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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Dear Family (Part 7)

                                                                                                                        July 25th, 2012

Yo Fam,

            This letter was going to be a “Quick Update” but since I put a Cold 40 at the end, I’m making it a “Family” letter. I don’t want to put Cold Forties in different places, inconsistently.

            Alright, Incandesio sent me a letter, and she also included some comments. You guys are wild for real! There was a big debate on who the best rapper was, and a lot of people participated. There was even a hater in the house saying a few unkind things about me, and one person told him that he only made us stronger. That’s true. I know it’s not easy when these people insult me, or you, but haters are necessary for our movement. Even though their mouths are no different than a hog’s asshole, we can use them to stay focused. They’re the whole reason I decided to start this process of showing you the facts of my case, and they motivate me more than you know. Do I wish they would disappear? Not really. Even though they got me twisted, they strengthen me, so I’m thankful for them. I encourage you guys to use those kind of people as fuel to work harder, and accomplish more. That’s what I do, and I’ve been getting hated on since birth, practically.

            Now, let’s get to this subject of who the best rapper is. Well, for some people it may be me, because they feel my pain, my joy, my sense of humor, my life. For others, it may be Drake, or Weezy, or Em, or even Snoop. Ya see, the best rapper is who you can feel the most. And since everybody’s life differs, their choices of music will differ. But you’ve also got to consider skill; stuff like rhyming capacity, witty story-telling, ability to connect with listeners. Tupac was great at touching people’s emotions because he spoke so vividly of the struggle. He made a lot of people say, “That’s me! I went through that!” It was just one of his many gifts.

            Eminem also touches emotions but his rhyming ability is fucking Einstein shit. If I had some lyrics of his, I’d show you rhymes that you never knew were there. And you’d be, like, “Damn, this dude is remarkable!”

            Weezy is brilliant with metaphors and rhyming, alike. The thing about a lot of his material is it focuses on commercial appeal. But that’s why he’s the most successful rapper in the world, and has been for a while.

            Jay-z is another lyrical genius. He’s like Babe Ruth, he might not hit a homerun everytime, but when he steps to the plate, he’s as dangerous as they get.

            I’ll tell you another monster, and that’s K-Rino. That man will give you much more than what your dollars and cents could ever give to him. He’s a giant.

            One person mentioned how great Big Pun was, and I whole heartedly agree. He was a masterful lyricist, and funny, too. Big Pun’s music is the shit, and let me tell you something about Fat Joe: That dude is the realest rap artist I’ve met. He made my visits to New York so awesome that I didn’t want to leave. I love Fat Joe, and he’s no punk on that mike, either.

            There’s another artist, who happens to be extremely good-looking, who I’m sure Eva Longoria, Eva Mendez, and Even Ya-Mama dream about late at night. That would be me, and guess what? If you ask me who the best rapper is, I’ll be honest and say I am. Why? Because my music reflects my life, my thoughts, on beats that I love. So, of course, it’s what moves me the most. At the same time I’m nice with multi-syllable rhymes, with story-telling skills, with metaphors, and even humor, (at least what I think is humorous.) Some may disagree. They may say, “Nah, so ‘n’ so is better.” And that’s true for them. But if I could listen to any CD right now, I would pick one of my own. That shit is like medicine to my soul. I’m not sure which album I’d pick, but I’m leaning towards “Reveille Park.” We had a lot of fun doing that one.

            You know, that reminds me of something I read in your comments a while back. This is off the subject, but a person wrote that Reveille Park and South Park were two different areas, so which was I really from? I found that quite rude!

            The answer is that I moved to South Park (from the Southeast Side) in the 7th grade. My mom stumbled on a deal to buy a small trailer park in a neighborhood called Hillwood. I don’t think she knew that I’d be the only Mexican dude in my entire school (Woodson Middle School), but that was the case. I was also the only Mexican in my entire High School (Worthing), but everybody knew me by then. My name came from a joke that was said in middle school. A kid asked me my name and I said “Carlos.” He said, “We’ll just call you Mexican since you the only one we got.”

