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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Dear Family (Part 9)

25 Questions On My Dresser              11/22/2012


            How are you? I felt like going through some of your questions today, twenty-five to be exact. Some of my answers got lengthy so I’ll send this letter to Incandesio in parts.

1.)    Is there anything else we can do to help SPM get set free?

Answer: The stronger you become, the stronger our movement becomes. Educate yourself, eat healthy, exercise. Whether I’m free or in prison, my goal is to see you prospering in life. At the same time it makes everything we do as F.A.N.S. (Family Absolutely Never Separating)that much more powerful. As our movement strengthens, you’ll not only be able to help me in my situation, but many others who need help.

2.)    Did the government set you up?

Answer: I don’t think it started that way. A girl told a story. It was bogus. The system helped make it believable.

            I don’t mean to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but if you saw all the underhanded shit that went on before, and during my trial, you’d agree. It helps to give you a little history of the relationship I had with the system, especially as it applies to the authorities.

            My problems with police began developing at an early age. On the night someone shot a bullet through my house, using a high-powered rifle, the police showed up only to accuse my mom of knowing who did it. Here’s a woman, covered in blood, and two dicksuckers are sneering at her like she’s hiding something. I was nine-years-old and I remember my mom screaming, “You think I know who did this?!”

            I caught my first felony at ten (for arson) and had four felonies by the time I was fourteen. I’m not saying my delinquency was the police’s fault, I’m just giving you some background.

            Because I stayed in trouble, I interacted with cops more than the average kid. Time after time I saw how they went above and beyond the call of duty to be complete assholes. I’ve been slammed to the ground while handcuffed, I’ve had handcuffs on so tight that my hands were numb for two days, I’ve had my face pressed against the hot hood of a car. I’ve seen heard, and felt racism from cops more than any other kind of uniformed professional.

            I never expected cupcakes for getting in trouble but I know what violating a person’s rights is, I know what abuse is and I know what hatred is, none of which should be in a cop’s daily duties.

            When I started blowing up in the rap game, I had the crowd chanting “Fuck the police” at every concert I had in Houston. I did at least two local shows a month, whether it was a club, a carshow, a festival. It didn’t take long for me to make myself an enemy of the law.

            When cops, in a Houston suburb, ran in the wrong house and killed an innocent man, I held a televised press conference, promising that those responsible would pay for their carelessness. Sadly, I was just high and talking shit and never followed through, but I know I had some people nervous.

            Not long after that press conference, they pulled over my limousine and supposedly found a small bag of cocaine under the seat. I wasn’t in the limo, but they arrested Guerro (from the rap group 24/7 Hustlers) and charged him with the coke. I know for a fact that it wasn’t his, all he did was smoke kill. But because he was a Dope House artist, he got charged. There was about seven other people in the limo and they all said the coke wasn’t theirs. Guerro ended up going to prison behind that charge. If I had been there, it would have been me.

            One day, one of our artists was getting pulled over a few blocks from Dope House. I can’t remember who it was, but I want to say it was Lucky Luciano. Instead of pulling over, he drove to the back of our building and ran inside. I was there that day and I told everyone to lock the doors. They knocked and I was courteous enough to tell them that nobody was home. More and more showed up until it was a full blown stand-off. I remember seeing at least two different news vans on the scene.

            Oddly, after about two hours, that ordeal ended with the police simply driving off. (The Dope House is only eight blocks from Houston’s main police station so it wasn’t shit for ten cop cars to roll up on us at any given time.)

            Our building was a former warehouse that distributed ice to local businesses. A loading dock stretches across the frontside, and there’s a smaller dock in the back. Our offices and studio were located on one side of the warehouse, and on the other side was a large, open area where I put a pool table, ping pong table and a practice stage.

            After clubs, a convoy of cars would follow our limo, or party bus, back to the Dope House and we would continue partying. It was at one of these after-hour festivities that a girl mysteriously flew off our dock. Long story, but when she landed, she busted her head and (I think) her wrist. Her friend ran down to help her and they drove away. They went straight to the police and told the cops that SPM had thrown her off the dock. They also said that we had assault rifles and grenades and God knows what else. As cool as that sounds, it wasn’t true but, apparently, the fuzz believed. About fifteen minutes later, and without exaggeration, at least twenty-five cop cars pulled up from three different directions. It was close to four o’clock in the morning, and the flashing lights lit up the whole block. I told everyone to go inside and once again we locked the doors. This time the cops didn’t knock, but were talking through a bullhorn, ordering us to come out with our hands in the air. I was going to demand ten large pizzas but I forgot we didn’t have hostages.

            Twenty minutes later, every television channel in Houston was on the scene. It was déjà vu on steroids.

            There was about thirty people inside our building, mostly dudes and a few chicks from the club. You could tell people were nervous but us guys were carrying ourselves with as much gangsterism as we could muster. Then, the S.W.A.T. Team showed up. They had snipers on the roof of two buildings across the street, then decided to get on our roof. One of them shut off our electricity which I thought was rude. We were walking around in the dark, bumping into each other. I still think Juan Gotti accidentally grabbed my dick but he swears it wasn’t him.

