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Friday, November 23, 2012

Weekend Reading 49

Here's an article I found from 2000, that originally appeared in Newsweek.



Anonymous said...

Wow can you imagine if they didn't do what they have done? Obama? Our president would have been a Mexican. We the majority and Carlos is out scapegoat for everything me done wrong as a whole cuz he didn't do shit. Ima even go as far as sayin the "Mexican Jesus". He didn't do shit and he paying for all our sins. We love you Carlos. Gotta stay free in ya mind. S.o.n. can't wait -Petey

Ricardo Martinez said...

You Ripped miglo

And splattered Rob across the Flo!

Spm on the verse stronger than some blow

Wicked flow

Crazy show, even hella jokes

"He shootin 50 cals man there aint no fuckin hope!"

Really tho

Execution Fronta all the Folkz

But dont expect the same from the killa D.g.o

You killa Los

Maybe we should join our wicked force

S.p and D.g takin over zones!

Pacific coasts

Rookies Roast

Competition scoped!

slap the cheese on that mothafuckin buttered toast!

Hustle hard Work it easy i was born and raised

Stack it large do monthly yearly nigga get paid

Hoes go hard nose bleedin punctuation laid

Hard hittin bars emcees eaten its thanksgiving day

Niggas stall its time for reapin your career in shades

car fulla fog im head in chiefin my mind starts to fade

Split woodlogs im in the breezes steady huntin cakes

And fuck the law leave haters weepin cant win when i play

They tried the glock but im still breathin got a robbers aim

Its such a shock your bitch is grievin shoulda left the cane

The world is rocked my flow is peaking needle in the vein

Check what i gross Profits increase wash you up like gain

My words are raw stackin cheeseitz dont do it for the fame

Cash over all except jesus till my fuckin grave

Lets cut the rope- i mean the shit ill leave ya with a quote

Slick Rick spits bullets leave ya funny posed!

Sleepy lean-214 click said...

Leave u runnin from dem hollow tipz
Not columbine but still got multiple clipz
Im cumn for da cash and da brickz
Sleepy lean known to stang dem lickz
Im gettn hood rich
my niggaz and I is teamn up yo bitch
Got her at da street tryna hitch
Now she makn my chipz
im reppn my 214 click
if ya hate it go suck a damn dick
Man I got hoez makn porno flicks
im from dallas tx drivin foreign whipz..

Juss fuckn around freestyle!

Ricardo Martinez said...

@Sleepy lean-214
High off the cheese whiz
Tacos with the cheese swissed
Double shot 2 coronas take the hit like a king pin
Niggas think they speak big
But they words dont mean shit
jibber jabber rutin tutin run off sentence weak shit!
Hit it like a weekend
In the wind like season
Bouncers at the club i dont give a fuck we get in!
The game is like some cheezits
im in the bag hand reachin
and you niggas in the garbage like some whole grain Fuckin wheat thins!
take a 5 get breathin
I know this shit has been a beaten
Hit you harder then interogation if you treasoned!

$$Couldn't help it!

Sleepy lean-214 said...

Ricardo martinez
U dnt wanna go to war wid ya weak raps
I leave yo ass broke down like 4 flats
Like u fell on da ground cuz u got pisol slapped
Ill reck u like a dwi collision
Boy u besta listen and pay sum attention
hang u on a hook like im taking u fishin
taken u out was tha simplest mission
cuz ya rymes is weak
So why u even tryna speak
U needa take yo ass to sleep..

Had 2 cumbak!!

Ricardo Martinez said...

Ill leave ya in the dust buried under the ruble
Your family searchin in the dusk shoulda avoided the trouble
You think you a diamond in the rough More like some piss in the puddle
Misspellin words thinkin you tough raps look like you mumble
"Hows his raps loaded with the stuff?!" each rhyme makin you stumble
Im from that city of No luv Rhymes runnin you over like volvo
Neva run 'less you in the front
Moltov rum leave you in the trunk
Think you won? you twice as dumb
Tie you up leave ya in the slums
Anotha sucka for suppa Bitch you was YUM!

Had to kill yo shit it was fun! $$HEADSHOT$$

Anonymous said...

yall rhymes suck, please stop!!!

this has gotten outta hand...go write all SPM lyrics, decipher them, practice for 20 years, get in line to battle him, and then maybe, MAYBE you will....

Ricardo said...

Silence skywalker -.- lol

Anonymous said...

i like whole grain wheat thins. um but you guys should've posted under the quick update from los.

Ricardo said...

I know bit this obra more recent from incandesio

ejguev0626 said...

Can we make a petition Incandesio


Incandesio said...

Normally, I would say no. However, a guy from a national innocence organization just reccomended that I look at Change.org, so I'm going to be reading up on the process. I'm still not convinced that online petitions mean anything, but I'm going to look into it.