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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Quick Updates from Los (6)

Quick Update: Rumors

Fambo,                                                11/8/12

            At the end of my latest “SPM Responds” I told you I would be writing you a “Quick Update” on “The Son of Norma.” Well, tadaaaaaaaah!


            I just had another meeting with Tudy Coy and Pain Ortiz, so here’s what I know:

            Pain is completely done with the music for The S.O.N. It’s already been mixed and mastered and is ready for pressing. But Tudy said he wouldn’t announce a release date till all the artwork is done. That’s because, if the artwork isn’t done in time for a date, (that we’ve spent all kinds of effort promoting), we’re screwed. All we need is maybe three or four weels to finish all the artwork: CD cover, insert artwork, whatever design will be on the actual CD, etc.

            Here is the official songlist:

1.)    K-Love Vs. SPM          10.) Without The S.O.N.

2.)    People                         11.) Don’t Go Away

3.)    Hustla World               12.) Poor Kids

4.)    Cheifin                         13.) My Homegirl

5.)    Twenty Eight               14.) To The Flame

6.)    The River                     15.) What If It Were You

7.)    And They Said             16.) Addicted To Storms

8.)    Frustration                  17.) Angels

9.)    Cry Don’t Cry


I’ve given this songlist out before, on our Facebook page. “Cry Don’t Cry” was formerly “Till They Come.”

I heard a few complaints about “Beat From Hotan” and “Life” not making the album. “Beat From Hotan” needs a bassline. We’ve had two professional bassists come in, and no one can figure out anything that works. Pain has an idea to re-make the beat, using the same sample Hotan used, but from another part of the song he sampled it from. He’s positive that will work, and as soon as it gets done, you will have that song.

            “Life” had a Diana Ross inflection that could possibly land us in court if we used it. But I wasn’t crazy about that beat anyway. What we’ll do is re-make the beat to where it still matches the original lyrics, and everybody will be happy.

            Let me just say to all the people who are upset about those two songs not making The S.O.N.; you are suffering from a common syndrome. It’s called “I Really Want What I Can’t have Syndrome.” It’s very common and it causes painful hemorrhoids and much heartache. But there’s something to make you feel better: At this point in time, those two songs can’t fuck with anything on “The Son of Norma.” Once they go through surgery, then, and only then, will they be ready for an SPM album. Trust me on that.

            Now, we shall talk about the snippet. Pain Ortiz is only releasing snippets of the songs that land on even numbers. So, if you go to the songlist, songs 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 and 16 will be on the snippet. You won’t know what the odd numbers sound like until the album is released. I argued with him, but he wants half the album to be a total surprise, and he ultimately won the argument by buying me a BBQ sandwich and some microwave popcorn from the vending machines. He always gets me that way!

            Then we talked about a video. Tudy wants at least two videos released before the album drops. The two discussed were “What If It Were You” and “My Homegirl.” Both of these tell powerful stories about specific people, and they both contain serious subject matter. I was thinking we should do a video for “People” first, which has comedy, story-line and seriousness all in one song. At this point, I’m still not sure what video we’ll be shooting, but it will surely get shot shometime within a month. (Was the “shometime” word funny? I hope it was.)

            CTS. I called this letter “Rumors” because so many people believe so much false information, it’s unreal. And I’m not even talking about my legal situation. One person said I was part of a prison gang, and that I fucked over a lot of the homies. I’ve never been in any kind of gang,  little brother, and I’ve never fucked over anyone, except my beautiful wife. I’ve heard this rumor more than enough so let me explain the situation.

            One night, I was at a club called Jamaica-Jamaica, and I was approached by one of my homeboys from Hillwood. He was a Muslim, and was starting a security business with some of his Muslim brothers. He said, “Los, you should use us for security.”

            I said, “Bro, I don’t need security. I take care of myself.”

            “Not just for safety reasons,” he said, “we can control the crowd at your shows and you’ll look more important. My guys are all licensed to carry rifles, and we suit up in military uniforms.”

            I thought that sounded cool, so I asked him how much it would cost. To make a long story short, I started using my friend's service, just to look good. I’d have these four Black dudes, with real rifles, standing around my limousine like I was King Burrito.

            After a while, a guy I knew, from him hanging around Dope House, said, “Say, Los, I got some homies who want to talk to you.”

            I said, “Who?”

            He said, “Some vatos with a lot of power. They want to talk business.”

            I met up with these dudes at a pool hall called Slick Willy’s, on the southeast side. They were a group of Mexican Americans who were in a serious gang.