            To make things worse, a dude comes up to me, like, “Man, Carlos, I just heard your homeboys talking about getting me. I have no problem with them, man. What the fuck’s going on?”

            Of course, nobody was after him, or saying anything of the sort. He had been snorting cocaine all night and was hearing things. He was a member of a gang, so I was trying to keep my cool. The last thing I needed was another set of enemies. I said, “Look, homie, nobody’s worried about you. In case you haven’t fucking noticed, we’re surrounded by cops. All that coke is fucking with your head.”

            “No, man, I know what I heard! I got my blade, I’m not going out without a fight.”

            It was dark, but I could see the dumb motherfucker had a knife in his hand. I said, “Alright, I’m going to let you out. When I open the door, walk out with your hands up. If not, them hoes will shoot.”

            The plan went smoothly and I locked the door behind him. What’s funny is this dude was covered in tattoos. He looked about as gangster as a motherfucker could. And for him to be the first one to give up, I’m sure the cops were thinking, “Damn, who else is in there?”

            I was exhausted so I took a chick to my studio and locked the door. About thirty minutes later the lights came on and I could hear cops coming in, yelling at people.

            I later found out that my dad showed up and let them in. (Thanks a lot, dad!) He had woke up and saw the whole thing on the news. But nobody came into the studio, or even knocked on the door. They entered the office area because I could see them from our security cameras. My cousin was asleep in one of our offices, and I saw a cop wake him up with a swift kick in the ass. I’m sorry, but that shit was funny as hell!

            The cops arrested some and let some go. To make a long story short, me and the flying chick settled out of court. I’ll give you a more detailed story on that once I finish my book.

            My point in writing all this is to show you that me and the police weren’t exactly golf buddies. I was using my new-found power to fuck with them, and it wasn’t the smartest thing I could do.

            To me, it was just a game, but I was a bigger fish than I thought. The system was, obviously, concerned and understandably so. When you’re the fastest growing rap artist in the nation, and you’re portraying yourself as anti-police, anti-law, you’re asking for a war. I should’ve made myself clear in that my problem was with the bitches that abused their badges, not all authority.

            Your question was if I was set up, and I guess you can put it that way. Because when that girl walked into that police station, saying that SPM assaulted her, they didn’t care whether it was true or not. Instead of looking for the truth, they worked on perfecting a lie. But a lie is never perfect, and I’ll continue to show you how a man can find himself in prison for a crime that never happened.

3.)    What do you miss the most when you were free?

Answer: Let me explain a little of what my life was like. I was surrounded by hatred, I could smell death around every corner, I had beef with so many envious, coward-ass niggas that it made life impossible to enjoy. I don’t know what it is about Carlos Coy, but haters never let me make it.

            And for some reason we pay more attention to the hatred than to the love. I had a beautiful family, a few good friends but I was too lost and blind to appreciate the good.

            So, you ask what I miss the most. Well, I miss my three-year-old-son and my seven-year-old daughter, but they’re long gone. My boy’s a teenager, and my girl’s a senior in high school. I miss my pitbull, Plex, but he choked on his chain nine years ago. When you go to prison, the world you left freezes in time. I feel like Plex is still tied up in my backyard, but he’s dead and that house belongs to strangers. I feel like my neighbor is still across the street, washing his truck, but him and his wife divorced years ago, and he moved out. What I miss doesn’t exist anymore.

4.)    Can we write to SPM?

Answer: I love getting your letters, and I read every one of them, but it’s getting harder and harder to respond. I’m also having a problem finding time to finish my book. But always know that even if I don’t respond, you mean the world to me, and your love keeps me super strong.

            Since I brought up time issues, let me give you what an average day is like for me. I’m still in High Security Segregation, which I was hoping to get out in October, but was denied. Now, I’ve got to wait a few more months for another review. It’s all good, I don’t sweat what I can’t control.

            My schedule’s kind of weird. I go to sleep around 5 p.m. and wake up around 1 a.m. I brush my teeth, wash my face and heat up some water for a cup of coffee or cappuccino. I’ll read my mail, eat a pastry and listen to my radio.

            Around 2 a.m. I’ll start typing. I’ll either answer some mail, or work on a write-up. Breakfast comes at 4 a.m. This morning we had scrambled eggs with butter, jelly, fruit, grits, two slices of bread, milk and coffee. I told the guard, “Say, man, at Denny’s they give you toast.”

            He said, “This ain’t Denny’s motherfucker!”

            lol! I made some refried beans and ate that with my eggs. I threw away the bread and warmed up some flour tortillas in my hotpot. We’ve got a store in prison called “commissary” where you can buy all kinds of groceries.

            I type till it’s time to go to recreation, which is sometime between 7 and 9 a.m. We go outside six at a time, and they put us in separate basketball courts. I usually play “50 Tip In” against whoever wants to play. It’s a game that seg. Inmates invented but it’s kind of hard to explain. It’s fun, though.

            We’re outside for one hour, sometimes more, and come back in around 10 a.m. I’m on a pork-free diet so my main course will be something like chicken, tuna, spaghetti, a hamburger, meatloaf, ground beef, etc. I also get milk at lunch, so I’ll eat a bowl of Frosted Mini-Wheats.

