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Friday, November 2, 2012

Weekend Reading 48

Young Jay sent me this link to a new blog that appears to have a new letter from Carlos Coy! Check it out here:

As far as I know this is not associated with the Son of Norma Facebook account, it looks like more of an independent interview.

Also, take a look at ths story out of Bandera: A 12 year old was convicted of molesting his sister; ten years later she recants, claiming her mother forced her to accuse her brother, when their stepfather(a schoolbus driver) is indicted for a string of cases. This mess is only beginning so there's no way to judge the truth of any of it, but just take a minute to look at the picture of the 12 year-old kid that went in, and the tattooed tough guy that is the end-result of being raised by TDCJ:

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Anonymous said...

Thats so fucked up, that shit happens all the time !