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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Problem with DNA


I want to bring to your attention this post by Grits For Breakfast; he’s talking about DNA exonerations and what it means for those who cannot be exonerated by it because there was no DNA evidence collected.


“Obviously, even the lowest of those estimates far exceeds the number of DNA exonerations. If just .75% of inmates in Texas prisons are actually innocent, that would translate to nearly 1,200 people currently incarcerated in Texas prisons for crimes they did not commit, though the real number could obviously be even higher. In the overwhelming majority of those cases there is and never will be DNA evidence available to prove their innocence.”


If there was a way to argue Coy’s case without talking about the behavior of those who convicted him or the circumstances of his trial, I would go for that. It’d be easier to say, “test the evidence” than it is to point out inconsistencies in testimony against him, the behavior and histories of the prosecutors, and the general unreliability of the ‘science’ brought to bear against him.


But in Coy’s case, as in so many others, there was no hard evidence collected. Nothing to test. Which means we have a case so weak, that the prosecutors tried to  get him to plea out. Five years for a man they claimed was ‘so vicious, so predatory,’ but, when it came to trial, they tried to get him a life sentence.


Our job, as the “low-hanging fruit” of DNA exonerations is cleared out, is to keep reminding the public that most crimes do not yield DNA, but that doesn’t decrease the likelihood of a false conviction.




Eric said...

Quote from Carlos: "They even tried to say I was setting up my own daughter for an assault. Just because I bite arms and shoulders in a playful way they said I was preparing to do the unthinkable. I was so furious that I couldn't hold back my tears."

How can anyone read that bullshit and not believe he was guilty as charged? That whole statement reeks of pedophilia. "Just because I bite arms and shoulders in a playful way..." Come on, are you kidding me? How can you people not see through his bullshit?

Incandesio said...

How can you blindly accept the warped portrayal of extremely common behavior as pedophilia while wrapping yourself in a cloak of righteous objectivity?

You're a little obsessive, huh?

Eric said...

That is NOT extremely common behavior. Sucking/biting is straight up weird.

I'm not obsessive. I believe you are the one who has created a blog dedicated to freeing a child molester.

Incandesio said...

See, you're so wrapped up in your perception that you literally can't see why anyone would be doing what I'm doing.

You can't give me any credit because it flies in the face of what you believe; you can't accept that I'm doing this for honorable reasons, however misguided you think they are. I must be doing it for money, or for fanatacism, or because I'm just a terrible pervert.

Nobody could ever disagree with your worldview for a good reason; it MUST be evil.

Anonymous said...

Its not weird to play lik dat with ur child u dumass alot of ppl bite their kids playfully but obviously ur parents didnt giv a fuck about u and didnt spend time playing with u. FREE SPM!!!! and fuck ERIC!!!