            Then I’ll sit at my desk and study one of my educational books. Write now I’m reading “The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Grammar & Style.”

            At 1 p.m. I work out for an hour and a half with my homeboy, Freddy. He’s right across from me, so we take turns doing our sets, each day focusing on different parts of the body.

            After working out, I take a shower. (In High Security, we’ve got showers inside of our cells. That’s one of the few good things about living here.) I’ve also got to wash my boxers and t-shirt, which I do with detergent I bought from the store.

            At 3 p.m. dinner is served. I usually take what’s on my tray and cook my own meal, using stuff from commissary.

            Then, I’ll read whatever novel I’m reading, (Right now it’s a western book) till I get sleepy at around 5 p.m.

            The things I do differ from day to day, but that’s basically my weekday schedule. It’s a little different on weekends because I get visits and I also listen to a few football games. (Me and Freddy don’t work out on weekends.)

            I’m extremely fortunate because I love to write and that allows me to explore different worlds. I laugh, I get surprised, I discover things. Whether I’m working on a book, a write-up, a song, a letter, I’m always having fun. I thank God for my passion to write.

5.)    Is he going to release a book? What will it be about?

 Answer: My dream is to be a respected author. My only set-back is my 7th grade vocabulary. It sucks that I didn’t do well in school because words are a writer’s weapons. The more you know, the more ass you can kick. But I’ll have to go with what I got and keep improving. My first book will be part one of my autobiography. I’ve got the skeleton for a three-part series, and 333 pages of part one. But I’ve had the same 333 pages for a long time. I’ve just been really busy doing all this other stuff. But I will figure out a schedule to complete part one. Here’s how the three-part series will go:

                        Part One: From birth to sixteen.

                        Part Two: From the dope game to the rap game.

                        Part Three: From the stage to the cage.

6.)    How did you start rapping, what inspired you?

Answer: I’ve always been into music but the actual idea to pursue rapping came from a prayer. I was twenty-two and had just gotten robbed, and almost killed, in a drug deal gone bad. I lost all the money I had saved up, and was sick of the dope game. It was a week after the robbery and I was at my trailer home thinking about my future. Things weren’t looking so good and I fell to my knees to complain to God about it. I was, like, “What else can I do? I’m gonna die on these streets! Give me a sign! Tell me something!”

            It was my first prayer, (if that’s what you want to call it), in many years. After I got off my knees, I walked to the living room and turned on the TV. What I saw changed the direction of my life forever. In three big letters, that covered the whole screen, the word “RAP” was staring at me. Time stood still long enough for me to know that this was a bonafide answer from God.

            The word was probably on the screen for two or three seconds, then it went to some Black man yelling, “That’s right! Give us your best rap, right over the phone! Call the number below and let us hear what you got! You could be the next rap artist with a major record deal! Call right now…”

            I didn’t call the number because I didn’t know how to rap, but I knew it was my “sign.” It made all the sense in the world because I wrote poems. I wrote them for my mom on her birthday, for my sister on her birthday. I wrote them to convince girlfriends to take me back. I wrote them because I was good at it. And all rap is, is lyrical poems.

            I was so excited about God’s answer that I threw my can of pork ’n’ beans up at the ceiling, (which is the poor man’s equivalent of popping champaign), and danced around my tiny living room like I had hit the lottery. From that moment on I never worried about money again.

            I started my career as a Christian rapper because it was divine intervention that gave me the idea in the first place. But it’s kind of hard to write Christian raps while you’re smoking a joint and drinking a 40 ounce. I eventually made the sinister switch to secular music.

7.)    If you had a second chance at life what would you do?

Answer: Pretty much the same thing, make music, minus all the women, weed and wine. I could literally make two dope-ass songs a day. Just give me a trinity keyboard and my magic pen. But that’s cause I’m sober. In the world, I was just a dumbass, spending time and money at strip clubs, or walking around butt-naked in some hotel room, yelling at the people downstairs for taking too long with my food. I stayed fucked up, and when it was time to do an album, I just babbled on the mike for a week or two.

            But I don’t want to knock my freeworld music, I’m happy with most of it. I don’t want to tell you the songs I’m not happy with because then you’ll be, like, “Hey, I like that one!”

            I also want to be an actor, as in movies or a sitcom. I know I can kill any role I play. I’ll be, like, “Yo soy, Bond. Yo soy James Bond.”

8.)    Is there a reasonable time frame u can tell us that S.O.N. will be released?

Answer: Of course, it will be soon. Very soon. Very, very soon. Very, very, ver… Alright, I’m just being stupid.

            It will be early 2013, probably February or March. April at the very latest. But an official release date will be announced before Christmas.

9.)    How often in a good month do u get to kick it with MJ?

Answer: I could kick it with her on a daily basis. That bitch could find her way to an astronaut stuck on Mars. But I’ve got to stay on point. Contrary to popular belief, she can’t do nothing for you that you can’t do better on your own. I fucked with her for selfish purposes, like most of us do, while those I loved were neglected. But I still love rapping about the bitch.

10.)            (Not to be negative) but if you do have to serve your full sentencing and get out in 2047 will you still make music?