            Then another kid said, “Yeah, he the South Park Mexican!” And everybody laughed like it was the funniest thing on earth. I guess it is kind of funny when you think about it. You’ll get to read all about this in the book I’m writing. Now, back to the subject.

            There’s many greats in this thing called “rap.” You got Biggy, Scarface, Keke, Bash, Pat, Bing, Pimp, Grimm, Nas, Ro, Kanye, Andre, T.I., Luda and on and on. I could literally write dozens of pages of names from the Bay Area, to Southern Cali, to the NY burroughs, to the whole Dirty Third.

            Then you got groups like NWA, Mobb Deep, The Fugies, Bone Thugs, Wu-Tang, Geto Boys, Black Monks, Street Military, South Park Coalition, The Most Hated, Dogg Pound. When great minds come together, it becomes more powerful that what any one man can do.

            I could go further back to Dana Dane, Slick Rick, MC Breeze, Naughty By Nature, LL Cool J, Chub Rock, Run DMC, Beastie Boys. All these guys were the best during different times, and there’s many more, and many more to come.

            So, yeah, I thank you if you think I’m the best, but there’s too many lifestyles, too many rap styles to say our opinion means more than someone elses. And don’t let me forget about Lecrae, a rap artist who happens to be a Christian. I can tell you one thing: There’s a million lies about life, and only one truth; that’s God’s truth. So, if you want to talk about the realest rapper on earth, you should be looking at the ones who are delivering the truth.

            A lot of people just want something to dance to. I can tell you now that I’m not your best choice. I don’t make music for clubs or radio stations. Honestly, people who love the fuck out of my music, are usually those who can relate to all the pain I’ve been through. But not everybody has lived a hard life. Is it their fault they can’t feel my music? Of course not. You can’t make someone like the music you like. There’s all types of walks of life, and that’s why there’s all types of music. Nobody’s right or wrong when it comes to who is the best. We all have our own favorites, and that’s the beauty of life.

            I might think ketchup is nasty, but you might think it’s delicious. Is one of us lying? No, what’s true for you and what’s true for me can be two different things. It’s great to debate stuff, but at the same time, respect people’s differences. There’s no need to get sore when someone doesn’t share your taste.

            Now, with your permission, I’ll get to the Cold 40, but let me explain something. I’ve got a homeboy over here (lol!) named Miglo, who be trying to challenge me. He sends me his flows on paper, and I respond. I saved his flows and the rough drafts of my responses because I thought you might like to see how I destroy him. So here’s one of our bloody rounds, and trust me, it wasn’t my blood. Don’t get the wrong idea, though. Miglo is a good friend of mine. We’re just joking with each other. Still, his flows need more help than a blind man on a hunting trip. Also, keep in mind that he doesn’t seem to understand the four beats per bar that keep the delivery on time. His lines are not on a beat, (at least I couldn’t figure out an structure.) I’ll start with Miglo’s, um, attempt, and then mine will follow. I’ll spell everything exactly how he did, which, I’m sure, will motivate you youngsters to stay in school.

Title: "Give It Up Carlos"

Yo! Fat nigga! Give up rap and become my oblation

cuz wreckin your career is my only temptation

I can feel the lust better than self masturbation

close your eyes trick and have that imagination

cuz going to war with me is like war with the nation

I'm bombing first "Bombma Nation"

smashin you until I reach my fuckin destination

that's the only direction my lyrics poisonin

your veins my "pen" is da lethal injection

watch out Carlos your car's on the wrong intersection

"give it up" is your only coffection

Before I eat your career like a fuckin infection

yo! Los your still claimin that you got the title

But your new shit ain't hood! must be packin da Bible

I'm fuckin street approve nigga! I'm packin for survival

But anyways your spittin cartoon raps, is this a battle

let me take initiative to spank u with da paddle

you're no cobra, your a fuckin snake playin with your rattle

You got old dreams, I'm the new king of all castles

na! your not a fuckin hasle

But nigga exhale that crack smoke

shoulda stuck with Mary, da motha of da Mexican smoke

But now your like George Lopez a fuckin Mexican joke

Puff Puff, pass you know the ropes

Don't make me tie it to you thrick until you choke

(Don't trip) my brain is just Cloudy chee, chee chong

your fat ass up in smoke!
Lol! I told you it was terrible, but that's my nigga. Bless his heart, at least he tries. I normally wouldn't respond to something this wack, but smashin Miglo has gotten to be fun. Here's how I responded to this one.

