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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Letter to Mike Anderson 2


First post of the month, time for another letter to District Attorney Mike Anderson! Please, feel free to write your own, copy this one, or simply print out and send one of the flyers from the column to the right.


The D.A. specifically mentioned the Innocence Project in his recent ethics training, so the possibility of old convictions being overturned must be on his mind; let’s see if we can’t interest him in Coy’s case!


The Honorable Mike Anderson

1201 Franklin St

Houston, Tx





I’m writing today about the case of Carlos Coy, #98426. He is currently serving out a 45 year sentence after being convicted on one count of Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child. I would like very much to see your office take a look at the trial, and hopefully recommend that he get a new one.


I have seen quite a bit of discussion of the ethics training your office recently received. One particular that jumped out at me was your assertion that “prosecutors are going to be maligned from certain corners of our existence, most especially the Innocence Project.”


Sir, I cannot speak for that organization, but as a citizen with an intense interest in a case that I believe was mishandled by the D.A’s office under Chuck Rosenthal, I can say that I do not believe that prosecutors are “pond scum.” I do, however, believe that an aggressive, slap-dash attitude pervaded the justice system during that time period, and that revisiting mishandled cases can only improve your office’s standing in the public’s eye; choosing to ignore it will simply prolong the outrage that many of us feel over the questionable tactics employed during his trial.


Please, open an investigation into this case, and give Coy another opportunity for justice.


Me, my address, etc.


Raymond Samano said...

How many of you fans can honestly say that you send these letters im very curios about this

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing none?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I did it.. I dont think he did it