Answer: As long as I’m alive, they’ll always be a new SPM album on the way. I know THE SON has taken longer than expected, but “Visionary” won’t leave you waiting like that.

            I was listening to a talk show on the radio this morning, and they were interviewing a man who writes scores for Steven Spielberg’s films. (A “score” is the music you hear when you watch a movie.) This man worked on Jaws, Star Wars, E.T. and other epic films. He said, “One lifetime isn’t enough to learn everything that music teaches. I can’t imagine ever stopping. There’s just so much more to learn.”

            The first day Filero taught me how to make beats, I made the most beautiful song I ever heard. And then I made another, and another and another. As long as my heart keeps pumping, it will keep putting a new song in my life. And I’ll give it to you the best way I can.

11.)            Are you closer to getting a retrial compared to the last couple years? Has there been any overall progress?

Answer: Yes and yes.

12.)            SPM is too legendary for mediocre questions… that’s why I hesitate to post.

Answer: Nobody is anything if not for God. Whatever gift you have comes from Him. Don’t think that I did anything special to be able to make music. No person on earth, whether Bill Gates, President Obama, Hillary Clinton, Oprah Winfrey, George Lopez, Dr. Dre, or anyone else, is more important than you. That’s a fact of life. Some may have gifts that allow them to run fast, sing good, jump high, talk beautifully, work intelligently, make people laugh, but those are gifts. Nobody is more important than you just because they have a gift that gets more attention. I think the gift to help old people, the gift to help sick people, the gift to help homeless people, are much greater gifts than those that bring fame.

13.)            A while back somebody posted a video on YouTube, it has some guy named Sambo talking about SPM turning his back on Houston and some other shit. I was just wondering what he meant by that?

Answer: I wrote you guys a “Quick Update” called “Rumors” where I explained the situation of me not being in any kind of gang, and never would I join a fucking gang of any kind. On that Quick Update, I spoke very highly of Sambo, and I still feel the same way. But I’m surprised that he would believe the words of dudes who have never had any love for me.

            We’re all from the Southeast side of Houston. (Remember, I didn’t move to South Park till Middle School, but we’ve always had our house on Corl Street.) I grew up with Sambo. I even had a huge crush on his sister, Elizabeth. He’s very important to me, and I’ll reach out to him as soon as I can. These dudes have lied to him, and it’s sad. I’ve never turned my back on my city or my people, but I won’t join anything other than Christianity. If someone wants to be mad about that, what can I say?

14.)            What’s SPM’s favorite song or poem that he has written and why is it his favorite?

Answer: I don’t write a lot of poems, but rap verses are basically musical poems. Pain Ortiz made a beat that I fell in love with, and I wrote a song called “The System” to it. That song means a lot to me because so many people risk their freedom for the sake of money, and money isn’t what brings happiness. Sure, we need some for bills, but you don’t need tons of it just because you think it will make you happy. It doesn’t. What makes life beautiful and rich is solid relationships with those you love. But most people never knew those kind of relationships, so how can they appreciate what they don’t know? It’s like giving a wino a twenty-thousand dollar bottle of wine. He’ll take a swig and say, “It’s pretty good, but it doesn’t have that kick like MD 20/20 does.”

            He can’t appreciate the quality of what he has because he’s never known that quality. It’s very sad for people who were never given the true definition of happiness, because they’ll chase money to get the counterfeit version.

15.)            Which rappers would you like to collaborate with?

Answer: Every person who has been on an SPM album has been a friend. I don’t put people on my albums because they’re popular, or because I can sell more albums with their feature. When Universal Records signed me, the first thing they asked was, “Who do you want to work with? It doesn’t matter who it is, we’ll make it happen.” I said, “I don’t put strangers on my album.”

            I’ve done compilation-like albums such as “Power Moves”, “The Purity Album”, but I knew most of those people.

            One thing about me is I’m more interested in making timeless music than a quick buck. And if you EVER hear me on a song, telling a chick to drop it to the floor, then pick it up, then bounce it, you have my permission to shoot me on the spot.

            But there are some rappers that I deeply admire. Guys like Scarface, Eminem, Lil Wayne, Zero, K-Rino, Lil Keke, Lil Flip, Chingo Bling and, (may they rest in peace) Fat Pat, Pac and B.I.G. I admire many more than that, and I’m sure I’d admire more if I heard some of the new artists that are coming out. I hear a lot of good things about Lecrae, Tech Nine, Hopskin (I hope I spelt that right), ASAP Rocky and more. But unless I kick it with you, and I can depend on you, chances are you won’t be on an SPM album.

16.)            Is that really you on the “In My Hood” video?

Answer: No, that was someone playing me. And when I saw that video, I wasn’t happy with the director’s portrayal of me. Especially when I’m in my cell, looking like I’m in pain. I remember a part where I’m against the wall, with my hand moving down the wall, and it gives the impression that I’m defeated. Please, homie. That’s the last thing I wanted for this video. I’m in here stronger than ever, more thankful than ever.

