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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Quick Update 8

Quick Update: The Surprise Choice                                                             4/11/13


            What does it do? I hope it did what it does. If it didn’t do what it does don’t get did by what doesn’t get done.
            For those who need a translation: Hey, how are you? I hope great. If not, just stay strong and things will get better.
            Well, “Angels” won the vote for the free single, releasing May 3rd. Incandesio said it took 33% of the votes, while “K-love Vs. SPM” came in second with 27%. I’m still taken aback that the majority chose “Angels”, knowing it was a Christian song. I’m not saying that I thought you were devil worshippers, but you know what I mean. I’m not exactly known for Christian music.
            In fact, this is the first of it’s kind on an SPM album. I hope you enjoy it.
            Incandesio wrote me a letter, and it included some of your comments, and I’d like to respond to a few. I’ll do that now.

1.) Anonymous said....
            I just chose the first track because i want to hear Los destroy his compitition! And im guessing K-love can hold his own since he’s featured in the album All the tracks should be fire so ill take any of them. Cant wait till the album drops!

Response: I wouldn’t say that K-Love could hold his own, but he was definately entertaining. He called me everything from a “bitch” to “a skittle.” (Yeah, the candy.) He tried his best, but I think he knew what was going to happen to him. I guess some people like gettin abused by the Mojado. I don’t understand that enjoyment. I once freestyled against Rasheed, and I won’t do that again.

            Let me say that there’s plenty of guys who can freestyle better than me, but K-Love was not one of them. The battle is fun to hear, though. I give K-Love props for sacrificing himself for the sake of entertainment. Even though he left the battle with his pride stripped away, his confidence trampled and his manhood in question, he tried.

2.) Cristoval Larrazolo said...
            OK my question is “do you think I’m dumb for putting ‘FREE SPM!’ on my knuckles? I don’t care what those haters say but wanna know what you think. They say I’m dumb cause I don’t know you on a personal level ...but I feel I do. even tho I never met you.

Response: Most times people get tattoos of things that mean something to them. My justice and freedom are important to you, so you expressed that. How can someone hate onwhat’s important to you? If they don’t like it, tell them to get their own tattoo that says, “I don’t like Cristoval’s ‘FREE SPM!’ tattoo.” Ya see, Players represent what they love, and haters represent what they hate on. So, as silly as it sounds to get a “hater tattoo”, that’s exactly what they do, anyway. They spend their time “tattooing” themselves with whatever they’re hating on. That’s a crazy-sad life, but their job is vital in strengthening those who operate with love. Use them for fuel, my brother. That’s what they’re here for.
3.) (I’m not sure who said this comment because there’s a space between the name and the comment, so I won’t put the name.)

            I just want to hear an SPM song that doesn’t have Carloyn Rodriguez on the hook i find her singing annoying and she ruins the song 90% of the time. She was overused on The Last Chair Violinist she should have only been on Mexican Heaven and Are We Real nothing else. Now she is going to be on 7 more songs smh! Not looking forward to those. Hopefully SPM stops using her so damn much in future projects.

Response: Carolyn’s in the Dope House Family, and she’s our vocalist. Nobody tells the Black Eyed Peas, “Hey, what the fuck, Fergie is being overused!” What do you want me to do, tell Juan Gotti to sing the hooks? Have you ever heard his singing? Sounds like two sumo wrestlers making love.

            But you know what’s crazy, Carolyn only sings two full hooks, an that’s on “The Poor Kids” and “To The Flame.” I don’t know why I said seven. I guess cause I’m so used to her singing the choruses. She does some partial stuff on “Till They Come”, “Angels”, and ad-libs. But if she were on seven hooks, I’d be just as happy. She’s Mexican Fergie gotdammit!

