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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Dear Family 11

Family Letter: “Sometimes Complaining Is Caring”            3/8/13

Dear Fam,

            Comos Estados Unidos? That means: How’s everybody doing throughout the United States, including all countries that love us and enjoy jogging and having picnics. That’s why I love Spanish, you can say so much with just a few words.
            I’m going to try to answer Incandesio’s letters as she sends them, and since she always sends blog posts, I want to respond to as many as I can without writing a book.

            Alright, who’s the wise guy that scrutinized my Spanish? No, I’m kidding. I know you weren't trying to be hurtful. Here’s your comment:

1.)    Anonymous said….
Seriously? “como estados?” you need to take some Spanish classes, and while im on this topic, when u rap in spanish try to make sure you are saying things right before you record the songs

            Response: What does hurt is how defensive everybody got about this comment. Gotdamn people, relax! It’s not like he kicked my mom in her bad knee. He may have sounded a bit rude, but open your eyes to the meaning behind his comment. He just wishes I would learn more Spanish that way I can rap more songs in Spanish. (Don’t ask me how I know that.)

            On another comment, he explained how “arbos” was really “arboles”. I didn’t know that, but at the same time, “Carlos” rhymed with “arbos”, and wouldn’t have rhymed with “arboles.” Sometimes you tweak a word to make it work. This is art and art has no rules. Even if you make a mistake you can just say, “I meant to do that,” and no one can argue with you. But I will take your comment as encouragement to learn more Spanish. Until then, you can squeezy my juevos.

2.)    This next comment was long, so I’ll just type the end of it. This person is upset about the album taking too long to release.
Anonymous said….
…but another couple more months of no updates then i don’t know. If the music is done and they had a couple months to work on the artwork then how much closer can they be.
Response: This fan has just threatened to possibly do something that he described as “I don’t know.” Actually, I don’t know what “I don’t know” means, but it sounds scary. Could it mean the worst possible scenario, that he would actually walk away from me and my music? Or, could it mean something less tragic like him killing every dog in the neighborhood? I don’t wanna find out, that’s for sure.

            So, just to show you how important one Anonymous fan is, I’m going to do something I’ve never done before. I’m going to give away a free song within the next four to six weeks. Because this fan said, “…another couple more months…” A “couple” means “two”, so I will not let two months pass before you have a free song. And, to top it off, I’ll give away a song every 45 days until the album drops. These will be The S.O.N. songs, which I think are worth a thousand dollars each. But Dope House will either need to shift gears, or The S.O.N. will end up being yours for free, song by song.

            I’m not sure of the exact date, or exactly where the free song will be available, but I’m guessing I-Tunes. I just thought of this right now, after reading how frustrated you guys are getting. So, let me figure out the details, and then I’ll tell you more.

            As far as the artwork, it’s not like I’m trying to do something elaborate. All I’m doing is putting the lyrics on the insert, and putting pictures of me growing up. But it does take back and forth correspondence. One small change could mean weeks, and sometimes stuff needs correcting. But I’ve said what I’ve said, and I won’t take it back. Every forty-five days, starting from the first song we give away. Just thank the person who threatened to do the “I don’t know” thing. But wouldn’t it be funny if someone started killing everybody’s house pets till DHR released The S.O.N.? Well, I love me pets so it wouldn’t be funny to me.

            I wonder if Incandesio can take a vote on what song you guys want? (Incandesio, would you please do that, and after a few days of voting, let me know the winning song? Moo-cheetoes gracias!)
            Here’s the songlist in case you don’t know it:

1.)    K-love Vs. SPM (This doesn’t have music, it’s a real battlerap.)
2.)    People
3.)    Hustla World
4.)    Chiefin
5.)    Twenty Eight
6.)    The River
7.)    And They Said
8.)    Frustration
9.)    Till They Come
10.) Without The S.O.N.
11.) Don’t Go Away
12.) The Poor Kids
13.)  My Homegirl
14.)  To The Flame
15.)   If It Were You
16.)  Addicted To Storms
17.)  Angels (This song is a Christian song.)

3.)    Anonymous said….
Seriously? How can those 5 artists not have time to take a picture and write something. So much for dope house they might as well not even be considered dope house family because true family always has time, especially for Carlos Coy.

Response: Are you suggesting that I dismantle the entire Dope House Family, which exemplifies 18 years of loyalty and commitment? Or, are you merely saying I should change our name to Dope House Family Except For Five Shitty People?

            If I dismantle us, it would start a war that would leave at least six people dead. If I changed our name, no one would know which five were the culprits, because those records are in confidential files, kept in a safe, buried in Tudy’s backyard. So, our only option would be to move you to another country where you’d have to find a new Dope House Family, and teach them English.

            But, honestly, we don’t know why it’s taking Pain so long to gather the info. We can’t assume it’s the artists’ fault. Maybe someone is in Jamaica. Maybe someone’s tied up and being tortured. Maybe it’s Pain’s fault. He could be driving around, picking up hookers. We just don’t know. Anyway, including the lyrics is probably a better idea, because they’re always wrong on those lyrics websites.