            I want you guys to see me as I really am. I want to encourage you and lift you and show you that we can’t be stopped. On the next video I’ll be doing Bruce Lee kicks and push-ups on my pinky fingers. I’ll have a pen in my hand, and another one between my toes, writing two songs at one time. Hey, it’s possible!

17.)            Incandesio has provided us fans with more info about SPM in the past few months than Dope House Records did in the last 10 years. I wonder why Dope House Records has not been able to provide us with any info regarding SPM?

Answer: Honestly, bro, it’s inexcusable. But Tudy (Arthur Coy Jr.) is building a new site and restructuring the whole company. We are about to take a giant step forward in merchandising, music and a more personal relationship with our F.A.N.S.

            One thing you should understand is that Tudy runs Dope House Records, Hustle Town Distribution, overlooks every step of SPM albums, takes care of his family and mine, handles all my legal business and tries to find a little time to take his son (and mine) fishing or hunting. He’s doing his best, and we’ll continue to learn more and do better. Our future is extremely bright.

            You may have noticed how we’ve gone through several fan club presidents. For a while things will go good, then POOF, our guy or girl disappears. There’s been several reasons for that, but it’s mostly because I keep getting in trouble. Once that happens, all my property gets confiscated, I get moved, I go to solitary, I lose connection. It makes employees uncomfortable, working for a guy who’s getting busted in prison for having cash, or recording devices, or flunking drug tests, or developing improper relationships with female guards. I’ve practically stayed in trouble since 2003 so it makes everything harder. But I’m done bullshitting. Now, I just want to concentrate on releasing the projects we have in our archives, and develop my over-all writing skills. So, please, all you horny female guards, leave me alone!

18.)            If Carlos gets denied a new trial, would it be his last chance of getting one?

Answer: No. The way the law works, there’s always a new avenue we can take. We’ll never stop grinding.

19.)            Why can’t Carlos listen to the final version of The SON? Is he still in solitary? I respect his letters and what he’s telling us but why is he limited to words on paper?

Answer: Yes, I’m still in High Security, which it doesn’t get any worse than this. No television, no payphone, no contact visits. You go handcuffed to the doctor, handcuffed to the dentist, and if you die, they handcuff you in your casket. They put a note on your chest: “Dear God, he has 11 more years to go. Please make sure he serves all his time. Thank you, TDC (Texas Department of Corrections).”

            Fine, I’m kidding about the last one!

20.)            Will there be a bonus CD on The SON, like on TLCV?

Answer: Yes, but we’re still not sure if it will be “SPM’s Most Addictive Part 2” or “The SON Screwed & Chopped.”

            We used to just smoke a joint and decide these things, but since Pain Ortiz quit smoking, and I quit smoking, and Tudy never did smoke, we’re having a hard time making decisions. The only problem with going drug-free is you start caring about shit.

21.)            Freddy Mendez said…

SPM is undefeated when it comes to music period, ain’t no rapper dead or alive on his level…Free SPM

Answer: Thank you, Freddy, but I’m also good at chess. I just thought I’d include that.

22.)            Meskinkid said…

“The wetback from a jet-black set jack got the best rap so respect that or get slapped with a dead bat’s left flap.”

Had to read it twice, dam SPM got flow. But how can he make his own beats if he locked up?

Answer: The SPM beats on “When Devils Strike” and “The Last Chair Violinist” are all beats I made when I was free. I still got more unreleased beats, but I didn’t use any of them on The SON. Guys like Pain Ortiz, Happy Perez, Slantize, Filero, The Boomjacks, Ghetto Ranchero (and more) did a superior job on the beats. All I did was destroy their superior beats with my extra-superior flow. (Sorry guys). But on future projects, you’ll get more of my tear-jerking, heart wrenching, toe-twisting beats.

23.)            Anonymous said…

Are you out of your mind dumbass spm ain’t the best rapper that is a good joke tho jajajajajajajaja keep the jokes coming clown.

Answer: Just plain, outright rude, Anonymous. You’ve come in here and destroyed my whole letter. For a second I felt really good about myself. You son-of-a-bitch! How could you?!

            Hold on, bud. My right hand is trembling. Oh, shit! It’s reaching for my magic pen! Dear God, is it true? Am I really the greatest?

Another Mothafuckin Cold 40


“Crapper Throne”

I am on my crapper throne writing you this magic poem

this would be the perfect time to tell you leave my ass alone

everybody asks for loans cause they see my massive homes

it don't mean I'm rich just because I bought the Astrodome

twisted bodies shattered bones these are my disaster zones

come and take a peak and please don't forget ya camera phones

I am like attacker ghosts haunting every rapper known

last we spoke I casted stones now it's said in madder tones

back my shit like bad comodes, Did someone just say, "Pass the rolls?"

That was last night's ham and scones! Wait a sec, now that's jus gross!