"Crack Town"
(Another Cold 40)

Wreckin you is easy, nigga, I don't even think long

you pushed the doorbell, now you get the ding dong

put you in a pink thong, dancin to a Pink song

people like, "Hey motherfucker put your jeans on!"

steppin to the king, What'cha do, nigga, sniff a line?

it ain't been a minute and it's already Miller Time

so fuckin clear who the mothafuckin champion is

beat yo ass blacka than the nipples was on Janet's tits

snap ya ribs, crack ya hips, now you rap in bandages

took you to an Asian doc, "Two spoon-o-panda piss!"

Why would you battle this crack I spit, savage shit?

knowing you are softer than the fur around a camel's lip

send you to the demons if you eva try to try again

got enough bullets for a party so invite a friend

nigga I'm a grizzly bear, walkin round a rabbit farm

let me shake ya hand, now you screamin, "I don't have an arm!"

How you gon' be on Facebook if you ain't got a face?

still I'm gon' slap you like you broke my enchilada plates

thinkin it was worth a shot, homie get a circus job

"Come see the man with no nuts! Like the Kermit frog!"

honestly, hold the noise, losin is your only choice

fucked you like you on a bus with the Los Lonely Boys

trapped in the last cabin, screamin, "you fat bastards!"

Now I know what you meant when you called'em "back stabbers"

then ya called Houston cops: "Sir, you been through a lot,

but, wearin g-strings will always get your boody got.

Think about it, true or not? Still, Sir, it's good to talk.

Tell me what happened next." I don't know! They wouldn't stop!

then ya heard the other cops laughin in the background

One said, "Do a movie on it, call it 'Crack Town'!"

so ya just threw the phone, landed in ya neighbor's pool

anytime you step to me, son, you gon' play the fool

Welcome to my School of Rap--"Why was I suspended, man?!!"

cause ya can't flow, why the fuck do you pretend ya can?

Look how I demolish you, chop you into fish bait

make ya ass pay like a mothafuckin rich date

maybe you just want some help, wishin I would give advice

Nope, I just send ya home like the fuckin kid with lice

but ya came back so I'm questionin ya mental health

"Will I ever win?!!" not unless you bet against yaself....haha!

Leave it alone, baby boy.
I'm too cold.

P.S. Family, believe it or
not, he was insane enough to
try again. I'll show you how
I chopped'im up even worse on my
next letter.

P.S. II My flow was not meant to
disrespect Los Lonely Boys in any
way. I'm a huge fan of theirs,
and from what I understand, they
love our music, too. I was just joking
with Miglo's ass, literally.

P.S. III I can't believe this, but "oblation"
is a real word! I just know he meant to spell
"obligation," though.


Almazan187 said...

Yo Carlos is it cool if I battle you also?

Justin Hernandez said...

Hey Carlos I Got A Question If You Didn't Go To Jail Do You Think you Would Be The Most Famous Rapper Where Wayne Is At? Much Love Bro Stay Safe.

Anonymous said...

Hey carlos have you battle rap everyone in dope house?
Hey at least miglo tried lol

Anonymous said...

Stay strong pa!! Was nice hearing from u!! Having a lil competition lol.. But TO ME NO ONE WILL GET ON UR LEVEL!! SPM asta la muerte

Anonymous said...

yo im fuckin speechless...SPM is right on point

Anonymous said...

we all have our own opinion, but SPM you're the best,haha. Damn, try going easier on Miglo next time, you crushed him. Lets give Miglo some credit he tried. Shit if he dropped an album I rather listen to his tracks then the fake, flashy, and unoriginal shit that they play on the radio ( ex wayne,drake). STay strong! FREE LOS!!