4.)    Anonymous said….
How come none of dope house artists has heard any of it, if there featured on it, im sure they were in tha booth putting in their verse and listinin to the song that there gonna be featured on.

            Response: You, my friend, have not been paying attention. As I’ve said, The S.O.N. is the first album, since my first album, Hillwood, that has no featured rap artists. It’s 100% S.P. Wetback. But Carolyn’s on, like, seven hooks, and she’s heard the album a dozen times. Ask her what she thinks. Also, my brother let Brent Morton (Director of Social Media DHR) listen to it, and Brent said it was the best SPM album ever.

            It seems like you’re implying there is no S.O.N. album and that’s insane. The album is in our studio, barely alive because it’s so sick. I hear people complaining about how bad the rap game has gotten, and I agree. Don’t get me wrong, I love Lil Wayne, Drake, Big Sean and others, but the S.O.N. is gonna slap the shit out of everybody. It’s beautiful.

5.)    Anonymous said….

He is starting to sound like Dr. Dre n the Detox album. i want this, no i want that, nevermind i want this again, nope maybe that again or this and that.

            Response: Actually, that sounds like me fucking a bitch. I’m never quite sure where I want to shoot the final scene. But, again, I understand your frustration. The S.O.N. will be out in months, not a year. And it will be 17 songs of pure crack.

6.)    Ejay said....
It’s his damn album, Los can release that shit whenever the fucc he wants..till then D.H.A. stand up.

            Response: For how long, because usually I sit when I’m typing? I do stand up when my butt starts to hurt, but could you please give us a specific time frame whenever making such bold statements.

            7.) One Anonymous fan had some harsh things to say about people using SPM’s name to make money. He spoke about Juan Gotti as an example of this, because JG has painted some things, and put them up for sale. Here’s the ending of that comment:

            Anonymous said...
            ....stop making cash off Los cuz thats all hes doing painting shit putting free SPM and makin profit.. not right in my book at all... ima hold on a lil longer for this album but if shit don’t happen im sorry and i know one fan aint shit to you but your gona lose a dedicated fan... still FREE THE MEX...

            Response: How does a person know something that’s not true? Because one fan means the world to me, even when our views differ.
            Juan Gotti is the best friend a man could have. There is not one fraud bone in that man’s body. He could easily be dead today because he handled business that I should’ve handled. So, on a personal level, I’m concerned when a fan of mine speaks ill of JG. That’s the same way I would feel if someone spoke ill of a fan of mine.

            On a business level, let me say that we all make money off each other, homie. DHR sells three of JG’s albums, and they still sell good. We make nine dollars an album, and Gotti makes a fraction of that. In fact, if I told you his cut, you’d think I was a criminal. Sure, he makes a few bucks from his work, but he’s also promoting the hell out of SPM. Promotions is everything in this business. I’m benefiting and not having to lift a finger. And I know Gotti, homito. We’ve been brothers since Milby High School. When it comes to me, it’s out of love, 100%. Should he give the shit away for free, so that it’s less appreciated? Or, sell it, so a motherfucker will hang it up somewhere? I’m not trying to belittle you, but we need to think on a larger scale. The reason we can’t come up is because we put each other down. You’re just as important as any member of the DHF, and as any person on earth, and I need you to hold us up.

            That also applies to the way you guys talk to each other. I’m not that hip on the internet lick, but I do see it’s a place where people disrespect the shit out of each other because they’re not face to face. We’re a family, no matter how big we get, and we need to show the world what the player race is about.

            At the end of your comment, you spoke about the possibility of losing you. I don’t want to lose any of you, but I do have a question: with all respect, where can you go? There’s only one number one, bro. It’s not like you can get up and find dope as pure as mine. That’s why I try so hard for you, because I know I’m the only one that can give you the best, and the best is what you deserve.

            8.) Anonymous said....
            I agree with that. Put out something! I remember when Los said we were gonna have a new Screwston, County Boyz, and Chopped n Screwed Last Chair Violinist. And we got nothing!!!

            Response: “Nothing” is such a gloomy word. What if I ordered a margarita and they brought me a glass of nothing? Or, if I asked my mom what’s for dinner and she said, “Nothing tacos.” Are you sure you want to use that word? I’ll tell you what, I’ll call my Cold Forty “Thinking of Nothing” and show you how I can turn even nothing into crack.

            Okay. Screwston, “Slow Learner”: What happened was I was talking to a dude (from H-Town) and telling him about “Slow Learner.”
            I said, “Yeah, it’s got songs from Trae the Truth, South Park Coalition, Dope House Family. It’s got a song with Lil ‘O’ called ‘Bet’cha Can’t Do It’.”
            Then, the dude says, “I heard that ‘Bet’cha Can’t Do It’.” He started singing the hook and I was like “What?” Because Jaime told me every song was never-before-heard.

That conversation was after I got sent to High Security. Jaime couldn’t visit me at the time, and when I finally met with him last year, I said, You told me that every song on ‘Slow Learner’ was brand new.”
            He said, “The Lil ‘O’ was getting a lot of airplay at the time, and I thought it would help promote the album. But that’s the only song that’s not exclusive.”
            I said, “Well, damn, when I heard some dude singing the hook, I figured half the shit was released already. That’s why I didn’t push the issue.”
Jaime said, “No, ‘Slow Learner’ is still new to the world, with the exception of Lil ‘O’s’ song.”
And that’s the reason the album stalled. But ‘Slow Learner’ is not a dead issue. Right now, our focus is on the S.O.N., but we’ll figure something out for ‘SL’.