            Let me say that I was na├»ve about gangs back then. I just knew that gangs destroyed kid’s lives, and I wanted nothing to do with them. The leader of this particular gang was well dressed, and seemed intelligent, so I heard him out. He was telling me that I should use my own race for security. That it don’t look right having Black dudes surrounding a Mexican artist. I said, “Homie, I’m from an all-Black hood. These dudes are like brothers to me.”

            He explained that that’s not what he meant. That it was the image I was portraying. He said his people were disciplined, and would be 100% professional.

            I said, “First of all, I don’t even need security. I just use my homeboys to keep people at bay so I can drink and fuck with hoes. They only charge a few hundred dollars a show.”

            He said, “I’ll charge the same, with twice as much personel.”

            My dumbass gave the guys a try, even though I was against any kind of gang, set, click, side, etc. It just shows how my mind was deteriorating out there. I had an organization called “Gangs ’R’ Out (G.R.O.)” and here I was using their services.

            After a few shows, people who I was close to expressed their disapproval. I started realizing that it was a dumb thing to do, but I didn’t cut my ties soon enough. I was at a big car show in Houston, walking around with this “security” of mine, and a guy from another record label started talking shit to me. This guy was a friend, and till this day I have no idea what he was mad about. Then he started arguing with one of the guys who was with me and got punched in the face. The cops were right there and broke it up before anything else could go down. I told the dudes I was with that I don’t handle my business like that, and I walked away by myself. The dudes walked outside, and the guy who got punched followed them with another homeboy. It was two against five out there, but thankfully the cops broke it up before anyone was seriously hurt.

            That’s why the person on Incandesio’s blog said I fucked over a lot of the homies, because those two dudes were from my Mexican hood. But I had no control of that situation, and a few weeks after that carshow, I met up with the homie who got punched. We met at a Hooter’s and I apologized for how shit went down. We hugged and I told’em that I had since separated myself from any kind of “security.” I never needed any in the first place. But because I used those dudes for a few shows, people started that rumor, that I was a part of them. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

            In prison, I’ve heard all kinds of shit. If it were all true, I’d have about seventeen brothers I never met, I’d be in seven different gangs I never joined, and I’d have about seven hundred close friends I never knew. I’d be dead by suicide, dead by murder, I’d be raped and last I heard, I was home, enjoying life. The downside of being well-known is that people are always talking about you. It doesn’t matter whether it’s good or bad or somewhere in-between, it creates the perfect environment for rumors to develop. What trips me out even worse, is how so many people believe all this shit.

            I wouldn’t wish fame on my worst enemy. Not only is it nothing but drama, it can also put you in perilous situations. Especially a Mexican like me, because our people are divided a thousand ways, and I’m in the middle of it. When I get out this bitch, don’t be mad when you see me hanging with nothing but Chinese people. I’ll be, like, “Chicken Chow mayne, hold’em up!”

            I would never join a gang, or anything that would separate me from my own people. My dream is for all of us to get our fair share, and excel in this nation. But divided we fall, and that’s our story today. People say that it will never change, but I’ll never give up on my dream.

            The dude who said I was in a prison gang said that O.G. Sambo told him that. Samuel Jurardo would never say that. In fact, he’s the first person I connected with when I came to prison. He told me to never join anything except the Lord’s family. I told him I already knew that, and even Sambo has turned away from everything except Jesus Christ. He started that whole deal in Southeast, and now there’s a lot of youngsters throwing up that set. But he doesn’t consider that a good thing anymore, and we’ve talked about that. Sammy’s a man with tremendous wisdom, and he helped me get through my first years in prison. Then they made a law where inmates couldn’t write each other anymore, and we lost contact. I just pray one day we’ll land on the same unit. Bing, too. I love all my Southeast brothers, and the realest know that’s the truth. But if you don’t believe what I’ve said, write Sambo yourself. Go to the TDCJ website and look up his name, Samuel Jurardo. That’s how a lot of people get my address. You guys think I’m smart, shit, Sammy’s a genius, and I don’t use that term loosely.

            The bitter-sweet story of Carlos Coy is that I’ve always been gifted. I’m not too modest to say it because all gifts come from above. It’s brought me a lot of love and, also, a lot of hate. The ones who’ve hated were always those who tried to do what I did. The dudes on Incandesio’s blog, who try to make me look bad, are the same dudes who’ve always hated on me. God knows I’ve never done anything shady to them. Those who know me, stick with me and love me, because they know I operate with love. That’s why the Dope House Family remains unscathed after almost twenty years.

            But I don’t blame people for the role they play. They can’t do what I do, and they’ll never be as dope as me, and I’m sure that’s frustrating. Like Lil Wayne said, “If I were you, I’d probably hate on me, too.”

