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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Letter to Mike Anderson 7

I came across this post on BigJolly Politics this week, and it’s been on my mind quite a bit. As always, I encourage you to write your own letter, copy this one, or just send one of those flyers to your right. Let’s let the DA’s office know that our interest in this case continues, and we want to see action on it.

D.A. Mike Anderson

1201 Franklin
Houston, TX


I’m writing to you today about the case of Carlos Coy, #908426.

I saw an article written by David Jennings of the blog Big Jolly Politics. In it, he protests SB 834 and brings up what appear to be multiple connections between political figures in Harris County and the members of grand juries.

I do not believe a government can exist without accusations of corruption. It doesn’t take much for the perception take hold, and then the public is left wondering who can be trusted; caught between opposing accusations and murky ethical quandaries, there is little that can be done immediately. 

However, when corruption has been ignored for many years, and we can finally see the devastation it left, it is imperative that we address it. There were serious problems with the criminal justice system under D.A. Chuck Rosenthal, and I hope that you will agree that, no matter how long ago an injustice took place, it is never a bad idea to do what we can to fix it.

I cannot make any specific allegations of wrongdoing in Coy’s case; I do not have the training and expertise needed to pinpoint exactly what went wrong, but I feel very strongly that during that time period little attention was paid to the rights of those accused. Likewise, I feel that what information we do have about Coy’s case indicates that something went wrong; it defies common sense to think that a man could be sentenced to 45 years in prison on the malleable testimony of a child that couldn't testify definitively whether she had been assaulted, or merely had a bad dream. 

According to the Innocence project, the wrongfully incarcerated serve an average of 13 years before winning their freedom; next year will be the 13th anniversary of Rosenthal’s election, and I hope very much that those abused that notorious administration will begin to see justice.

Please, sir, look into Carlos Coy’s case. Give us justice sooner, rather than later.

Me, my address, etc etc etc.


Anonymous said...

I hope the Da actually read your letters and all our letters and not just toss them aside . I love what your doing how often do you send letters? How much would it be to have a billboard put up do you have any idea. It would be nice if all of us who would love to see spm release and justice be done can pitch in together whatevee it would cost to have bill boards made w a pic of spm and statin how we would like to get him a fair trial

Anonymous said...

I have a Q for SPM, has he herd anything from powda? Could he give us an update on her? I think its been lik 4 years since iv herd of her.

Anonymous said...

Free that gotdam Meskin