“County Boys”: Great album, done in the County Jail, on the payphone, full of magic. Needs work. I should be out of High Security by May. I’ll be able to use the payphones, and I can’t even explain how much progress that will spur.

“Chopped and Screwed Last Chair Violinist”: There are so many versions of this already, because, if you don’t drop an immediate version, it will get screwed by some DJ, if not several.
In Houston, you can go to places where they’ll Screw and Chop any album you want for about fifteen bucks. Don’t you guys have that in your town? Hold on, my records show that you’re from Willyfoofoo Arkansas. Let me check your area, give me a second.
(Two minutes pass.)
            Alright, there’s a country store on Grape Avenue, next to Melvin’s Moonshine. Go in and ask for Ms. Doris. She’s got two turntables behind the rack of pickled chicken necks. No, she doesn’t look like a DJ, but she’s one of the coldest in your area.

            The S.O.N. will have a free Screwed and Chopped version inside the CD case, so all my screw heads are good to go on that.

            Well, it’s getting late so I think I’ll take a shower and go to sleep. Yeah, the cells in High Security have their own showers. That’s the only good thing about this place. That and the meatloaf.
            But I won’t leave you without a cold forty to chug. And, listen, don’t feel bad about the complaints. If you weren’t complaining, I’d be worried. Because this fucking album was supposed to drop, like, two or three years ago. Still, I want to thank my more patient fans and let you know that you’re much appreciated, as well. I’m sorry that I can’t respond to everyone, but a big shout out to all who take the time to visit Incandesio’s blog. I love you.

Con Amor,

Another Cold 40

"Thinking of Nothing"

How the fuck you doubtin me, like I ain't the best in rap

What the fuck I look like, South Park Mexican't?

All hail the Beast of Rhyme, wreck on every single line

comp eat what I eat, so they shit can be like mine

don't forget I ate the yams, this is for my Playa fans

someone tell my wela she can look up from her prayin hands

no more sellin Abrahams, or weighin grams, or savin cans

your flow is regular, like someone feeds it Raisin Brans

My flow is supa-doop, like when I'm flyin over seas

"That's not a bird, that's a Meskin guy with forty keys!

Why the hell's he usin all his power jus for sellin drugs?!"

Well, cause the strippas in the V.I.P. give head to thugs

so it makes it well worth it, wonder where this gal shirt is

others be at self-service, cause you spittin stale verses

mad cause you can't spell purpiss, plus yo momma smell burntish

plus yo daddy broke his arm and said he wanted male nurses

that be worse than hell's curses, or these major cell searches

or just ridin with my uncle in that truck with twelve curtains

I'm the S.O.N., I'm the rain, only one that calm the flame

love my fans like Ponic Jane, but won't smoke ya, promise mayne

play the best on gray cassettes, swangin Vettes 'n' breakin necks

Hillwood till I'm layin dead, like, "Mom, that man got painted red!"

Will I die before my prime? Will I live till mornin time?

Only God knows all the Q's, still He gives us warnin signs

pour da fine, roll da pine, for who die on borderlines

if that boy be short a dime, that's when jack moves orbit minds

came to save I came to heal, or maybe I'm insane for real

maybe it's these eighteen pills that makes me feel like Navy Seals

felt the pain in painless kills, been the shade in shady deals

gave'em songs that gave'em chills, say it's luck I say it's skill

Jesus is our only hope, yet He's the one we don't promote

screamin 'bout how Los is dope, but me I'm just the holy g.o.a.t.

1984's that poke, ride down Luther slow 'n' low

16 woofas stole the show, kick so hard they broke a toe

let my pen rep all the hoods, me I'm from the block of wolves

eight hoes in my telly bed, like, Damn I just ate octopus

all for one, all or none, all begun, all for fun

now that shit got serious, fuck all you all who all was ummm 

Nope, I won't even say it, promised not to be disgustin

"Los, why you lyin, nigga, you jus couldn't think-o-nothin!" lol!


P.S. Fam, I just had a visit with
Sylvia Coy (sister), Trey Coy (nephew),
and my babies, Carley and Carlos II.
We are releasing the S.O.N. snippet,
which will have the free single, on
May 3rd. That’s also the date
of Carley’s 18th birthday. So, get
your votes in on what song you want,
that way we can get it on the snippet
and have it ready for May 3rd.


Anonymous said...

12.) The Poor Kids - It features Russell Lee so it should be dope!

Anonymous said...

Track number 10 or 16 but I'm fine with any of the songs.

Incandesio said...

Thanks for the input! I'll be posting the poll, or a link to it, tomorrow.

Raheem X said...

Don't Go Away!

I'll mark my calendar for the snippets. Yeah-Yuh!~

Anonymous said...

Hey spm im a hugee fan of yours til i die and i was wondering could you put a few free spm cards or stickers or bumper stickers with the snippets

Anonymous said...