            Just remember, I’ll never hate you back. I might call you a hot dick licker, or a penis panther, but those words aren’t even in the dictionary. Alright, changing the subject.

            Another person said I must be paying somebody for protection because I’m still alive, and I’ve got money. Lol! You’re something else. I would rather be a dead bitch than to give a mothafucker a half-o-cookie to protect me. Come on, man, what the fuck do you think I am? I’ll bite a mothafucker’s nose off. Let me make this clear: No gangs, no protection, no hate, all love, all unity, all real. That’s what I’m about.

            Since I don’t write Cold Forties on my “Quick Updates”, I decided to write you a “Throwed Thirty.” But here’s the deal. There was a guy named Rob D on Incandesio’s blog, who wrote a flow, but I’m not sure if it was meant to challenge me. Right before his verse, there was a message by Almazan 187, who spoke about battling me. I’m not sure if they’re the same person, but when I read the challenge, then Rob D’s verse, I instantly turned into John Rhymbo and started screaming, “He drew first blood!”

            Rob, I’m very sorry if your flow was meant to be friendly, because I had to destroy you. Ya see, bud, if something even sounds like a challenge, my right hand starts trembling as I reach for my magic pen. It does get ugly, my friend.


Con Mucho Amor,


Almazan187 said...

I will battle los, this miglo character is obviously mentally handicapped. I'll Battle los!!!!


Robert Diaz said...

Rob D is far from finished now witness how im relentless,

Im in this and bout to rupture in ya face like an appendix,

I try ta stay optimistic, never be unrealistic, im explicit, futuristic, and just a little sadistic,

I kno about consequences, known to be hoppin fences,

Im workin on my expenses and leavin rappers defenseless,

Im the mennace that you cant miss, stirin up the whole campus,

Rappers nowadays enchanted and they doin funny dances.... - Rob D- S*T*R (Small Town Representas) YouTube Search: Rob D Sick Wit It - Rob D Destiny.


A Throwed Thirty

"Los The Ox"

Mr. Rob D, ya more dillusional than Miglo is 
couldn't spread ya name even if ya had three mo kids 
who the fuck told ya you can rap, man, ya drunk aunt? 
You should grab a pencil 'n' go stab her in the butt crack 
cause she told a flat lie, analyze my word play
can't you see it makes ya shit sound like you in 3rd grade?
mistic, listic, blistic bullshit is not what skill is
ya got as much gift as a Muslim got on Christmas
fuck it though, here's some advice: Be safe dog,
and neva quit rappin, jus neva quit ya day job
study how I came down, listen to the compounds
hotta than a hun pounds jus found by blood hounds
wreck ya ass in one round, from the first drum sounds
before I even rap, while the words are in my lung valves

"consequences" "hoppin fences" was a decent rhyme I thought
but it's not the type-o-talk that keeps the fuckin climate hot
you will stay small town, pissed widda long frown
yellin at'cha mom, she, like, "Robbie, please calm down!"
I'm ya drunk step dad, hit'cha widda left jab
kick ya out your room cause I need it for a meth lab
then I'll drink the Sprite that you hid in the refrigerator
berp like a bear while you thinkin, "I'mma kill'im later!"
change the television to the channel that I wanna watch
Have you, like, "Hey! I was watching that you fucking ox!"
Listen, Rob, you know that I love you like my own kid,
but it's that time for you to take a long road trip,
tell ya chick to go strip or learn how'da coke flip, 
but ya need to find ya own home, this is Los crib.
You be, like, "But you just moved in a month ago!"

Rob, you can visit us at Christmas time, love ya bro. (laughing)


Now Dat's What You Call
Murder, my nigga,


Anonymous said...

I just went from hating this guy to actually having some respect and love for him.hes wise....im a fan now s.p.m Free the mexican

Anonymous said...

Much luv Los! You killed rob d with that rhyme! Free SPM!Incandesio do you know if the album is going to be released winter, spring or some time?

Jc said...

You should grab a pencil 'n' go stab her in the butt crack

Anonymous said...

Killed it! Much love n respect words from the heart and as real as they come!

Anonymous said...

Killed it! Much love n respect words from the heart and as real as they come!

Anonymous said...

Free SPM!! we love you!

Anonymous said...

Early next year.follow on twitter @sonofnorma for ALL updates

Anonymous said...