Lac on vogues amp that glows dad I'm cold like Santa's nose

I can pull a pack of hoes wearin MC Hammer's clothes

maybe cause I matter most makes it where I have to boast

plus this savage path I chose detaches Los from Average Joe's

after shows I sample blows from chicks with tits like Amber Rose

then I give a standin toast to those with ass like Jackie-O's

I can do'em fast or slow I won't get too graphic though

I'll just say I slam the ol'D'Angelo in the rabbit hole

make'em say, "Damn it, yo!" you can call me Captain Pole

mami had that snapper only now she got that salad bowl

if you ever crack a joke, laugh or throw jabs that poke

fun at the fact I rode banana boats back is soaked

I will reach for Calicos and bust you like you passin notes

this ain't fuckin swagger flow my rap is mo than random quotes

'memba homie's hand that groped Janet's coat, plastic broke,

grandpa choked, grabbed this throat as he scoped her cantelope?

Ever crash a travel coach, and the colts dragged some folks?

Answer's no? it happened bro I also lost a platinum rope

skiing down a slanted slope waving at the antelope

we are like cousins cause it's obvious I am the G.O.A.T.

just to be half as dope practice, toke grass and hope

then you gotta traffic so jack some coke, smack or both

crafts to know strands of dro stackin loads of gambla's dough

grab a chrome gat to tote champ but don't blast ya toe

Welcome to the land below where you can take a happy stroll

wrestle with a damaged soul or snuggle with a Spanish troll

battered homes on ravaged roads maps of old on canvas scrolls

Granny stole a can of Skoal family woes have had a toll

there are things I can't control like who will be a fan or foe

still you bastards notice at the moment I'm the man fa sho...


P.S. That was murda and massacre mixed with Mexican magic

A nigga bless the fanatic while bitches question my talent

"He ain't the best on the planet! I'm wishin death on him, damn it!"

bitch, confess that I have it 'n' go and get my shit tatted...lol!

24.)            Anonymous said…

I’m miglo’s number one fan!!!!!!!!

Answer: My God, I thought I’d never see the day. Do you realize what you just did? When Miglo reads this he’s going to think he can really rap. This compliment is going to ruin his life!

            Now, look, if you care about Miglo at all, please post another comment and tell him you were just kidding. If not, he’ll keep rapping and making a damn fool of himself.

25.)            If Dope House Records is with Universal, how does that relate to Fontana?

Answer: Fontana Distribution was developed by Universal Records to work with elite independent record labels. DHR has always been independent, but we don’t have Universal’s distribution capabilities, and Fontana is a part of that machine. We give them a small distribution fee, and they release our projects nation and worldwide.

            Well, that completes the 25 Questions On My Dresser letter. I had a lot of fun writing this, and I thank all of you for your questions and comments. Reporting live from bachelor crib 214 A-Pod, have a great day planet earth!



Freddy Mendez said...


Ramon Rincon said...

DAM that nigga off tha chain can't for that book to come out and that S.O.N

ejguev0626 said...

Love it thanks icandesio for post in it
Take care SPM God bless you & much love from The Valley (956)

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry Miglo, I was joking when I said I was your number one fan. But keep doing your thing G!

Anonymous said...

Hahah had me a big o laugh you one funny mexican los you doing what you gotta do it and the haterz can kick rocks the cops always gnna take advantage now more than ever all you hear on the news is how our people getting beat down.by cops my 16 yr old bro.is doing 12 yrs for shooting some fool who came looking for him wit some other punk being 20 my carnal being young n dumb blasted him but never did they take in consideration the way everything went dwn all they saw was this fcked up mexican blasting mothafuckers why? They dnt care n e ways much love los ur words mean alot to some nothing but real life shit we go threw on a daily basis much love from MesA Az

Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed reading the letter! Was laughing my ass off when you mentioned Juan Gotti! FREE SPM!!!

chiefin doesa said...

Poetry has the ability to change feelings and emotions through the form of art it is expressed by, weather its theatre,music,etc.
Your music is excellent, I hope you read this comment los,

My rhymes superb
Was Just a matter of time before I had rhymed my own riotous words
I found my meaning in a culture of a priceless herb
It might sound demeaning and maybe at times, absurd
From my eyes, it could all be worse
I could act like I'm a part of this whole zombie curse
Thinking of what's soon to be left of earth
Have Had my eyes open from my last breath to first
And until my certain death and I'm adressed a hearse
And a plot in the ground under a hundred pounds of dirt
And when this occurs Nobodys frown will work
just be reminded of this pain when its time to murk
Or whatever works to be sane and to hide the hurt

Adam Aldama said...

This letter was great to read. Im glad SPM is doing good and has his glass half full instead of half empty. and the cold 40 was dope as always. Keep ur head up man. U got lots a peeps in the free world that got ur back, even cats like me that never even met u before. But just cuz we never met doesnt mean that comments about supporting u need to go unnoticed. Keep doing your thang and keep your head up. - Adam Aldama

Anonymous said...

BUST YOU LIKE YOU PASSIN NOTES!!! GOD DAMN!!! LOS SPAZZED ON THAT NIGGA!!! I KNOW FOR A FACT THAT THOSE BARS ARE GOING OVER PEOPLES HEADS, I HAD TO READ EM TWICE... those book titles are dope! I could imagine that scene you demanding the police for pizzas, that shit wouldve been dope as fuck if yall recorded it and put it as a skit on a album lol...thanks for answering my question, number 12, imma go frame it and put it on my wall

Bentley Eliz said...