I hope SPM reads thís.!
I áint complaining but you said that the son was gonna drop like in the end of March and i kindá believed it and told my friends about it which males look bad kus it aint gonna drop in márch. Thats what i get anyways for opening my mouth. Its cool though cause im patient bout the álbum and i know it aint easy shit to do from the pen but íll drop when it drops. By the way what hapened with the Resúrection álbum and the song with Spm vs los 2, that i heard on myspace long time ago? Anyways i alzó have a question about baby bash, os he still with you guys kus i really dnt feel like he dont show enough love to DHR and you, like low g, rasheed, carólyn and Juan gotti show love. Well ive been listenin to your music since i was like 9 and now im 16 yrs old. I always listen to your music all of your albums except hillwood, ive heard a few songs from hillwood bt i really have listened 2 it bcuz i havnt found that album at the storés. One last question do honestly think yoúll get out of prison kus you've been in there for a long time dnt get me wrong k hope u get out veeh soon? Sorry for writing so much bt i have a lot of shit 2 say.

Anonymous said...

* makes me

Anonymous said...

Hey spm im the same guy that asked for the bumper sticker, I Sent You Two Letters Asking For Your Autograph And Please Please Can You Sent Me Your Autograph i dont know if you know who i am so ill give you my zipcode 75068

Anonymous said...

spm responded to what i said. by tha way im the one who hes talkin about in the 2nd response. and now i feel stupid after reading this. sorry los. just got a little frustrated, i got caught up, i suffered from this syndrome you described a couple letters back called "I Really Want What I Can’t have Syndrome ". i didnt mean what i said, but it is your fault because if your music wasnt so damn addicting i wouldnt bitch about not having it right away. im always gonna be a big fan of you even though you made me feel stupid. spm is serving a 45 year prison sentence for a crime he did not commit and im over here bitching. i wont get caught up again, promise that. keep ya head up and stay close to god. duece

Anonymous said...

Can you pick my comment to give to spm please i really want his autograph im the guy with the 75068

Anonymous said...

I think spm can find my letter if i only give him my zip code right ? 75068

Justin Hernandez said...

Carlos My Birthday Is On May 4 I Turn 18. Been Jamming South Park Mexican Since 6th Grade.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

my nigga wen u going to release your book, your letters are like crack, i literally get dizzy wen i read em. if your books were 10,000 pages each i would still read em..SP, you on another level, most of the MC's from your class peaked back in the early 2000's like (fuck it imma name names) Jay Z, Em, Fat Joe, Nas,(plus many more) or they peaked in their 2nd and 3rd albums...but you had 8 classic albums under your belt before u got locked up, all heavy hitters and u still put out, in my opinion, the best hiphop album of all time, W.D.S...and my nigga, i know u got to be politically correct but fuck lil wayne, that nigga is a corn ball...his style used to be horrible and still is, idk why people say "i like the old wayne better" that nigga aways was ass to me...please dont respond to me of regards to lil wayne, better yet dont respond to me at all, cause i aint gonna lie im on my hater shit right now...

APatientFan said...

.04 Cheifn Cuz I Smoke Chillin On The Porch When This Drops Some Blunts To It Ima Smoke
Found A Couple Hoes Rounded Up Homies Cant Forget The Guns Bound Be A Hater Actin Careless
Gone Of Some Liqour Fuck The Condine In Texas I Aint Livin Could Be The Reason Chillin Hanging With Mary Jane
Los I Hate To Take Your Shine But Like You I Like To Rhyme And I Figure You CEO Exposore Of My Flow Might Be Vital From A Idle
Damn Wat Am I Talking Bout Smoke To Much
Might Need To Hold Back A Bit Im Drunk Might Mouth Out N Start Talking Shit
Late Night Fittin Break A Bud Get Back To It Los Mary Helps Lots
Im Done To Let You Know I This Without no Haults Just To Let You Know How Smiles Does Things
Not Bragin Honestly I Aint Bet This Was Sorta Of A Freeflow So I Felt

Anonymous said...

I first heard SPM when i was in elementary using big ass tape players...i have pics and signatures 4rm Juan Gotti, Rasheed, Nino, Lil Young, Low G, Young Happy Perez, and plenty other artists, but ive never gotten Los' signature or pic but i promise it'll happen be4 i leave the face of this earth! Much love 2 Dope House Records and LockJaw Click!

Anonymous said...

Ahhahaha ahahaha that's the shit spm said ridin down Luther slow n low 16 woofers stole the show kick so hard they broke a toe ahahahaha broke a toe man that's funny thats tight though bet that pounds like crazy lol good cold 40 thanks spm hope you get out soon And back home with your family asap DOPEHOUSERECORDS FOR LIFE FREE SPM CARLOS COY

Anonymous said...

Well i really hope that he is right about something with the snippet date. im a very impatient person but i tried to wait as patient as i could. ran out of patience last month, so idk if i should even mark my calendar for this date.

Ckpdabest said...

Damn spm i love you so much no homo. Your music is crack an you inspire me so much wish i could meet you an i hope you respond to my letter im writing. FREE SPM

Ector Davi Lopez said...

How about the song :Chiefin!!

