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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Letter to Pat Lykos 23

Middle of the month, time for another letter to Pat Lykos; if you want to know what you can do to help, please print this out, put your name on the bottom and send it off!

District Attorney Patricia Lykos
1201 Franklin St
Houston, TX

I’m writing today about the case of Carlos Coy, #908426.
I recently read an article by the Washington Post that stated the FBI was reviewing thousands of criminal conviction that may have resulted in wrongful convictions based on flawed forensic evidence.

In this era of shows like ‘CSI’, the public tends to assume that in a case where there is any physical evidence, an absolute determination of guilt or innocence is simply a matter of putting DNA into a machine and then reading the print-out.

The federal government has vast and seemingly un-ending resources to use when it comes to determining guilt, but in these cases they chose to rely on questionable methods. Now they have to go back and see how many citizens they have wrongfully deprived of liberty.

How much more likely is it for the wrong conclusion to be reached in a case in which there is no physical evidence at all? If the government will knowingly misrepresent solid physical evidence, how much easier would it be to create an appearance of guilt in the minds of a jury when none exists in reality?

As we know from previous Texas exonerations, it happens. I believe that’s why Carlos Coy is imprisoned today and I urge you once more to look into his case; he has wide-ranging support from people like myself. We want very much to understand how a man could be convicted of such a terrible crime with nothing more than the inconsistent testimony of a young child who may have been manipulated by agents of the state, medical professionals, or her own parents.

Please, give us justice.

Me, my address, blah blah blah.


Anonymous said...

Can I print 50 and send them off

Anonymous said...

^thats what i want to know??

Anonymous said...

^thats what i want to know??

Incandesio said...

You can if you want; I don't know how much more effective it will be, but maybe it couldn't hurt anything.