Spm I Love all Ur Musice You Sing from the Heart, I Remember One Time Years Ago U Came To Laredo, Tx I Was Small MAYBE Like 16 or 17 Smoking A joint in Your Concert, But Im Glad you Change, Remember Only God Can judge! Free SPMEX!!!! From Laredo,Tx

mauricio l said...

hahaha nice 40 but ill be waiting for SPM to get released and make a track with ASAP rocky.

Anonymous said...

Yo soy bond, yo soy James Bond, lol FREE SPM

SouthwestSolja said...

"But it’s kind of hard to write Christian raps while you’re smoking a joint and drinking a 40 ounce."Lol best letter so far. Stay up los

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed this letter it is nice to know that the fame did not run up to your head and that you keep it real with your people, you write to us as if you were talking to us on any ordinary day.! I know that one day u ARE going to be FREE!

Mr. topnotch said...

Haha los is a dayum fool you had me rollin when u was talkin bout "it was dark but i could see the muthafucker had a knife on him" i agree a skit would be off the chain! Ahaha great letter bro.
That was some real ass shit when he talked about how everything he misses in the free is no longer the same,thats deep.
We got luv for you out here in orlando fl potnah keep ur head up brother! One day instead of Free Spm it will be welcome home Spm! . Real rec. Real.

Anonymous said...

Los has a great sense of humor lol. I really enjoyed reading this letter. I feel like these letters bring the fans to a more intimate level with the artist. No more he say she say rumors, we have direct answers from him.

beanieman said...

Cold 40 was too cold as always. If it was SPM instead of Cube on those Coor's light commercials, that can would grow legs, runaway, and never be seen again. Love the letters that he writes to us. It's like we are family even though none of us know each other. Much Love to all of you. FREE SPM!!!

beanieman said...

Lol! Man that part cracked me up too.

Anonymous said...

This letter was da shit, had me laughing wit his trembling hand, nuthin but love n respect from CHI-TOWN IL.

Adrian T. said...

Question #15 is something I've been wanting to ask for a while. After hearing the song South Park South Bronx Feat. Fat Joe, I started to wonder what other rappers Los would of collabed with if he didn't go to prison. After reading this and some other letter on here. Now I know that the collab happed because they were cool with each other. Trae, Z-Ro, Nas, DMX & Eminem are some rappers that I wanted to hear SPM collab with one day. Oh well that isn't going to happen.

Free SPM
Free Bing

Anonymous said...

Hahah this letter made me laugh im glad spm is doing good and staying strong . Especially the juan gotti part haha also question 23 haha Los is funny (: i cant wait for his book i hope it comes out soon i want to buy it . Free spm we love you !

Anonymous said...

Da Rap Game Now Days Is A Joke
We Need Dat Mexican On Rims Dat Poke
Coming Out Da Souf Mann Like Keke & Screw
Sout West Screwston, Tex SP Mex, What It Do?
Any Advice For Young Rappers Dat Wanna Rise?
Cuz, Dis Rap Is Something I Dont Wanna Comprimise

Anonymous said...

Read some previous letters from him, and study at the SPM school of rap. Get your structure and multi syllables down
Freestyle Dro

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping Los will read this and tell me what he thinks. You guys too

16 cold bars for the morning
-lighters up top-
I got a message for the homies keep that lighter up top,
Don't be messin with that dope plz keep your life off da rock,
There's no need to twist this piece -10 & 2 is for driving,
find a need to get some peace -and just keep steady thriving
Stop the weight loss, rock a day job, i'm just tired of seein brain rot,
Lost i'm mayhem, Garcia Vegas, gettin blown like the head of Abraham,
I steady am, ready and reachin back with my heavy hand,
Ready to backhand a hoe that be Tryin'a take my lettace bag.
U gotta headache man? Well- I got that medicine
Just a bit o herb to bring u from the savage lands to cabbage patch.
u understand, i'm forever stayin underground,
A gutta man, that's me blazin up a pound.
Reppin for the C town n the entire 2-oh-8,
Advice-to only do business with fools that blaze
I'm out now people keep that lighter up top,
Roll a white owl n evil disappears from the spot!

Pedro Avalos aka Freestyle Dro

beanieman said...

25 comments on this letter, yes suh! Sorry, had to do it. FREE SPM!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks 4 awesering my question about green girl ! Im chillin wid this OG bitch named kush dam she fine! I got some green crack on da way too shes my favorit girl. Wish u was still puffin but I not sure if u r saying da truth or not lol SPM saying he quit dro is almost as belevalbe as snoop dogg saying he quit lol all da old beleifs of weed have been provin wrong since u been on lock, its a medicin wounder 4 many & been that way 4 3000 years it only been agenced the law 4 last 70 years kuz of lobyist from da paper & wood compenys kuz ther felt thretend by hemp. Like Joe Rogen said if u cant get over the weed hump then u proble well have a hard time geting ova a lot of humps in life .its a harmless plant ,like drinking green tea conpard 2 hard drugs. It Gods gift to da stressed&deprest wid issuse that hant us & 4 da sick

Anonymous said...