Gil Breed said...

What up Los....? 11 fxing years bro n they don't even wanna here us say let u go! I live in the Chi n I've been listening to yo dope since I waz 12 I'm 25 now n I will continue to listen when I'm 60 .can't wait to hear yo new sh!t and the day u won't have to say free me! I always thought about writing u a letter but it'll probably never make it just like a girl leaving my room when she butked naked lol I'm a big fan n I always listen to yo music when I'm down it turns my stomache to listen to these boyz sounds I make my own but I'm not a pro or at that I have no studio I hope they give u ur retrail soon or ima camp outside yo penitenary with my whole damn crew keep yo head up n stay true for yo real fans will stick around even when the sky isn't blue!

Anonymous said...

#14 to the flame or #1 the battle rap is my vote los!

Anonymous said...

SAY LOS DES DAT BOYY NATE I JUST WROTE U THE LONGEsT AND REalEST MSG RIGHT NOW UNFOURTUNTLY I WAS CUT OFF BY WHO EVER IS OVER VIEWING UR SHIT HATER ASS MOFO SUK A DICK AND DIE SLOW MOFO.. D.H.4.L. 21 century,imma see if i cant right u a letter in stead send me ur mailing info i rather right u hit me on f.b. Nathan maldonad..PEACE FREE MY S.P.MEX

Anonymous said...


Ramon Rincon said...


Anonymous said...

If carley is turnin18 nd she was 8 when WHEN DEVILS STRIKE dropped in 08 that means IN MY HOOD was recorded in 03...some one should ask the mex one time tho

Raymond Samano said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I vote for any of 'em cuz they're all gonna be cold. FREE SPM!!!-beanieman

noe said...

Two more weeks without any updates and I dont know... Haha just bullshitting. Gotti released the new track "letter to Carlos" and its pretty deep. You can tell he is real as fuck.

Ivan said...

What if there's a draw? voted for K-love Vs. SPM

I guess some of us are so patient because like you said, "Where can you go? There's only one number one,bro." Plus, Bing hasn't released any albums and Woodie from Norcal committed suicide (RIP),so yeah I'm just glad you still wrecking. And you truly care about the fans. FREE SPM!!!!!

Ivan said...

Also, after you got locked up i thought i'd never hear a new SPM track again.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12:39. W.d.s was release in 2006 and yeah he prombly record 03 ill vote for well cheifin or without the s.o.n. its all pure uncut dope so any track will be addictive as a fuck and the way us fans are like crack heads waiting to just take a hit any track will hit the spot my friends free spm

Anonymous said...

how can we hear the snippets when they get released. is there gonna be a website or is dope house gonna use youtube.

Anonymous said...

Im The Third person He Responded Too But I feel the same way as the other guy who also got a response from him...its just tht he said tht he was just waiting on those artist to give the picture and the writing so it seemed as if the album was getting delayed because of those 5 artist but anyway i understand its not easy droppin an album while bein locked up and for that much respect to Los...in the end DHR For Life

Bari661 said...

Will There Ever Be Another Dope House Family Song With All The Artists From Dope House?? Cuz The One On The Playamade Mexicanz Album Only Had A Couple Of Artists

Anonymous said...

Will Spm Ever Collaborate With Gt Garza Cause Mann Just With Those 2 Names Already Know For A Fact It Will Be A Dope Ass Song

Mannie Delatorre said...


Anonymous said...

Im the one who wrote the comments about his spanish and that is exactly what i was trying to say, now what does everybody who was talking shit before about my comments have to say?

Anonymous said...

Shut up foo.

Noe said...

I didnt respond to your comments. Ill say this though, let it go,brah. Can't blame other ppl, u should've made ur point clear instead of having SP clear it up.

Anonymous said...

Addicted to storms

Anonymous said...

song 17

Adrian T said...

i vote for Twenty Eight

I just want to hear an SPM song that doesn't have Carolyn Rodriguez on the hook, i find her singing annoying and she ruins the song 90% of the time. She was overused on The Last Chair Violinist she should of only been on Mexican Heaven and Are We Real nothing else. Now she is going to be on 7 more songs smh! Not looking forward to those. Hopefully SPM stops using her so damn much in future projects.

Anonymous said...

Wat up los I'm from tx but raisd in fl I been jamming dope house since I was 8 I'm 18 now ur music never gets old I saw ur gold toes interview I like when u said "I didn't ask to be mexican I just got lucky" I'm a big fan I whish you get out soon so u can give me your autograph

Lo Flores said...

What up big bro.. glad to hear you getting out of high security soon.. things out here changing quick.. guess its just a "sign of the times".. but to all my people voting.. please vote for "angels".. alot of people can really use a lift right about now.. an we all know Carlos is good at it.. because it seems these mofos throwing curveballs left and right these days.. but one love from the boy in oak cliff texas.. and to Carlos.. I know their bullspit cant last forever.. much prayers for you big bro.. may you find whatever peace you can in there..

LosTejedy said...

Why is everybody voting for the 1st track? dont you want a real song witha beat. Voted for "Without the S.O.N." gonna be slappin. change your votes

Mannie Delatorre said...


Anonymous said...

