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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Quick Updates From Los (2)

Quick Update:                                                 Postmark: 19 July, 2012

Young Fam,

            Wut da dilla? Well, as most of you know, I asked Incandesio to start a “Quick Update” section on her site. Sometimes I feel like saying a few things, without a long, complex letter, so expect to hear from me a lot more often.

            Incandesio often writes me with what she transcribes on her site, also with your comments, letters to Lykos and other write-ups she does. I love reading these letters, and I’m very thankful for what she does.

            On this last letter, someone asked about Bing, and it’s fine to ask about anything you want. Personally, I’m not crazy about always talking about this fucked up situation I’m in. It’s good to talk about other things every now and then.

            One person asked what my personal thoughts on Bing were. I’d love to answer that question. Bing is a monsterous talent. He was our future. He was an extremely gifted artist and a lyrical genius. Still is. I’m not sure if he could make beats, but he might have been good at that, too.

            Bing was on this unit when I first got here. He sent me a letter full of love and also a bundle of stamps in case I didn’t have any. Ya see, when you get moved to a different prison, most of your property doesn’t go with you. It takes a few weeks to catch up to you. So, yes, I did need those stamps to write home and tell my family that I had been moved to another unit.

            Bing and I were in the County together and he wrote about some legal help he needed. I wrote him back with some info.. but then I got shipped to prison. Bing is not supposed to be in prison. He was just at the wrong place at the wrong time. I won’t rest till both of us are free.

            On this spmaftermath letter, some dude is telling Incandesio to delete the fucking blog, and I’m not sure why this dude is talking crap. He’s supposed to be the son of someone we pissed off, evidently. What trips me out is this cat is talking cash shit to a woman, a mother of little children, and someone’s beautiful daughter. That’s what’s crazy about this internet shit. Honestly, I knew nothing about the internet till I came to prison. I don’t know, I guess I thought computers were just for smart people. But it trips me out how so many people talk trash, make threats, “I’ll find you, you’ll regret it, you’ll scream for mercy, I’ll eat your eyeballs, fuck you, fuck your mom, fuck your life, you ain’t shit, blah, blah, blah….” It just blows my mind, because in prison, if you even look at someone sideways, you’ll have to back up that look. Even in High Security, a mothafucker will will get with you if need be. I totally understand the complaints that people make concerning the net – how people talk trash and do not get held accountable because they’re in their own home, safe and sound. But I urge you guys, don’t get into spit wars with these people. I’m sorry if my letter to Filero set a bad example, and there is no good excuse. I should have just told the truth without name-calling and without anger in my voice. But Filero was/is close to me; hell, he lived with me for God’s sake. Very rarely will I lose my cool like that, and if it does happen, it’s usually someone who I’m close to. Those are the people who break my heart the worst. I guess Filero just needed some attention. There’s no doubt that he’s done a lot for the Mexican American rap artist. He even taught me how to make beats. But he seems to want to be more that what he is, or just say he did more than what he did. But you know what’s crazy about all this? Filero has a beat on The Son of Norma! In 2010, when we were looking for beats, he submitted, like, nine beats. A few were pretty nice. I wrote a song called “Frustration” to one of those beats and I wrecked that bitch. Actually, I think I used lyrics from one of my earlier Cold Forties:

Christians please pray for me, haters please keep me strong

Players please love me like you love my every single song

Since my first October 5th, both my fucking palms itched

Made myself millions, but that’s not what I call rich

Once I told my mom this, “You are not my mom, bitch,
I sung these 2 lines <
 you stoled me from my family, fed me from the wrong tits.”

Please forgive your youngest son, you know I’ll fucking die for you

Norma you’re my life, you’re in almost every rhyme I do…..

            I wrecked that hoe. But it’s funny how the man has his heart set against the Dope House, yet submits his songs in hopes of the Dope House using one for an SPM project. Still, let me make it clear that I do love Filero. I’m not the type of to hate people. It’s really odd, because I can go to sleep, literally ready to kill a bitch, but then wake up ready to forgive the person. How the fuck can I stay mad at someone when I’m so blessed? I think you guys should all feel that way. Man, anytime bad feelings try to get me down, I say, “Hold up, Los. Don’t forget about that dude you met at the Walls Unit. The one who told you that as soon as he gets a chance, he’s going to hang himself. Why? Because he has a malignant tumor in his head that hurts so bad, he can’t take it. He would rather die in twenty short seconds, than die an excruciating death for the next six months. Don’t forget about the dude that got hit in the back of the neck, and is now paralyzed. He just wishes he could stand up and take a piss. You’ve got healthy kids, healthy body, a family that loves and supports you, lots of people that love you, ten toes, ten fingers.

