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Friday, April 12, 2013

Weekend Reading 65

Just a few things today; first of all, 8714 films has some previously-unreleased footage of SPM in concert, check that out here:


Please, leave him a comment and let him know you appreciate it.


Local attorneys have differing opinion about new exoneration report


Anonymous said...

best website in the world!!

Mr. topnotch said...

A video of rasheed ft. spm, has made it to worldstar.com. For those who dont know about the site,its pretty much on of the most popular urban video websites. Alot of people that have never heard spm are commenting, but then his case comes up. Most of them are not informed about the case.If anybody has a worldstar account and can lieve a comment with a link to spmaftermath that would give people the opportunity to learn about his case. Thankyou

Incandesio said...

Mr. Topnotch, thanks! I left a comment.

Anonymous said...

That was a cool video. Shows the love and respect he has for his fans when he helps that chick out in the front. We miss you Los. FREE SPM!!!-beanieman