Sambo started the crips here in houston in the late 80s early 90s. Lil Bing & grimm were members of the crips so wrre other artist. i personally think spm is speaking the truth. but that sambo dude should be executed hes responsible for so much deaths of young men.and he almost killed two 13/14 yr olds back in his day. And as far as tha gang that spm is talking about its texas syndicate.. lil villain was the guy who fought them at the car show in 2001.Lil bing is tango blast and so is sambo but its good that spm cleared it up. i think lil bing killeda guy for messing with his cousin ..bing used to be heavy in the streets back in the day. Free SPM & Bing!!

Anonymous said...

FREE SPM #1 fan

chiefin doesa said...

Los wrecked.

How great it is,
how I'm so far from what a hater is,
created this,
flow off some dro I got from skater kids,
Darth vader hits,
Bong loads to go along with it,
Been waiting for the swisher man,
Fuckin hurry up n split it,
And when I finally hit it,
I can finish my rap,
About how I got cars,
And that my teeth have gold caps,
We moved out an old shack,
Next to some bold cats,
They taught me to scrap,
Instead of pulling out gats,
But don't get me wrong,
They were strapped to the teeth,
Theirs only certain reasons,
To put someone six underneath,
Hold on I can't breath,
Let my wait for a minute,
I need the name of this weed,
Taste like fresh baked salted lemons

Stay up los.
Dopehouse for life

Much love coming from chandler AZ, we be jammin SP on the daily

Incandesio said...

Anon 10:19:
I'm not really involved with the music, but you can follow the official Twitter account here:


His Facebook here:


And keep an eye on http://www.dopehouserecords.com/

Anonymous said...

all SPM had to do was write one bar and he would of bit Rob D's head off!

Esteban said...

Lmao!! Good one los cant wait for the snippets

Clemente Rodriguez II said...

I'm glad you're doing good Los. I can't wait for the album to drop, sounds deep from the lyrics you posted. Take care brother..

Ramon Rincon said...


Anonymous said...

DAMN! LOs took Rob D out, but he should be honored Spm is a legend.

Hate when people act like they know SP,Bing etc...personally. Just because someone says something doesn't make it true. i could say, me and that nigga Dat Boi T sipped on some lean this passed weekend and we worked on some tracks, they are straight up fire! After hitting the booth we picked up some jazzy hoes and took them back to my three story crib. Cant believe everything ya hear. Im glad that SP clears things up.

On a side note, every time i jam out to an Spm track i try to bust a flow like if I'm some kind of rapper. SPM's music is just that good it makes me want to write my own shit but cant even find 2 words that rhyme. haha. Does it happen to anyone else?

Anonymous said...













Anonymous said...

Im glad like the mexican king said love unity and all real here check his quick updates etc read letter from the start this King Burrito is more intelligent than Steve Jobs ! Lol #MuchLuv Bro

jen said...

Oh dam los killed rob hahaha

Free spm. Love you! :)

Almazan187 said...

Yo Los, let's make a deal, if I can beat you in the next rap battle after this one, would you be willing to put me on a track on one of your albums? Anyways here's just something I scrapped together, nothing I focused too much on.

Choke a bitch with my dick til her titties turn blue
Baby since you down there can you spit shine my shoe?
I'm a slang dope to the evil and the greedy
And give the proceeds to the homeless and the needy
Catch me in some Speedos Sunday morning playing bingo
I'm on Christian mingle, single 5'10" and bilingual
I enjoy relaxing walks with my dog on the beach I stu stu studder every time that I speak.
flaming hot cheetos and a 12 pack of coronas
Drunk as fuck, called my boss and asked him for a bonus.
I'm the hybrid of an Aries and a Taurus
One brain cell away from riding on the short bus
Born April 20th year 1992nd
The day the world got high to celebrate this Mexican
nurse cracked the window open, smoke crept up my nose
That's why you get an instant high every time you hear my flows
Hospitalization, lung cancerous patient
I'll stop rapping when caucasians take over the nation
sex, weed, and beer in basement
I come down banging
like rain does to the pavement
If you late on the payments, my patience's nothin to play with
Strap something under your car, we the bomb at auto modifications
I pop bottles with Haitians
Got Hot models with face lifts
You bitch niggas can't survive a fucking day in my Asics
I bury bitches with basics
I'll Shove my foot where your face is
I go deep like an 80 year old pornstar's anus
They say my flows are too dirty, like ya grandfather's drawers
I'm like the Mexican Tupac Shakur Biggie Smalls!

Anonymous said...


your wack bro, get fxck outta here you short bus motherfxcker...challenging SP to a battle, do you want to get your head bitten off? you have weird/creepy metaphors (and not in a good way) and they're just plain wack

Almazan187 said...

Why all the hate? I'm not hating on Carl, we just bullshittin' n' battlin'. So with all due respect, "Calm your ass!"

Anonymous said...