            Yeah, so that’s how I’m always thinking, man. Even when I write you guys, I just thank God that my hand works, that my mind works. Shit, there’s a lot of dudes here that are mentally ill. They have to take all kinds of medication or they flip out. So, don’t think I hate Filero. This is not some Dope House against their label bullshit. Not to be rude, but I don’t think there’s a man on fucking earth that can fuck with me on the mike, much less the dudes at Filero’s camp.

I wish them well, but even they’re smart enough to know they’ve got nothing for me.


            The letter I got from Incandesio says something about FIlero writing a response to the response I did. One person commented as if Filero’s response made sense. Who knows what he said, at least I don’t, so I can’t comment on it. But I’ll be more than happy to clear the air on whatever bullshit he said. Last I checked, I’m still among the realest, and to tell you the truth, all my life I’ve had to deal with envy and hatred and a thousand Fileros. Trust me, I’m used to it.

            But I will say one thing: My dumbass is doing exactly what those dudes want, and that go back and forth with them. It’s giving them the attention they need. I saw it on some of your comments. You were, like, “Where can I go to read Filero’s response?!!!” But I’ll respond to whatever he said because I guarantee you it’s bullshit, and I don’t mind proving it. Actually, it’s kind of fun, you know, responding and all.

            Well, in other news, Baby Bash wrote me last night. He wrote, using Carolyn Rodriguez’s Jpay account, so obviously she ran into him. He’s doing good. I can’t wait to get out of High Security so I can talk to everyone on that damn phone. I’ve got mountains of ideas, song concepts, lyrics, hooks and more. We’re just going to keep blowing the fuck up. Everything that I’m going through has only made our movement stronger. People may not have realized that fact, but they will.

            Damn, this is a long-ass “quick” update. Let me go ahead and make me a little bean dip and figure out what I’m going to do next. Right now, it’s 1:19 in the morning. But I drank some coffee, like, at 10:30 pm and I feel like I’m on crack. I’m going to make myself stay up all night so I don’t miss recreation in the morning.

Adios! I love you!



Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Sp is the realest no one will ever b on his level .....10 years gone and we still remeber you..shit the fam gets together for some brews and we bump ya songs and talk bout how u should be hear in the free world ...free spmex

blaze said...

What an artist!

Anonymous said...

Hey Carlos!!
Well I read everything you had to say!!
And I'm glad your doing okay, just wish you the best pa!!!
Your half way threw this shit!! You can do this!!
And shit man, can't wait for those ideas that you have, to come out to us fans!!
SPM's goin on another level!!! Lol
Jus love ur music..
Well keep in touch and I hope this goes out to you!!!
Miss you always and forever...
In ever song u write just speaks about reality, how shit be really going down!!
<3 <3 <3 <3
P.s every heart you see there comes from my lil cuatitas and family
Sorry my names Erika had to put this shit anonymous cuz it would let me put my URL

DVD520 said...

when is Carlos actually getting out of high security? Has anything been good about SP getting his appeal or getting exonerated just wondering.

Anonymous said...

free spm stay strong you'll be out soon

Anonymous said...

hey carlos i was wondering how was your first year in prison like ?

Anonymous said...

bing was rawwwwwww talent truly amazing . spm& Bing are bttr than pimp c

Anonymous said...

I didn't know spm read the comments. Well if you read this Carlos I want you to know you have helped me get through stuff I'm fifteen right now and I've been listening to just your music since I was 11. The first song I heard from you was real gangster and then filthy rich, I loved how deep you were and how much effort you put into them. Anyways to this day I'm still listening to the last chair violinist. Can you give a shout out to Uriel if you get to read this.

Anonymous said...


man bro i been listening to SPM since i was 8 years old back in 1999-2000.."you know my name" was the first then "mexican radio"

igtx said...