DVD520 said...

Damn this made my DAY FREE S.P.M, PEACE....

mauricio said...

no doubt spm is one hell of a rapper. but theres no comparison to da one and only, 2pac, hands down. dont take it wrong tho everyone. this is my opinion. lik spm said, ppl hav different taste in "hip-hop/rap".just wanted to point dat out. change of subject, reveille park is a good album but i wud go strait to never change album. favorite track, i must be high. anyone heard of a$ap rocky. his musik is sik nd he is influenced by houston but hes actually from harlem. he really has dat houston flow nd i believe he could kill wit spm on a track. wat about kirko bangz. idk how big he is in houston but i also think he wud mak a great colab wit spm. spm is on my top rappers nd i cant wait to get my hands on S.O.N album. now i kno how he got south park mexican, dats one thing i always asked myself.

Anonymous said...

im not going to lie but I think Miglo won this round... sorry I lied. SPM you tha best.

All of SP's albums are great, the songs never get old. Reveille Park is dope, but one of my personal favorites has to be Never Change. Mexican Radio was one of the first SPM songs i heard, played it over and over. To this day Bloody War is the coldest track i have ever listened to. I wonder if it was dedicated to a specific person. If it was, i feel sorry for the mother fucker. FREE SOUTH PARK MEXICAN!

Ramon Rincon said...

true ur songs never get old my brother in law be like u dont get tired of listening to the same spm songs over and over again i be like nah u cant get tired of real music

Anonymous said...

K-Rino is indeed a lyrical monster. I dont know if youve had a chance to listen to his recent stuff, its on some other galaxy type of level... so i got a question, do you have a way to stay updated with new music from prison or was that all based on memories from when you were free?

Ps. That battle with miglo was entertaining and his attempt was amusing.

beanieman said...

Very true what Los says about music. One dudes name i gotta throw out there as a great rapper is Coast. Hope to hear SPM do more music with him. FREE SPM!!!

Anonymous said...

Coast is a beast, he is one of the best!

Anonymous said...

I agree Lecrea is spittin the truth and with his mixtape church clothes he wrecked all the rap artist. Spm and Lecrea collabo will be tight. Hes from Htown so Arthur Coy , make it happen. Free SPM !!!!! Yo SPM , you too spit that crazy shit like on the streets on beats remix that was on Latin throne and on that song the dismissal with twin berretas you had and also on the intro of the lonestar ridaz cd you did with happy p which he wrecked too .and I can go on and I agree with whos the best and I can relate to your music like I do with 2pac , Scarface ,RIP Pimp c , BUN B , and all those artist that yo wrote about I cant say too much about Run Dmc and all those others old rappers you named HA pero for me you the purest Latino , Mexican , American mc chuchhhhhhh keep your head up dont get fed up homie. And grub on some pancakes with peanut butter for me and a good spread homie and pour up a pretty , them boys dont know about that. 'My boy just got out did a flat ten and he just cant stop talking about that pen, my best friend but time destroys all men now he dont give a fuck about going it again' FREE SPM

alan contreras said...

