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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Human Tragedy

I want to bring your attention to this photo essay by Billy Smith II, entitled ‘A Human Tragedy’. He’s interviewed 24 exonerees from around Texas and, in a departure from the normal flash-in-the-pan news stories, found out how their lives have changed since being wrongfully incarcerated.


The fact that this appears on the Houston Chronicle website means a lot to me; I think the public is slowly beginning to accept that these stories are all too common. This is a small sampling of exonerees, only 24; read the stories, or watch the videos, and understand that what happened to these men could happen to anyone.


I want to applaud everyone that was involved in this project, including the Houston Chronicle for publishing it.



Anonymous said...

a yo, i dont know if you seen this but its a baby bash interview talking about SPM


Anonymous said...

People live their lives trusting in our "system" but anyone who knows about the law will tell u its not always right. Sad thing is that many will believe and trust in the system until they are wrongfuly convicted or punished for something their innocent of. Just because someone is in jail or is being punished for a wrong does not mean they did it but its our human nature to believe what we hear and what we see. But innocent people are locked up believe it or not! (FREE SPM)

Incandesio said...

Anon 1:51:
Great link, thanks for posting that!

Anonymous said...

S.o.n. release in March blaze956

Anonymous said...

Wow! This is amazing how many people were proven innocent. I read how pat lykos took a look at Alen Wayne Porter case and got him free I hope one day pat lykos reads one of Incandesio letter or the one I sent once and just looks at Carlos case and see how theu screwed him over.
Free SPM

Anonymous said...

that guy Timo Frohberg actually uplaoded 2 videos about SPM, heres the one you didnt post on your facebook


Anonymous said...

^ brush that shit off, its just another hater. True fans will always be there for the SPMEX.

Jacqueline Bertrand said...

The trust that was embedded n us as children again was a major dissappointment!!! Like trust da govt., priest, n all persons related to da law n anyway...look at wat happened with da first 2 Huhbra!!! Free SPM!!