WOW, he's the realist person out there.the words of a real man and a true legend.I admire and respect you,i wish i could be more like you.I remember when u said( won't quote U because don't remember the exact words) if ure in school do ur best in school, if ure out of school live an honest life... also, when u said during a phone call, ...im here taking college courses...in a way those words inspired to continue my education. I know it might sound silly to some, but some of us dont have that person that gives us advice and guides us through life. We know right from wrong and which path to take,but we just need someone to tell us,strange I know. all ur songs and letters have a positive message and I respect everything say. But dont get me wrong I dont expect u to be a father figure or anything like thst,but ur songs and letters have helped. Im saying that because I know how some ppl might take to heart everything u do or say... Not sure if that makes any sense. Because I also love the gangster lyrics u spit. Keep your head up. I'll keep u in my prayers. FREE THE MEXICAN!!

Anonymous said...

the only thing i don't get is Rasheed hears what Filero says and he doesn't defend Los on nuthin Filero says... you would think wrong or right you gunna tell em "hey grow some balls wait till the mamn gets out to talk your trash"

Anonymous said...

I feel like a little kid on christmas day everytime there's a new SPM letter

Anonymous said...

SPM is the shit, I been listening to him since 99. I love his work and everything he does. I would love to see a collaboration of SPM and Eminem on a track. That song would be dope as fuck!!!!!

Anonymous said...

its crazy how spm keeps a positive attitude while hes locked up for something he knows he didnt do. hopefully los doesnt change up his style of rap like other veteran houston rap artist has done over the years. and is this son of norma cd gonna have alot of featured artists ? because i dont want other artist messin up a dope ass song. oh and has spm ever thought about trying to get z-ro on his cd ? keep ya head up los. things will fall in place and you will be out sooner or later

ELchapoGUZMAN82 said...

Shit no1 can touch the king i don't give a fuck who it is fell in love with 2pac after strictly 4 my niggaz fell in love with the king after hustletown even if 2pac was still alive I'd still have to give it to the king there will never b another pac and i guarantee there will never b another spmex im just glad we still got the king on this earth and hopefully will b out sooner than later thank you for all your advice and wisdom


Anonymous said...

I got a question.
Is Bing going to be on any of SPM's future projects?
And when does SPM get out of high security?

Anonymous said...

on my block anything goes(goes)
diamong rings on my pinky toes(toes)
candy paint on my cadillac(lac)
who the fuck wanna battle rap(rap)
believe you don't have a chance(chance)
i come down like a avalanche(avalanche)

free spm!!!
a million haters and they still cant destroy us!
cant wait for the snippets. stay strong homie your family and fans miss you!

Anonymous said...

hey los remember you said i will quit smoking weed but i aint gonna lie in jr high your teacher said nobody likes a quitter so you took tht advice and didnt want 2 piss off your teacher lol!!! free los.

Clemente Rodriguez II said...

Hey Los, I was wondering about the book you said you were/are writing. Any updates on it? Also I want to wish you the best in your predicament. I know it must be hard being locked up when you're innocent. Well much love from my family to you and yours. - Clemente

Anonymous said...

new old SPM footage


Julio said...

Free spm!!!! Chicago loves u brother .. Best wishes for u god bless u... and damn rite theres bo one dat can do better den u... nobody!!! Free the mojado!!!

Anonymous said...

dam nothing but the truth even in a letter just gotta show love for the spMEX! I thank you so much Incandesio cause if it wasnt for you we wouldnt get any updates! so thank you on my part and all the fans that appreciate for what you do and take precious time so we thank you! Gotta show love to you to ha! well just my little comment hope los gets out soon! Free spm! nothing but love and peace!

Anonymous said...

Where can I find the books you wrote or are wrighting when they come out..? I'd love to read everything Los has to say..

Free SPM!!

Ramon Rincon said...


beanieman said...

Wise words. Much love Los! FREE SPM!!!

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Anonymous said...

free spm it'll be good to hear from carlos more often keep your head you'll be out soon much love from los angeles.

*Marybel* said...

Free SPM!!!

Anonymous said...

FREE MAZER FREE SPMEX - Don G aka Hustle Hard