violence cause then there gna take it bad n against Carlos in court

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Are u posting a dear family letter tomorrow?

Incandesio said...

Yes I am, and thank you for your patience!

Anonymous said...

No problem!

Anonymous said...

Do you have any recent pics of Carlos and if you do can u put them on here