"Without the S.O.N." is my vote. This should be like Every SPM song ever made.... 100% dope!! Keep doin you and makein true hip hop music los!! Puro Amor from yhur raza in New Mexico. You cant go anywere here with out havein 1person bumpin some of your lyrical dope. FREE THAT SOUTH PARK WETBACK!!

Anonymous said...

Well he responded to wat i had to say on the #7 comment... i feel like an ass now the Los has cleared alot of shit up for me. Never meant any disrespect big homie just hope u can undrstand where i was coming from as a true fan just want my favorite rapper my mentor to put out that fire im fiening like a crack addict for the S.O.N love u Los been a fan since forever brother
God bless.....
And i pick the #16 track addicted to storms FREE THAT MESKIN

Angela Niño said...

Beating storms and everyone mourns/Your lyrical thoughts don't conform/Our society's weak but your words give the gift of rebirth/We'll stand together DopeHouseRepresentas till your destiny's fullfilled /Volumes of letters neatly placed/Our hearts, minds and steal blades can never erase/I was sitting with my bro when your love entered mine/Forever in time you'll stay alive.

We love you Los...mad repect...everything happens for a reason!

Anonymous said...

Addicted to storms

Anonymous said...

Damn this album is going to be dope as fuck. Especially bcuz it's going to be a solo. Can't nobody fuck with your level of gangsterism.
K-RINO and SPM. Baddest motherfuckers in this rap game

Anonymous said...

Addicted to storms

Anonymous said...

I agree. I been jammin' that newest one by K-Rino, 80 Minute Eternity, and he goes off like an atom bomb. Especially on all these punks running around ruining music. "These boys dirty, they done broke too many laws...next year these rappers gonna be on stage in skinny draws, HA!"-Blood in the Crown. Check out Coast's new one too, The Other Side of My Heart, TOL3. FREE SPM!!!-beanieman

Anonymous said...

I just chose the first track because i want to hear Los destroy his competition! And im guessing K-love can hold his own since he is featured in the album All the tracks should be fire so ill take any of them. Cant wait till the album drops!

Anonymous said...

Are u gunna watch mexico vs u.s.a? Who do u think will win?

Cristoval Larrazolo said...

OK my question is " do you think I'm dumb for putting 'FREE SPM! ' on my knuckles" I don't care what those haters say but wanna know what you think. They say I'm dumb cause I don't know you on a personal level ...but I feel I do.even tho I never met you.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I think that was a cool thing to do, homie. Shows dedication to see Los free. FREE SPM!!!-beanieman

Anonymous said...

I remember when I was younger I was at the pearland flea market and I turned around and I saw SPM walking he shook my hand and said "may god be with you homito" i couldn't believe my idol was walking behind me it was an awesome day. FRE SPM. I wanna be able to run into you at flea markets again. SPM is real and same goes for the DHF even if you release the SON 2years from now I still will be waiting.

Anonymous said...

I agree with all the people that say PLEASE NO MORE CAROLYN RODRIGUEZ!!!!!!! I know y'all might be cool or whatever but her voice gets played out the gospel singers you had back then were 100 times better..I mean no disrespect but u gotta give the fans what they want right???i know you're probably like "I don't gotta do shit" but just a little piece of advice from a loyal fan...much love SPM when the album drops ill make sure to buy 2 copies

Anonymous said...

With out the s.o.n. sounds like a hell of a good song just think.about it with out Carlos coy with out spm with out el coyote I mean I guess it will make u go on a trip listing what would be with out the s.o.n. I no for sure I would be bumbing country or tejano salsa or whatever kind of music no rap nor hip hop since spm is the only thug mutha fucka that knows how to keep it real in the rap game so I vote with out the s.o.n. but will just have to wait and see .....oh and for the anonymous3:56 Carolyn rod is a very talented gifted nice thuggish player and she can do it all hooks verse and skits she got skills and if spm were to know u hating boy u are hater spm is not going to put not just any girl on his albums shed there for a reason why cause that medcina girl has every thing to cure u hataz member she's the night nurse luv you mama peace out free the s.o.n

blaze 956

Anonymous said...

during carlos coys trial a number of women came up and accused spm of having sex with him when they were minors. i was just wondering can you tell us about these women, do you know them personally or were they there to lie to help you get convicted

Anonymous said...

Really?name a good song of hers that spm isn't featured on................*crickets chirping*LMAO

Anonymous said...

Free tha mex!!

Anonymous said...

Thought u neva ask , homito ill mention were she can do it all hook and.verse
carolyn Rodriguez - p.I.m.p purp is my perfue
Juan gotti ft Carolyn Rodriguez - hood thang

look homito I'm not asking u to be her fan but that she gots skills and talent is def there what u need is to stop sippin on that haterade ......... blaze 956

Anonymous said...

Any thing u got to say ,ill give some advice just. SAVE IT:..................

blaze 956. ; )

Anonymous said...

SPM we all know that u are the King of the rap game but in ur opinion who's the second best?

Mr.Narro said...

I'm gonna say ......(addicted to storm).

Anonymous said...

I wonder what the song titled " Twenty Eight" is about

Anonymous said...

There is no second best

Anonymous said...