            But I’ve heard this complaint before, and understand that The DHF is a group that’s for life, por vida. And I know what you’re thinking, but the answer is, no, you can not kill Carolyn. But do me a favor, give her another chance when you listen to The S.O.N. Listen to how she sprinkles dope on “Frustration” and “Till They Come.” That shit is priceless, man. The girl knows what to add, and how to add it, to purify a song. I can’t speak for her solo projects because I haven’t heard them, nor was I involved. But if she needs to be redeemed, let The S.O.N. be her redeemer, because she did the fool.
            Matter a fact, here’s a quick sixteen for my girl:

Quick Sixteen

Why you mad at Carolyn? Cause she isn't Marylynn?

cause she sound like Lucifer when Lucy's shooting heroin?

maybe she would care again if someone pulled her hair a bit

maybe it's them blue eyes, make her look American

when she comes to visit I be starin at her pair and then,

she just looks away, cause she see my Woody Harrelson

now she is embarrassed and she scootin back her chair an inch

while my shit is risin like a mothafuckin Paris bridge

now the fuckin air is thick, Why the fuck she wear that shit?

This should be a movie called "Night Nurse Meets Werewolf Dick"

Damn I jus went overboard, ate my words then ordered more

this shit sounds like horror or, somethin at the porno store

let me use your Ford Explorer, 'pologize from door to door

sorta like a borin tour, all the way to foreign shores

your the core, we the spine, fuck a book, I read ya mind

show up any time I want, but make sho I leave in time.....

I was gonna answer some more comments but I got sleepy.
Plus this is a quick update, so it’s only right that I make it quick. Agree? I figured you wouldn’t.
            I’m still not sure where the snippet/single will be available, but I do know that it’s strictly a digital release. There will not be physical snippets like we did last time. I’ll write you more about everything concerning The S.O.N. as soon as I find out more.

Con Mucho Amor,


Anonymous said...

Free los!!! Realist of them all.

Anonymous said...

pshh carolyn is amazing!!!

Robert Diaz said...

Killed it as always Los. "Stay On Your Grind" man and keep that pure uncut dope from the dopehouse comin. Cant wait for the
S.O.N to drop and shit Carolyn is the other main reason i bump Los muzic. Fuck what the haters say. FREE THE SP MEX!!!

Eric G said...

Shit if it were up to me, Carolyn should be in every song. Los and Carolyn together are like a one two punch. Any SPM song and any Carolyn song is like heaven in my eardrums

Anonymous said...

Why dose that suprize you ? You started out as a Christian rapper and you tell us the only gang you clam is Christianty. we just want the real Los if u smokein and gangbangin we would want to here about that but you tell us your learning about Jesus and not puffin anymore. so we want the Christian SPM. were intrested in your life behind bars and your walk with God. ps check out SDA church they eat real healthy and have a good prison program. #FREESPM GOD bless !

Anonymous said...

to be honest i don't mind juan gotti's singing O_0 LOL atleast his harmonizing

Anonymous said...

He ain't lyin'...Rasheed is a cold freestyler. Much love everyone. FREE SPM!!!-beanieman

APatientFan said...

Like that freeflow probably wrote dat as you read n Carolyn can do dat to guys teller smiles said wat up na kidding but dats wat up u sure about ur team Props for dat

Anonymous said...

Agree, Rasheed can freestyle like no other. Have ya'll seen the video titled, epic freestyle (?) he wrecked.

Anonymous said...

^^ Yeaah that was sick, he freestyled a few words in spanish too. He's black and freestylin in spanish, man thats talent. " ...Simon saying hi to my jefe coming on my block en la noche with my cuete... thats for my boy the South park mexicano, sheedy gonzales the damn veterano represent for the hispano and all of the rraza with the crack casa coming with my sancha... " and he went on,sick. FREE SPM! WE STILL WITH YA AND THATS FOREVER!

Anonymous said...

Whats up,SP? I've been a fan of yours for a while and really appreciate all the updates. I've been taking college courses, trying to better myself. Hopefully, I can have a good career and be successful in life. Mom always said, " Try to be the best at whatever you do, even if it's moping floors." I brought this up since you've also inspired me and just wanted to let you know. You went from selling dope to becoming the best rapper, so many people admire you. As silly as it sounds, I must admit, sometimes I think to myself, If I make it SP would be proud of me.hahaha. Thanks for everything. FREE SPM!!!