Your music crosses seas like Christopher Colon Colombus !! Im from Houstone born and raised and I moved to Massachusetts and I put alot of these boys on your music and on the screwed and chopped music. Im Salvadoreno Americano , grew up on them crazy streets of Southwest Htown in Sharpstown and say I remember my boy let me used your Hillwood tape it was a white tape it had the highside and the fryside print on it this was in 96 and I felt your music and it was a plus cause you were the same color as I was cuase at that time there wasnt no solo, Hispanic artist in Houston who was spitting like you. Grimm was nice and also Aggravated with pakin a gat and the accept cd was a classic and Yo, hillwood is a classic aswell and it was your first tape, anyways maan then you went MIA for 2 years then came Hustle Town which you killed that Cd I stayed bumping in all the cars I had yea stolen whips or dopefien rentals at 16 putting in work jamming yo shit then came Power Moves nombre another classic and I can go on. I also put my primo on your music and he went to Japan for the summer and he put them japanese on your music he told me he was at the tattoo parlor and he put the Time is Money album and forget about it them boys were hooked like you said on that flow you had, your music crosses seas like Cristobal Colon peace out homie , I know how it is in TDC and in seg , closed custody , and medium custody but GP is lovely I remember me and my boys from Htowne had a vote if you touched down if you were gonna get touched some fools hated pero the majority rules so you good with all of us shout out to all them Htowne City Boys.

Anonymous said...

Yo Los wen your new album come out an dat shit was bomb ass fuk hahaha

Jair C. said...

sup SP, this is the dude that asked where you where from. listen man, i didnt meant to be disrespectful or question you "hood".
i dont remember the comment i wrote very well but it was something like " i want to know where SPM is from because i hear him claim, reveille park, hillwood and south park and as far as i know they are different hoods", now as you can probably tell im not from texas, im from the country ass, redneck ass streets of Hendersonville, North Carolina (fuck the tarheels by the way, ITS NOTHING BUT DUKE SON!! sorry got off topic, but i seen a pic of you wearing a tarheels shirt! lol!) so im not familiar with the hoods or barrios in texas. all i wanted was a little clarity since that comment came about a video on youtube about somebody saying that you never lived in south park or some shit like that. but to tell you the truth i dont give a rats ass where you from because i can relate to you a lot and your music and letters have helped me out a lot. even if you were black or white or an asian jew i would still bump the fuck out your music because you are the truth.
BUT YOU BEING THE SOUTH PARK MEXICAN AND ME BEING MEXICAN I GOT TO BACK MY PEOPLE UP, feel me. i dont really know why i asked, maybe after reading some of fileros comments and watching the video on youtube i felt like i needed to know what you "claimed" but it dont mean shit to me, what means a lot to me is the advice that you give us on each and every line you spit or write and i want to thank you for that. i dont know if my explanation makes sense or if its confusing but ive been out of school for so long that sometimes i lose people with my long ass writings. anyways man i want to let you know that i dont consider myself a fan of pretty much anything but i am A FAN OF THE SOUTH PARK MEXICAN and if i came on as a rude dude that didnt know what the fuck he was talking about, thats because i was and i didnt. either way man i hope my comment finds you in great health and i hope you write back with an answer. till then FREE THE GODDAMN WET BACK !!!


Anonymous said...

FREE SPM ! & quick question How or to what adress can I write him a letter ?

Incandesio said...

Here's his address:

Carlos Coy
James V. Allred Unit
2101 FM 369 N.
Iowa Park, TX

BB said...

Today marks the date of the long expected release of South Park Mexican's new album "Son of Norma". When will the album actually be release. I'm expecting in 2-3 months. Hopefully it is less not sure how long universal has had the album. :(

Anonymous said...


shit fuck it bro, it just give us more time to promote it in the streets, from person to person like the old times...make it word around town!!! FREE SPM, AND BUY CHINGOS OF COPIES OF THE SON OF NORMA...HIS MUSIC IS WORTH MORE THAN 10-15 BUCKS...I BEEN WAITING TO HEAR SPM FOR ALONG TIME THAT I'LL FEEL LIKE IM RIPPING HIM OFF GIVING HIM 10-15 BUCKS FOR HIS PRICELESS MESSAGE, THATS WHY IMMA BUYS A SHIT LOAD OF COPIES

Julio said...


ELchapoGUZMAN82 said...


Anonymous said...

"if a nigga wanna step to this, ill twist his mothafuckin neck like the exorcist"

Free SPM

Anonymous said...

Hey Los, how bout a few rhymes in spanish for your "wetback" fans. And i mean actual "wetbacks" like me who came to houston when i was 3 and now im strugglin more to find a job than my cusin who just got out of the pen.

