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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Opinionated Experts

Today’s post is for those of you who believe that an expert’s opinion, given in court & under oath, has some kind of sacred weight to it; those who say, “Of course an expert’s opinion is worth more than that of a lay person. Experts have training, experience, and the ability to objectively compare information to bring a court the best, most accurate information available, right?”


Remember that case I mentioned, the four women from San Antonio convicted of raping two little girls, one of whom has since recanted? There was a pediatrician who testified for the prosecution, Dr. Nancy Kellog.


Kellog testified that the two girls bore physical proof of the assault. She pointed out white lines, thickening, reddening. Incontrovertible, scientific evidence…That wasn't.


…Many physical signs of abuse identified by doctors in 1980s cases, like bumps, white lines, and other markings on hymens, were found through several studies in the late 1980s and 1990s to appear in both abused and non-abused girls[…]


Kellog also testified in the trial of Frank Navarijo that, in her opinion, the child’s physical condition was definitive evidence of penetration. This opinion flew in the face of what can be scientifically proven but Navarijo was convicted anyway, and is now sitting in prison waiting to see if his accuser’s latest recantation will be enough to win him his freedom.


Both sides present experts to support their case; it’s necessary and beneficial. However, assuming that their opinions and evidence are untouchable and sacred is foolish. Question what’s presented; if it’s the truth, it’ll hold up under scrutiny and you’ll be wiser for it. If not…then say something.







beanieman said...

What's up incandesio? I was wondering if these cases have made national news and if so, how much focus have they gotten? I don't watch the news cuz all they do is try to blind people from what's really fucked up in this country, like Los' case and these cases, with politics and hollywood. Cuz the more attention, the better of a chance at helping these people out. It's like you gotta dig to find these cases were the system fails but, most people just turn on the TV for their news. Just wondering...sorry for the rant. :) Keep doin' what you do, homita! FREE SPM!!!

Incandesio said...

Beanieman: Thanks for the kind words! I love reading your comments.

Although the San Antonio Four are starting to get some traction in the local media, you just don't hear a lot about these cases. I can count on one hand the number of cases I found out about from watching the news, the rest I had to really search for.

I guess people just don't like to think about it.

beanieman said...

Thanx. It's cuz the national media is in total control of the government and they won't put topics like this on cuz it makes them look bad and they want to keep prisons full. I know writing the letters to Lykos helps a little and the more the better, but if there was a way to push this out to the national public, it would help out alot. Anyway, take it easy. FREE SPM!!!

beanieman said...

My bad, i meant the government is in total control of national media...

Incandesio said...


I've been considering that lately, and evaluating our options. I have sent letters to some media centers but so far, no one's interested. If The SON does well that may change, but I don't want to just count on national media attention from that.

I think eventually I may start writing to Rick Perry, but I want to keep spreading what we've learned and gather a bigger support group before we do that.

beanieman said...

That's cool. Well i do try to spread the word about this site, but it's up to the people to get online and check it out. That's a good idea to start writing to Perry. It might be good to write more people involved with the justice system cuz the majority of them probably don't give a shit. But in a sea of haters there's always at least one real person that cares and has a strong voice. Just gotta catch their attention. FREE SPM!!!

Anonymous said...

is there some way i can come in touch with you incandesio.

Private message or if there was some how we could talk about SPM.

Let me know.

Incandesio said...

Sure, send me a private message through Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/SPM.Aftermath