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Sunday, April 28, 2013

The House of Renewed Hope

I have an interesting story for y’all today, out of Dallas, which I’m just going to write briefly about; I think the article covers it more fully than I could so, if you’re interested, please check it out.

It’s a group of exonerees who’ve come together to help others in similar situations; not just providing support and advice for the newly released, but also actively looking into other cases and helping to exonerate the innocent.

It looks like they’re focusing primarily on those who have been falsely convicted on the testimony of eyewitnesses, which doesn’t directly apply to Coy’s case, but they’re taking a stand against the culture of ‘DNA or get the fuck out’ that seems to be ever-present in Texas’s appeals system.

These cases are not going to be easy to prove, but I am so very encouraged to see them still struggling for justice. If they can climb out of TDCJ’s bottomless pit, and then turn around and extend a hand to those left behind, how can we lose hope? How can we give up? These men lived through it and are not just standing, but still fighting.


DVD520 said...

Hey Incandesio have you tried to make contact with them. How do they look into other inmates who have been falsely convicted? Do they randomly pick one or, how does it work?

Incandesio said...

The article suggests that people send them letters, but it looks like right now they're mostly interested in eyewitness cases.

Raymond Samano said...

So Incandesio does that mean if we send them a letter about Carlos Coy's case they will turn turn the other cheek or try & do something about it and what should we try to do with this

Incandesio said...

I'm not sure; my first impression is that they're just starting out, and they're probably focusing most of their energy on their first case, a friend of one of the exonerees. I wrote about it because it's inspiring, not because I expect them to look at Coy's case.

However, if you want to send them a letter, do it! The more people that know about the situation the better, I think.