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Friday, September 14, 2012

Weekend Reading 45

The wait for Playamade Mexicanz is almost over; pre-order on Amazon or pick it up in stores on Sept 18.

Also, get Quota's My Cadillac (single) with Coast and Lucky on Itunes.

If you haven't heard, SPM now has a Facebook page, and recently posted a letter dealing with the delays releasing S.O.N. Check that out here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Son-of-Norma/108282089324599

That is through Dope House's Social Media guy.

I am going to be completely out of the loop this weekend and Monday's letter to Pat Lykos will probably be posted late, but we've got another letter to the family coming up on Thursday, and Miglo's fans will be pleased to know that he's back for another round.


Anonymous said...

The wait is over. But so is the excitment. Only looking forward to see if spm has anything new in this album.

Anonymous said...

I would buy if was just a bash and lucky album ,but it has to many features on it.

Anonymous said...

Yo am blastin out 2 screwston-birdies ft.SPM chopped an screwed an check diz out i google searched tha LYRICS but dey dont got dem only da 1st verse so if some1 dat knowS how to put dem on google do it so more fans can c dem iguess idk jus do it hahaha - burned 1 B)