Carolyn is the shit And shes pretty

Anonymous said...

... Keep them haters hating/but still show love to all/ because you showed us there's more to life then just hate/I couldn't understand back in the day why i would hate my own kind/till I listen to your words through your music/now instead of raising both of my hand in the air/I extend a hand to those lost and confuse/...

Anonymous said...

Maybe not technically,but I would still like to know his opinion

Anonymous said...

This is just like the 2000 presidential elections. The votes were rigged, can we get a recount?! : ) just joking. Im glad we get to listen to one of the tracks.

Anonymous said...

To the person who mentioned Bash. Bash still shows love to depoehouse and SP. most of the interviews I've seen he's always giving shout outs. He has also featured some of Dopehouse fam n his albums and mixtapes.

El Cuervo said...

Yo SP! lets see you respond to my cold 40 in yo next dear family letter, much love.

Riding for my crew lightin chronics what we do

Sippen brew, actin foos, make the news for killen jews

But when I kill my own kind they all like "oh thats finel"

Cuz we the ones commitin crimes we the ones doin time

we the ones who cause the rain we the ones who cause the pain

so now they killin us one by one, but to us its a lil fun

cuz now we get to bust back, bust em in the cardiac

hit em all out the lac, sack em like a quarter back

I really want to end the beef, spread the peace throughout the streets

But the men in blue always scream "why don't you wetbacks just fucking leave?"

But nah man we here to stay, every day we gettin paid

We'll dig ya graves, we'll wash you plates, so we can get a meal today

But sometimes we feel the rage creep through our body, we cant be tamed

Cuz when you treat a race like shit, you gon feel the side effect

in form of lead, we'll take ya bread, this real life this aint pretend

So i suggest we all just be friends before your world comes to an end

we'll Shoot ya from the left and we'll shoot ya from tha right yo death bed is here tonight

Leave you red like elmo time, in ya bed yellin "why why why!"

You kno why tha fuck it happened, you disrespect so bitch stop askin

I drew a penis on yo head, at open casket yo kids all laughin

Its tragic I will admit, but I have to chuckle a lil bit

Cmon its funny! on yo head is a lil dick!

I saw his body then I stole it like them raiders from oakland

Layed down yo body, now its time to cut it open

into small pieces like them reeces, oh damn I forgot to pee, shit

open yo mouth, I aim an then I will release it

Now its time for feastin, take you to the kitchen

Damn you taste just like pop eyes chicken

My bellys feelin a lil queezy, I call yo bitch tell her to please me

she comes through, i open tha door, what a pleasure to meet thee!

Take her to the bed room, ima have her wet soon

She gets undressed and her kitty lookin like a mushroom

I throw a fit i gag a bit, i feel the pressure comin in

I barf out her husband, look hes alive again!

His wifes screamin like shes seen a demom

bitch shut up my babys are sleepin!

So i shut her up with my fucking nine

Then i stab her man with a knife, i think its time for nighty night

What a lovely woman to my left, i make her corpse give me head

Then i bust a nut, what a night, i think its time for bed!

APatientFan said...

This For El Curevo(Might Wanna Go Back To The Studio)
Ima Start By Sayin I Dont Give A Fuck, If You Like It Or Dont

My Rap Ima Stick With, Love To Flow Cant Hault When i Start

Lighta Blunt, Slows My Rhythm, Aint A Problem But You Hatin,

Fittina Make me Address One, Its Ridiculous How You Thinkin,

Rather Be Smoking Rolling Up Some More, But You Starin Looking Like A Bitch Does

When She Wants The D

Distracted I Cant Focus, Bothern Me n U Aint About Bussiness,

Found Some Trouble Money Gotta Keep It Flowing, Ill Handle Real Quick

Should Of Stayed home Today, Bout Get Ur ass Beat Give a fuck What you Say

Road is Hard Lets get Together Y Worry When Theres plenty of Cheeder

Smoke, Drink, Gettin Older , We All Goin Fallover One Day

Girls We Swicthin Them Every Moring, Left Em At A Hotel,

All Well Y I Rent It For Anyways, Fittin Blaze Riding Threw The City,

Sittin Real Pretty, Smoking Lovely, Cops Try But Cant Stop Me,

Came Up Off It, Its Become A Hobby, My Flow Be So Good Someones Bound To Copy

Shame You Talkin Shit, Then Go Back, And Admire Me,

Haa You Is Funny, Sittin There Talkin About Me With Your Lady,

She Diggin Everything You Sayin, Now She Callin Tellin Me She Horny,

She Calls A Friend To Deceive You, Two Homegirls Ima Have By Time Tonight End,

Ima Stop For I Go Into Detail Of What Your Girl Did While She Was Here.
Next Time You Try To Rap Make Sure No One Hear.
(SMILES) If You Say The Name Say It Clear

Anonymous said...

"I dont give a fuck if u like it or dont." shit came off as being insecure. Gave a sense as if the bars were going to be weak. Not hating. Keep grinding, you too Cuervo.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Adamm Rocha said...

you should put
13.)  My Homegirl..... or even
16.)  Addicted To Storms


Anonymous said...

It don't matter wut song u give us Los. and Cuervo nice cold 40, chugged tht hoe.

