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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Seeking Solutions

Grits for Breakfast has a link to an amazing series up at the Texas Tribune; made by Brandi Grissom, Ryan Murphy and Justin Dehn, it outlines a few recent and high-profile exonerations, talks about how it happened and what is being done and what could be done to prevent wrongful convictions in the future.

There are four articles and a video, which you can see here.

There’s the story of Michael Morton, and his son Eric; there’s an interview with Anthony Graves, Kerry Max Cook, and Dallas D.A. Craig Watkins who has been actively seeking out cases that sent innocent men to prison.

This is where Texas is, right now. The Kill-Someone-And-We-Will-Kill-You-Back state is just now coming to grips with the fact that its prisons may be housing innocent men. How can this culture of conviction at all costs be squared with Texan’s fiercely independent, liberty-loving history?
Please, take a moment to read these articles, watch the video, and then take a look at this page.

Look at the faces displayed there; it does not matter what color your skin is; what your age is, your sex, your criminal history or financial backround. If the state of Texas wants you in chains, they will get you.

They win because they have unlimited resources, they have the police on their side. The State pays the judges, the prosecutors, the experts. If they decide you’re going down, then that’s what will happen because we have refused to call them out on it.

Don’t let this continue. Stand up. Demand that the state of Texas explain the bewildering conviction of Carlos Coy, one acheived without evidence, without convincing proof, without reason.


DVD520 said...

Is it possible for coy to get exonerated in atleast a year or two, or how would coy get those people to help him out? I mean their helpng innocent people get out of jail. Hey incandensio I have a question for carlos if you wouldn't mind asking him. How much money did he make all those years in the rap game when he was a free man like an estimate? Just curious.

Incandesio said...

Unfortunately, I can't give you a time frame. It could be a week, it could be another ten or twenty years. But seeing people publicizing the sorry state of the criminal justice system encourages me because it means that the public is becoming more aware of the reality of false convictions.

That will make the way to a re-trial a little smoother, if Coy doesn't have to fight against the belief that wrongful convictions never happen.

Anonymous said...

On the gold toes video he said he made 300-400,000a month and radio still dont play him

Anonymous said...

fuck texas is a racist ass state...its only because we mexicans in it...fuck im down incandesio, what do i do???

Anonymous said...

SPM is the G.O.A.T. next to tupac, What can I do to help out? I'm from the 303 CO.

Incandesio said...

Anon 6:09, 3:22:

At the moment, just help get the truth out there! Let people who might be interested know that they can read about the case in Coy's own words at this blog.

Write letters to the Harris County D.A.; Let her know that we're here, and we're not going away.

In the future, Dope House might need help from the fans with album releases, and there may be more specific actions you can take.

Anonymous said...

Spm is a don. I look up to him. _Ese cub_. The Harris county commission should release the wrongfully convicted Carlos coy. His songs keep me on my grind. He should be realeased.