Anonymous said...

SPM jus stoppin by to let ya knw we still jammin Never change in Tha DFW, Funky town Texas, i knw alot of niggas switched up on you cause your case nd shit, niggas dnt even really knw what happen but fuck it them female traits real niggas dnt change bro forreal. All these pussy ass niggas wanna say fuck SPM he a child molester, and its tha same motherfuckers that know all yo songs line for line bro, ya feel me?? fuck it though haha 817 got yo back, Murda Worth Tx got yo back cuhh! id like to ask a question too hopefully you reading this, but on the movie, "The dirty 3rd" you were in it, have you ever though about making a movie of your life? trials an tribulations? if you reading this smile bro, God gotcha

Anonymous said...

The true fans are always going to stick with u SP. The ones that talk down while ure locked up are the same ppl that were hating on u from the get go. when ur new album drops many fans are going to buy a copy and once again youll be on the chart. Don't ever forget that there's a bunch of us that love and support u. Free SPM! Stay strong brother!

Anonymous said...

Yo SP Mex Keep It Real Like You Always Do And I Hope You Come Out With More Knowledge Like Pimp C(R.I.P.), Deuces

Anonymous said...

im interested in what you said about eminem's rhymes, could you please get some lyrics and show us what you mean? I like your songs because i always find something new in them.

Anonymous said...

^ um as we all already know SP is locked up, so most likely he can't get any of em's lyrics. FREE THE MEXICAN!

Anonymous said...

Check it out guys, SPM being interviewed by Bun B back in the day. SPM talks a bit about the rap game.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z_RVmL1QeJY

Anonymous said...

Yo SPM Much Love From Dat Screwed Up Texas, Screwston, SouthWest Banggin Dat SPM Till The Sun Dont Shine Cuz All The CDs You Make They All Wrecked On Da Cool The Raza Loves You SPM, Dont Ever Forget Dat Homie

PS Im Just Wondering When Dat Son Of Norma And Dat Screwston: Slow Leaner Gonna Drop I Look Forward To Banggin Them New Jams, Much Love

Anonymous said...

to August 24, 2012 9:36 PM, well as we already know he reads these comments, so all someone has to do is copy and paste some of his lyrics here, but its up to him if he wants to do it, if not its cool.


Anonymous said...

Hey LOS!! I just wanna tell you that i lovvve you and your music!!! I first heard your music back in 07 when i walked to my backyard and my bro and homies were bumping mexican radio..i wass like waaaat my bro is actually listening to a mexican rapper!! (no offence to other rappers but he just dosent think they can rapp!)everr since then ive been listening to ur music ..im from compton and i.hear alot.of ppl bumbing ur shit down here..you are the REALEST rapper ive evvvvver heared! It never gets old i just fuccing love it! Take care and im thinking of writing to you , i hope u write back to fans,ill be the happiest person on EARTH! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey spm, personally i dnt think u should have replied to miglos ass..U AUTOMATICALLY WIN, U DNT HAVE TO SAY SHHHITTT! Thats how fuckin tight u are! Anyways i love u and stsy strong! EVERYONE KNOWS U'RE THE BEST! ;)

Anonymous said...

a lot of ppl think mexicans can't rap, but that so untrue. MExicans are coming up in the rap game. I know theres other Latino artist that paved the way, but SPM took it to another level, and thats why he gets so much respect from other artist. like dat boi t said on a verse, "they say mexicans can't rap, i guess they never heard an SPM track."

Anonymous said...

Shit u da best rapper alive shit aint no other rapper world wide dat gets no radio play being underground n locked up iv boxed like 2 niggas talkn down on u like u said ur muzic is like my medecine real talk jst keep yo haed up n keep making hits on dis hating ass niggas der aint never going to be another mezkin like u.. Fuk da fake dnt fake da funk...FREE DAT DAAM MEXICAN

Brian Monroy said...

When is Spm's book coming out?