Anonymous said...

P.S. Mom's quote; I was fresh out of high school, and mopping floors at some store. Still have a long way to go.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I heard Lil Bing for the first time a year ago, I was like gottdamn !! his flow is triple rhyming one of the rarest hardest types of rhymin ,similar to Earl Sweatshirt but hood!

Anonymous said...

You no what I wonder I wonder what a another song with SPM and bushwick would be like I bet that shit would be dope and I bet that shit would bump like power moves that shit bumps that's the first song I bumped when I bought my kickers system FREE SPM DOPEHOUSE 4 LIFE power mooo ooves power mooooves dope RIP DJ SCREW

G1GGL3S9:_COY said...
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esperanZa_c0y said...

los said there will be no physical release so why does young j ,leader of dope house army say he will be giving out snippet CD's to dope house leader are we getting plaid this be fucked up -_______________-

Anonymous said...

damn sad to see how much spm has fallen

Anonymous said...

dope house is a mess

Anonymous said...

Have some respect for your wife, asshole.

Anonymous said...

Lucky is an embarrassment to chicanos or mexican americans or whatever you want to call it. It seems he's trying to hard. Looks stupid. Someone tell that boy he's not blaxk

Lucky said...

I wonder why no other artist from Houston aside from 'dopehouse family' or unknowns, ft. Spm. No Bun B, Mike jones, cham, slim thug, lil flip, paul wall, etc, nobody from Houston fucks with Spm wonder why?

Its Lucky Bitchhh said...

@ April 23, 2013 at 3:55 PM.

auto tunnnnnnnnne said...

I said it was a bad look for juan gotti to be singing auto tune back in the dopespace site. Ex. one of the tracks of purest in the game juan gotti ft carolyn rodriguez. Pain ortiz went on a rant cuz of my comment, lol, saying shit like 'lets no be crabs in a bucket' and 'support' lol. glad to see Spm agrees that Juan Gotti singing is not good. Hope Juan Gachos dont take it in a bad way though. PS. maybe Juan Gotti wanted carolyns job. hahaaaa

Anonymous said...

hey los, what do you think of rapper gt garza? I think you and him on a song would be badass.

for yall who dont know him check him out


Anonymous said...

Do another 25 questions on my dresser

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:24 GT has skills, no doubt. But i know i might get some shit for this, IMO i think Chito da clown aka Joker is better than him. the guy is cold on the mic, he's raw.

Anonymous said...

He's also from the H, thats why i mentioned him. Another guy is Young Mex from City of Houstone Records, but he got locked up. He reminds me of BIng in the way that we prob won't know how far they would've made it. All in all i think both are better than GT.

Anonymous said...

Cus SPM is to cold fuck rhem other fools I want that pure no need for a sample Lol Paul wall gtfo

Anonymous said...

^ I agree. SP doesn't need them or anyone else. SPM is the purest on the mic.

Anonymous said...

Yea I always wanted an all SP album cuz wen I hear spm stop flowin I be like man I wanted to hear more lol the only thing I lije bout havin other artist is that I compare spms way of flowing to theirs and spm always on top like on block of rock. Free SPM

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for that son I need some of that pure dope Westside 210

Anonymous said...

In the song block of rock they all killed it. but who's the first guy that raps?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 3:55 smh, spm is all about respect especially for his family this 16 freestyle bars to the night nurse or Mexican fergie medicine girl whatever you wanna call Carolyn rod its just 4 phun spm is an artist his rap is art its called ENTERTAINMENT when you see a movie actor in a nudity scene guy touching boobs or ass kissing etc u really think his an Asshole cause of his role play come on this person are professional its just art its just a movie its just a freestyle its just song again ENTERTAINMENT free spm

blaze 956

ps: counting down for son of norma snippet and for spm New single angels its gonna be in some radio play other radio station be hating but still with not much radio play this nigga will sell out the day s.o.n. release just like t.l.c.v. one love for my homie sp to the fucking m

Valluco said...