Anonymous said...

Cuervo, everything up until the part about drawing a lil dick was pretty good. I was into it but then it went downhill. Keep doing your thing.

Anonymous said...

We should have a vote if Carolyn Rodriguez stays or goes...cause she sucks!!!!

El Cuervo said...


Yo smiles, I thought we was cold fourtyin

That was a sloppy 20, sound like a white boy from Oregon

You ever heard kevorkian, you shud prolley take his advice

Slice your wrist cuz your rhymes sound all chopped and spliced

Your flow is elementary, my flow is collegiate

Like that Michael Jackson, I think you shud "Beat it"

Before you get defeated like them Redskins on weekends

There aint no competin, I'm raw, you is a weaklin

I apoligize if my rhymes come off as unfriendly

But when you test me I'm deady, its ok if you envy

these rhymes that I'm spitten, so raw and so tender

Your rhymes sound like Picmen so small like a feather

you talk of stealin my lady, damn how original!

sp you havin a threesome? oh how whore-ifical!

Tell me something I haven't heard on every rappers diss song

If not you have my word that ittl be you that I piss on

so stop acting cocky and trying to battle me

I'll beat you like that Rocky and catch a case for battery

All that hate is unflattering, but I have to fight fire with fire

cuz aint nobody got time for a lame or a fuckin bighter

Anonymous said...

Yo yo El cuervo so you think your rhymes are deep
nigga they be smelly like a male sheep

you need to get over yourself ,,big ears short legs like a fucking elf

the rhymes you spitten are raw and tender ,just the way you love your nalgas of a male gender

fool yo and the ragger, time of the month yeah check your calendar

your phone is ringing its from the Dr. office ,telling you your result came out positive

now u have aids like magic Johnson ,all this wouldent happen if you didnt open your sticking nalgass

APatientFan said...

This To Curevo That Shit Was Lame, Boy R U Stupid Or Something Guess Ima Have To Put u To Shame

Fuck You Talkin Bout, You Stumbling
I Can Tell You Aint Meaning A Single Sentence of it

Cold Forty Oh You Wanna be A SP Now
Boy With Them Rhymes No Wonda They Want Sp Out.

Let Me Light A Blunt,Fittin Story Tale A Bit, About Curevo Alota Hate In His Heart I Can Already.
Here Take A Hit,Ease Off Some

You Say Ima A Trip,Well Step
Bet Ill Sendya Ona Long Vacation
N U Say I Aint Competion,
Funny I Laughed When I Read Dat.

Yet Your Posse Aint Posin No Damn Threat
Phase Me No Not Any,Smokin Regi But No Problem I Got Plenty

Handlin Disrepect Thinkin Youll Get Away, With Shit Like That.
Around Here I Could Careless Bout Your Feelin

Tryin Stack My Paper,Get It Flowin like A River,Interrupt It Might Grab A trigger
Warnin Once,Didnt Listin Now A Raven Haves Pronounce You Dead

Life Will Go On, Drinkin Liquor Might Abuse It A Lil
Chill 24 Seven,I Aint Even Flexin

This Is Off The Head,Dread People Talkin Down,Do Ya Dirty Infront Of Your Damn Chick,
Oh Damn I Forgot You Said You Dont Got One,Mad Cuz A Porno Got You Hard

My Girl Keep My Dick Soft,Jumps Right Up No A Sec Late
When My Bone Hit Her I Put That Bitch To Sleep

Forces On My Feet, Bitchz N Some Fits
Approach Us N We Gets
Cheap Hotel Where Im About To Go

Freak After Freak I Dos The Same To Every Single One,
Tick Tock Times A Tickin So Your Annihilation Has Started

Yo Im Out Fuck That Forty Live It To SP,
His Idea Y Try Steal From A Well Known Dope Dealer
Fail Wat U Do Try But No Luck For Ya
Smiles Goin Stay Smiling, Rollin Up Green, Hatin Dont Mean A Damn Thing

Mean Muggin Might Hear My Thang Bang Outside Of The Club Leave Ya Numb Waist Down
Go Home N Clown Mary Keep Me Calm So Yo Hate All You Want Im OUt

Anonymous said...

What up spm !!! Just here showing my suppost ... wasnt right what they did to you ... look at all these rappers that have been accused of things of this nature... all they want is what they didnt have.... money !!! Keep stong and stay up .. adam solache compton ca

Anonymous said...

Don't go away for sure homie for tha free song....free spm

B said...

When will you send in the Song winner? Can I still vote?

Incandesio said...

I sent the winner(Angels) in right after the poll closed; however, you can send him a letter and let him know which one you'd like to see.

Janet R. said...

Hey, I just wanted 2 let you know, Los. That you stay strong, & you will b out soon. I hope 2 meet you 1 day, & get your autograph. I am about 2 send a letter to the D.A. right now. Every SPM fan has your back, & so do I. I believe in you.

Anonymous said...

when is spm gone send sum new letters

Incandesio said...

Anon 9:11:

I'm not sure, but he tries to send at least one per month.

Shana. Raby said...

Carolyn rocks ! Stop the hating bs dayum that gets old. Free SPM .<3