Its all fun and games until someone gets their feelings hurt haha just joking.u have to be a lil crazy to challenge SP.

Anonymous said...

spm go hard period Texas legend mayne fuk every body holding there nutz on that boi mayne el paso Texas gots nothing but love and respect for the homie spmex !!!!! .con respeto Craze boi 21

faded173 said...

man yall bullshiting get off spm's nuts just cause u jock him don't mean ur gonna be on a track with him some ppl don't understand bussiness..bussiness and bustas don't go hand and hand...and for almazan187 nigga ur shit is weak as fuck bro and on the cool I think u need to see a therapist I sound like a fucking rapists...Rob d I like it lyrics bro but maybe u should have came at it diff then trying to challenge los I mean str is a family str is a little kids sitting at home alone cause his parents r crackheads u can't make it about 1 person...and spm is a tx legend he speaks the truth everytime he opens his mouth..I work for club chrome in ft worth and we have dopehouse come by all the time to party I've personally kicked ot with low g Juan gotti and rashed and all good ppl so spm knows who he has riding with him...........free spm!!!

alan contreras said...

Sexual Assault Case Could Open Door for Reviews

Incandesio check this article from the Texas Tribune. Free SPM.

faded173 said...

And almazan187 don't ever ever fucking put ur name tupac bro 20 of u could never even come close to Pac and if u belive that u do. or any ppl tell u that u do nigga u need to hang that rope from the ceiling bro cause u ain't even worthy to listen to his cd's

Anonymous said...

El coyote still got that dope flow im praying they let you out asap bro stay strong fuck the haters los

Incandesio said...

Alan: Thank you for the article! I've been following that case and it's good to see that it's getting more publicity.

Almazan187 said...

The whole thing was done with a humorous mindset, Yall are tripping over a joke, but it's all good home slice. (and I am not the next pac, there can only be one 2pac) also thank you for your opinion, a sucky hateful opinion but still an opinion.

Anonymous said...

Almazan187 Keep doing ur thing, there is no hate on this side. But brah,beating SP is nearly impossible. FREE THE MEXICAN!

Anonymous said...

Has anyone written to spm?
Free spm stay strong we love you and miss you (:

faded173 said...

If theirs only one then don't say ur the mexican version and sorry homeboy ain't no home slice here I'm just speaking my mind if u don't wanna be judge keep ur sorry ass rhymes for it homeboys

Anonymous said...

Stop fighting kids

Marisol Garay said...

Los you are the business. Im anxious to hear SonofNorma. i recently about 8 months. ago came out of a "hiatus" you will be hearing from me, i comletely support the Free SPM movement. And of course i am a bonifide fan of your music you did this dude somewhere along the lines of Ether by Nas. Whenever you see this nothin but luv & respect thats Me Mari.

Mr.Narro said...

Mane, nice one Los good letter love it can't wait till yo book drop. I know I be reading that book more than I ever read a book. Much love respect los take care and god bless.

Anonymous said...

I hope coy sees this comment .
HAPPY THANKSGIVING LOS , i hope you have a good one in a way (:
Soon enough you will be out , stay up and we love you <3 and miss you out here (:.

Almazan187 said...

Okay, that makes sense, I mean I'm sure you could do better. And why are so butt hurt about me saying that, It is just a rap, homeboy.

Almazan187 said...

Thanks for the love, or at least the lack of hate. And, yes I know Losy is damn near impossible to beat but that's why I try, no joy in beating someone you know you can beat right?

AlX said...

I am not going to lie, this was actually good. I like the "I'll stop rapping when caucasians take over the nation"
I don't see why people would hate, I mean you aren't hurting anybody.
Keep doing your thing dawg

Almazan187 said...

Thanks for the love man, I appreciate it!

Bentley said...

The punch line is tomorrow may never come for Almanza187, That's where the cops get 1 8 7 from It means murder not death by natural causes for you boii. . . .

Anonymous said...

Say, Mr. SP, I Was Wondering If You Have A Verse In The Song 'Lately' By Lil' Bing, After The 2nd Time The Chorus Plays It Kinda Sounds Like You're About To Flow Cuz I Can Hear Your Voice But I Guess You Vooce Just Gets Cut Off By Grimm's Verse

Happy new year said...

just please stop trying to battle Los with ya weak lyrics, SP to the M is the KING just face it.

Anonymous said...

MR.SPM what's your adress?

yadira salas said...

Whoooooooo mayn s p mothafckn mexicano for yall weak ass vatos yall aint got shit on Los ,wrecked then and wrecking it now wussuppppppp ! S/o to Incandesio for making this possible much love to you too