25 questions on my dresser, yes sir. ( 25 Questions for Spm)

1. Is your 3rd wife born yet?
2. Did lobo get his raise?
3. Are you still married to the streets?
4. Are you still stronger then the law?
5. Tupac or Biggie?
6. Is your mom still saving aluminum cans?
7. Did you throw away your gats?
8. Are you a bird or a plane?
9. Who had you running thru the ghetto?
10. Who's over there?
11. Does anything still go on your block?
12. vogues or 24s?
13. How did you get them, cranium or chest plate?
14. Who are you currently married to Mary Jane, the streets or Gina?
15. How sweet was your revenge?
16. What you go to the valley for?
17. Did you find your charger?
18. Did win the Cannibus cup?
19. Where are you from; City of Dank, South Park, Revellie Park, Houston, Houstone or Hillwood?
20. I heard you were a baker. What kinda cookies and cakes do you make?
21. Do you still remain malicious?
22. Do you have a 4th wish?
23. Are you the son of a gun or the son of norma?
24. Did you find the blunt? I got one in case you still looking.
25. Is 13 your number from the right team? if not. How long was 13 your number from the right team?

ps. Somebody please deliver this message to Sp.

Anonymous said...

^ vogues or 24's?

Vogues are tires and 24's are rims.....

Btw, i cant wait for that snippet!!!

ATX said...


Anonymous said...

I was listening to the radio in the morning and they were talking bout spm and that he's releasing a new album

APatientFan said...

I was listening to the radio in the morning and they were talking bout spm and that he's releasing a new album

May 1, 2013 at 5:12 PM

Already Started Making News Nothing Surprising Thats The Wetback For You
Fittin Strike Back

Anonymous said...

YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAH! Almost time to jam out to the snippet and "Angels." But were can we go to listen,anyone?

Anonymous said...


last i heard they were trying to release both at midnight.

Incandesio said...

Anon 7:12:

I believe it will be here: https://soundcloud.com/dopehouseofficial

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Incandesio!

Anonymous said...

"People always ask the same question, Losy why you always so high?"

Anonymous said...

What n artist my boy can do it all high and low pitch tone of voices and while in jail gots to give props great fucking job s.p.o.g. my girl hates when I do coke cause I can't fuck ...

spm if u reading this comment and if u can respond how in the world do u come up with this rhymes is it really talent or a gift I mean I heard the snippet and damm I was amaze I was sober by the way I said image if I was stone if sober going on a trip listing if I were high would of been out of this world it was if I was getting high just by listing lol but like I told my bro fo sure when albums drops its a fucking ounce that I'm bless with lol that it going to be a toast on your name for the great album well u the king of this so talent or gift what ever it is keep doing what u doing

AlejandroHernandez said...

Hey Carlos , I got a hold of a CD very unheard of called Rags To Riches by J-LOC & Lil Russ. Its from the year 2000 & your featured on Track 6) Break da rules. Bad ass track whole reason i bought the CD when I saw "SPM" featured, I started feeling proud!

Anyway, If you remember tell us your history when you were doing that song with J-loc & Lil Russ & what happen to them?!

I'll write the lyrics so you remember better; It starts...


"See her at the club man 21 and up
I told her that she had a baby face and made her blush
classy nails and a pierce belly button
she took me to the dance floor broke me off something
rubbing my chest & grabbing my ( girl giggles )..
girl you move fast ima give you wip lash
- i crash_mash from the back to the front cuz i hit the kitten like an old mad truck

I ask her what her age was she bought me a beer & then she replied , Im old enough to be here
I guess your 21 but you look so young
wat year were u born? she started lookin dumb going ,um um

-hold up baby u tryin playa playa young girl I aint crazy , Im doing no time and nobody paying for big perty in a 5-10 man!

That is all Carlos remember dat?
Take good care of yourself , peace .

Love, Alejandro ,WI

Kayla Marie said...