Some people feel bad that SP is in high security. He's smart enough to know how to stay out of trouble. I believe he chose to be in that situation. I would of probably made the same decision if I was locked up with dumb dangerous niggas that could take my life over some retarded shit..Imma take youre wise words and do my part to make the movement stronger..

Anonymous said...

I think sp knows co's read this so he awnsers questions about gangs & drugs in a way so he dont get fucked with more then he already dose. But still smokes & reps but i could b wrong! my homie just did two years in da pen & said if spm is not in pc then hes in a gang or paying a gang with how famus he is with thoughs kind of charges no matter what he said plus wat sambo said on youtube.nomater what hes a G #freespm he didnt do shit its like a witch hunt #FREESPM

Anonymous said...

SPM were was son of norma writen in herris county or the pen ? & how many scraps have u been in prison can u tell us about 1 or 2 with out geting in 2 much detail so u dont get in trouble I love a good street fight story lol. God bless brother were praying for you 777 !

Anonymous said...

Free SPM!!

I Hope You Can Answer This Question..
I Don't Know If You Know But Some One Uploaded A Song On YouTube Called "Why You Lie" (SPM DISS)??

They Use One Of Your Beats. I Think Thats Fucked Up Using One Of Your Beats And What They Say On The Song..

Hope To Hear An Answer. I Love Reading Your Letters.. Fuck The Haters FREE SPM!!!

Anonymous said...

^ i've heard that song but its from a talentless wannabe. Miglo would wreck on that hoe. i hope SP doesn't answer the question because the guy rapping is seriously a nobody. Only reason some ppl including myself have heard of him is because he mentions SPM. He's just trying to gain fame off his name. if SP acknowledges him, mission accomplished. FUck a hater! FREE THE MExican!

Angel Campas said...

Spm you are my Inspiration stay strong
They always hate on a wetback

Anonymous said...

dec 9 3:41,

nigga you just shed light on what a hater did, fuck outta here with that shit...fuck what a hater does nigga

Taped Up Money said...

been stuck in this game
now i feel im 2 deep spm
yo flow puts my mind to ease
keeps my nine in my jeans
without me in my hood
everyone would be robbed
by fiends murder scenes
from elders to teens in my
future its just walls that
i see can i get out sometimes
i wake up to screams and
shouts only the real know what
im talking about aspiring
rapper just showing love to
an inspiration FREE SPM Been
down since '95 hustletown

Anonymous said...

I love hearin' los's random stories haha

Bentley eliz said...

Merry christmas LOS' WE ThE FanS LUV yOu! (:

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Carlos has come a long way. Unfortunately not long enough. As much as I enjoyed some of his responses he covers up a lot of the truth. For example the answer he gives in 2 he talks about a girl and how she was mysteriously thrown off the dock. Well I'm sure he knows more about that than he says. But its like my faults some ill admit others ill take to my death and those I discuss only with my God. That because it'll only make matters worst for those involved if I'd expose them. Good thing our God is a God of second third and many chances. He's not fleshly or man that he can hate you or keep grudges. Carlos has been blessed with many gifts and he recognizes they came from God. Like it shows on answers 12 & 14. Now as his answers went along he continued to do wrong knowing what was right. Breaking rules in jail and writing songs with vulgar language. They sound good and I was a fan myself for a long time but when its been revealed to him that he's at a Crossroads then he needs to change things up which include lyrics and his speech. The gifts God has blessed him with are to be used for his glory not for "entertainment" like Carlos mentioned. As soon as he felt insulted he pulled out his poetry which was written with talent, but mocked and insulted who he felt was insulting him. He's obviously not ready for the world. He'll fail and fall flat on his face like most newly freed cons do. They forget how hard it is to live with haters and "the lost" like he said he was. Its easy to fail and even fun to be bad. Its being good and succeeding in this cruel world for the glory of God that's the challenge. He fails to recognize that he was chosen. Chosen to lead, to break chains, to fight in the battle for good against evil for God. And he failed. I wish him luck. I hope he changes for the better and leaves his old skin on the ground. God is good all the time. All the time God is good.

Anonymous said...

Los I've got so much love for you. You always have me smiling you are so positive. I keep you in My prayers always. VickyS

Anonymous said...

Wow don't know what to say..not a fan but an old friend...not sure how I ended up on this site read through your 25 questions on the dresser the funny thing is you bring up the trailer in south park...have to say remember it like it was yesterday the 40's and mj was there too. Sometimes you get to a point in life that takes you down memory lane I guess thats me right now. I remember being on the phone and you writing and reading your raps when it was all just a dream. You really did it made your dream come true...your raspy voice all over the radio and concerts everywhere I couldn't believe it. Glad to see you in good spirits and congratulations to your continued success. Wishing you the best. E

robert costello said...

Say this that mexican gypsy rob mix free spm bro i was on alred when you were ther i tryed to get a job in ecb just to holla at you but thanks to a riot they ship me off. Im 31 and grow up on your shit wiggy wiggy was my favorit shit but this gos to say aint no nigga on this mexicans level and i dont know if you did this shit or not all i can say is i know is los had bad hoes why a little girl. Los maybe niggas dont bup you but we micans still do you the best god bless you dog.. Aka gypsy rob mix